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CWHK awards:

CWHK awards: networking and securityThis month we highlight the 2011 awards categories within the Hardware and Storagesections. These sections cover enterprise-grade systems and devices in the office anddata center environment excluding networking infrastructure.SOFTWARE – SecurityCall Center ManagementSoftware that is used by call centersfor managing their core operations.Enterprise Router (50 users+)A network device that forwards datapackets along networks and is connectedto 50 or more concurrent users.Enterprise Switch (50 users+)A network device that filters and forwardsdata packets between networks orLAN segments, and is connected to 50or more concurrent users.IP PBXAn IP-based private telephone networkused in a company that uses VoIP technologyfor enabling voice communication.Messaging and CollaborationSoftware used for communicating andinteracting with other users.Structured CablingA building or campus telecommunicationscabling infrastructure that includesa number of standardized smaller elementsor subsystems (hence the name‘structured’).Unified CommunicationsSoftware that enables the managementof all forms of call and multimedia/cross-mediamessages by a singleuser. It encompasses unified messaging,collaboration, and interaction systems;real-time and near real-time communications;and transactional and informationalapplications.Enterprise VideoConferencingA suite of products and technologythat provides two-way simultaneous audioand video transmission allowing for ameeting between different parties acrossdifferent locations. Typically a hardwareand software offering installed in conferenceand meeting rooms. This categorydoes not include web conferencing productsthat are installed in PCs.WAN OptimizationA product that accelerates and optimizesthe performance of networksto enable consistent and better servicelevels for applications being deliveredacross a wide area network.WLAN SwitchA network device that filters and forwardsdata packet to and from a wirelessLAN.34 Computerworld Hong Kong April 2011

SOFTWARE – Networking and securityAntivirus/AntispamSoftware that searches IT systems forviruses and/or spam and removes/blocks/quarantines them when they are found.This category includes standalone devicesfeaturing this software as well asclient and server versions.Content Filtering/Anti-SpywareSoftware that searches incoming/outgoingcontent for harmful/unintendedcontent, while preventing other softwareprograms gathering, appending, changingor deleting content without permission.This category includes standalonedevices featuring this software as well asclient and server versions.Firewall/VPNSoftware that prevents unauthorizedInternet users from accessing privatenetworks connected to the Internet, es-pecially intranets, using a combinationfiltering techniques and/or encryption.This category includes standalone devicesfeaturing this software.Identity ManagementSoftware that protects user digitalidentities using identity protection techniques/algorithmsand authentication.This category includes standalone devicesfeaturing this software as well asclient and server versions.Intrusion Detection/IntrusionPrevention (IDS/IPS)Software hat monitors network and/orsystem activities for malicious or unwantedbehavior and can react, in real-time, toblock or prevent those activities.Managed Security ServicesA company based in Hong Kong thatoffers managed services related to informationand network security managementto businesses. This category doesnot include physical security, such as theinstallation of surveillance cameras andsecurity guards.IP SurveillanceVideo-based security technology orproduct that is IT-based. This categorycovers cameras, encoders and relatedequipment but does not includethe use of security personnel for surveillance.Unified Threat Management(UTM)A security appliance or a suite of softwareprograms that integrates a rangeof security features, including firewall,gateway anti-virus, and intrusion detectionand prevention capabilities.CWHK Awards 2011 – open now for nominationsFor awards details and nomination submissions go to: 2011 Computerworld Hong Kong 35

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