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COVERSTORY14 Computerworld Hong Kong April 2011

Talentcrunchin Hong Kong ITIn both Hong Kong and Macau, skilled ICT staff is in high demandBy Stefan Hammond and Teresa LeungIf you’re finding it hard to hire skilled tech pros, you’re not alone. Accordingto a report by recruitment service provider Hudson, companiesmust be aggressive when hiring tech talent in 2011.Vendors and end-user organizations are keen to invest in IT, creating manynew positions, said Hudson, adding that most banks are still investing in largescale new tech projects and this will keep recruitment a high level throughoutthis year.“The IT sector started strongly in 2011, said EvanBottom LineChin, manager, IT Commerce Division, Robert WaltersHong Kong.”In Q1 we saw a significant growth• Most HK industries in in hiring. Most commercial industries have movedhiring modeinto hiring mode, fighting for great talent.”• Many opportunities in IT & Chin said particularly active industries include airlines,retail, manufacturing, online, hardware/soft-telco sectors• Web 2.0 skills in demand ware vendors, systems integrators, telecom, pharmaceutical,entertainment & leisure, adding that “ITservice/consultancies are taking the most initiativeas companies seek to outsource their IT operations and seek help from thirdparty providers to improve efficiency while reducing operational and overallcosts simultaneously.”Fatter pay packetsSalary wise, increments for staff remaining in the same role in vendorsand end-user organizations are likely to be in the 2-5 percent range whilecontinued on page 16 2011 Computerworld Hong Kong 15

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