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Forum 2011Business Intelligencebecomes a prime biz priorityThe evolution of BI continues to help inform Hong Kong businesses By Ross MilburnComputerworld Hong Kong—inconjunction with nine leadingtechnology associations—heldthe Business Intelligence and AnalyticsForum 2011 in March. Chairing the Forumwas Toa Charm, founder & chairperson,BI Special Interest Division, HongKong Computer Society.“The forum is a milestone in businessintelligence,” said Charm. “In the last 20years, BI has been evolving as an IT discipline,but now business leaders are gettingserious about it, which explains the goodsupport for this event.”BI is supported by a special-interestdivision of the Hong Kong ComputerSociety, known as BISID (the BusinessIntelligence Special Interest Division).“Members of BISID come from differentindustries, and universities,” said Charm.“We work with consultants like Gartnerand IDC, and also publications likeCWHK which publishes papers on BI researchand best practice. Gartner indicatesthat BI can improve operational efficiency,contributing to agility, scalability andlower TCO, which adds up to strategicbusiness transformation.”BI has evolved over 20 years in HongKong. “If you started a BI project tenyears ago, it would process data and yieldreports,” said Charm. “Today, BI helps tosolve business problems such as: How dowe prevent market share attrition? Howcan we up-sell or cross-sell between productlines? But ownership of BI must involvethe C-level executives responsiblefor corporate strategy.”Another speaker noted that the financialcollapse of 2008 increased the uncertaintyof doing business. “But analytic-drivenorganizations can cope with uncertaintyand shape business outcomes,” said PhillipBeniac, director, Business Analytics,IBM Asia Pacific. “We need to drive ourorganizations forward in a focused, proactivestate.”Charm from HK Computer Society:Ownership of BI must involve the C-levelexecutives responsible for corporate strategyKey answersBeniac mentioned some Asian users ofBI, including TVB, which is analyzing itskey business drivers, including advertisingrates and revenue; GP Batteries, whichwants to obtain business insights to improvefactory decisions; and Kyobo LifeInsurance, which wants to increase agentretention and customer loyalty.There are three key questions that businessanalytics can help to answer for anyorganization, said Beniac: “How are wedoing? Why? What should we be doing?”“We have a platform to deliver this informationon a real-time basis,” he said.“The platform must be used across theorganization to provide a holistic view ofrisks.”Kamal Hathi, GM for BI, Microsoft,said his firm has created managed selfserviceBI to help provide IT with governanceand oversight of the system. Oneproduct—PowerPivot—is a data analysisadd-in for Microsoft’s Office 2010.“PowerPivot can use data from manysources,” said Hathi. “It can filter and workvery fast with column-based databases.”He added that the product also works withMicrosoft’s SharePoint to create “fullblownBI multi-user applications.”The adidas experienceAdidas-Group is a successful Europeansportswear group that is actively leveragingBI. “Business variables measured byAdidas include business partner satisfaction;Innovation—we deliver 15 innovationsper annum; project portfolio; day-todayservice; and employee engagement,”said Marc van der Heijden, head of GlobalIT Competency Center Sales, adidas-Group, Germany.Adidas’ current BI system is based onSAP’s BEx Analyzer. “When we set upBI, the suppliers wanted high fees beforewe got any return from it,” said van derHeijden. “So we did our own researchcontinued on page 30 428 Computerworld Hong Kong April 2011

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