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Municipal Utilities - City of Sheboygan Falls, Sheboygan County ...

Municipal Utilities - City of Sheboygan Falls, Sheboygan County ...


CITY OF SHEBOYGAN FALLS Chapter 13____________________________________________________________________________6. Collection of Industrial Cost Recovery Payments -Industrial cost recovery payments may e collected on a systemwide or on aproject-by-project basis. The total amount collected from all industrial userson a systemwide basis shall equal the sum of the amounts which would becollected on a project-by-project basis.7. Adoption of System -One or more municipal legislative enactments or other appropriate authoritymust incorporate the industrial cost recovery system. If the project is aregional treatment works accepting wastewaters from other municipalities,the subscribers receiving waste treatment services from the grantee shalladopt industrial cost recovery systems in accordance with §204(b)(1)(b) ofthe Act, and sections 35.928 through 34.928-4. These industrial costrecovery systems shall also be incorporated in appropriate municipallegislative enactments or other appropriate municipal legislative enactmentsor other appropriate authority of all municipalities contributing wastes to thetreatment works.8. Inconsistent Agreements -the grantee may have pre-existing agreements, which address thereservation of capacity in the grantee's treatment works or the charges to becollected by the grantee in providing wastewater treatment services orreserving capacity. The industrial cost recovery system shall takeprecedence over any terms or conditions of agreements or contractsbetween the grantee and industrial users which are inconsistent with therequirements of §204(b)(1)(B) of the Act and these industrial cost recoveryregulations.35.928-2 Use of industrial cost recovery payments.a. The grantee shall use industrial cost recovery payments received fromindustrial users as follows:i. The grantee shall return 50% of the amounts received from industrialusers, together with any interest earned thereon, to the U.S.Treasury annually.ii.The grantee shall retain 50% of the amount recovered from industrialusers.1. A portion of the amounts, which the grantee retains, may beused to pay the incremental costs of administration of theindustrial cost recovery system. The incremental costs ofadministration are those costs remaining after deducting all costsreasonably attributable to the administration of the user chargesystem. The incremental costs shall be segregated from allother administrative costs of the grantee.13-22

CITY OF SHEBOYGAN FALLS Chapter 13____________________________________________________________________________2. A minimum of 80% of the amounts the grantee retains afterpaying the incremental costs of administration, together with anyinterest earned, shall be used for the allowable costs (see34.940) of any expansion, upgrading or reconstruction oftreatment works necessary to meet the requirements of the Act.The grantee shall obtain the written approval of the RegionalAdministrator before the commitment of the amounts retained forexpansion, upgrading or reconstruction.3. The remainder of the amounts regained by the grantee may beused as the grantee sees fit, except that they may not be usedfor construction of industrial pretreatment facilities or rebates toindustrial users for costs incurred in complying with user chargeor industrial cost recovery requirements.b. Pending the use of industrial cost recovery payments, as described inparagraph a. of this section, the grantee shall:i. Invest the amounts received in obligations of the U.S. Government orin obligations guaranteed as to principal and interest by the U.S.Government or any agency thereof; orii.Deposit the amounts received in accounts fully collateralized byobligations of the U.S. Government or any agency thereof.(11) Billing Practice to Municipal Sewer Users -(a) Calculation of Sewer Service Charges -Sewer service charges that shall be assess to Municipal sewer users shall becomputed by the Municipality according to the rates and formula presented insubparagraph (9).(b) Calculation of Industrial Cost Recovery Charges -Industrial cost recovery charges that shall be assessed to Municipal sewer users, shallbe computed by the Municipality according to the rates and formulas presented insubparagraph (10).(c) Sewer Service Charge Billing Period -Sewer service charges shall be billed by the Municipality to the sewer users on amonthly basis.(d) Industrial Cost Recovery Charge Billing Period -Industrial cost recovery charges shall be billed by the Municipality to those subject tothe charge on a monthly basis.13-23

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