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Municipal Utilities - City of Sheboygan Falls, Sheboygan County ...

Municipal Utilities - City of Sheboygan Falls, Sheboygan County ...


CITY OF SHEBOYGAN FALLS Chapter 13____________________________________________________________________________(10) Amount of Industrial Cost Recovery Charges to Municipal Sewer Users -(a) Category A -Category A is defined as normal domestic strength wastewater having concentrationsof BOD no greater than 250 mg/1, suspended solids no greater than 250 mg/1 andphosphorus no greater than 14 mg/1. The industrial cost recovery charge forCategory A wastewater is as follows:(b) Category B -Volume Charge - $.148/1,000 gallonsCategory B is defined as those sanitary sewer users who discharge wastewater withconcentrations in excess of 250 mg/1 BOD, 250 mg/1 of suspended solids, and 14mg/1 of phosphorus. Users whose wastewater exceeds the concentrations for anyone of these parameters shall be in Category B. The minimum Category B chargeshall be based on a concentration of not less than 250 mg/1 for BOD, 250 mg/1 forsuspended solids and 14 mg/1 for phosphorus. The industrial cost recovery chargefor Category B wastewater is as follows:Volume Charge - $.148.1,000 gallonsSurcharge:BOD greater than 250 mg/1 = $.011/poundSuspended Solids greater than 250 mg/1 = $.011/poundPhosphorus greater than 14 mg/1 = $.161/poundThe Category B industrial cost recovery charges for volume, BOD, suspended solidsand phosphorus shall be computed in accordance with the formula presented below:R=(VxR V )+.00834V [(B x R B )+(S x R S ) + (P x R P )](c) Reassignment of Sewer Users -The Municipal Approving Authority shall reassign sewer users into appropriateindustrial cost recovery categories if wastewater sampling programs and other relatedinformation indicate a change of categories is necessary.(d) Recovery and Disbursement of Industrial Cost Recovery Charge Revenues -The recovery and the disbursement of revenues collected by the Municipality andtransmitted to the City through the industrial cost recovery charge shall conform to theCode of Federal Regulations (Title 40, Part 35.298-1 and Part 35.928-2) reproducedbelow, as promulgated by the Clean Water Act of 1977:35.928-1 Approval of the industrial cost recovery system.The Regional Administrator may approve an industrial cost recovery system if itmeets the following requirements:13-20

CITY OF SHEBOYGAN FALLS Chapter 13____________________________________________________________________________1. General -Each industrial user of the treatment works shall pay an annual amount equalto its share of the total amount of the Step One, 2 and 3 grants and any grantamendments awarded hereunder, divided by the number of years in therecovery period. An industrial user's share shall be based on factors whichsignificantly influence the cost of the treatment works. Volume of flow shallbe a factor in determining an industrial user's share in all industrial costrecovery systems; other factors shall include strength, volume and deliveryflow rate characteristics, if necessary, to insure that all industrial users of thetreatment works pay a proportionate distribution of the grant assistanceallocable to industrial use.2. Industrial Cost Recovery Period -The industrial cost recovery period shall be equal to thirty (30) years or to theuseful life of the treatment works, whichever is less.3. Frequency of Payment -Except as provided in 34.928-3, each industrial user shall pay not less oftenthan annually. The first payment by an industrial user shall be made not laterthan one year after the user begins use of the treatment works.4. Reserve Capacity -If an industrial user enters into an agreement with the grantee to reserve acertain capacity in the treatment works, the user's industrial cost recoverypayments shall be based on the total reserved capacity in relation to thedesign capacity of the treatment works. If the discharge of an industrial userexceeds the reserved capacity in volume, strength or delivery flow ratecharacteristics, the user's industrial cost recovery payment shall beincreased to reflect the actual use. If there is no reserve capacity agreementbetween the industrial user and the grantee, and a substantial change in thestrength, volume, or delivery flow rate characteristics of an industrial user'sdischarge occurs, the user's share shall be adjusted proportionately.5. Upgrading and Expansion -a. If the treatment works are upgraded, each existing industrial user's shareshall be adjusted proportionately.b. If the treatment works are expanded, each industrial user's share shallbe adjusted proportionately, except that a user with reserved capacityunder paragraph (d) of this section shall incur no additional industrialcost recovery charges unless the user's actual use exceeded itsreserved capacity.[Paragraph f. was omitted in the Federal Regulations.]13-21

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