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2012 Employer of Choice booklet.indd - City of Winchester, VA

2012 Employer of Choice booklet.indd - City of Winchester, VA

We’ve Got You

We’ve Got You COVEREDDoemploymentbenefits makea differencewhenchoosinga newemployer?The City ofWinchesteroffers a verygenerousbenefits package.OPTIONS!The City offers a cafeteriastylebenefits plan allowingemployees to choose thecoverage that best suits theirsituation from ten options:1) medical/vision insurance2) dental insurance3) short term disabilityinsurance4) pre-paid legal insurance,5) critical illness insurance6) long-term care insurance7) medical/dependent careflexible spending accounts8) cancer insurance9) accident insurance10) Health Savings Acct (HSA)FLEX THOSE DOLLARS!This spending account workslike a savings account and themoney saved can be used forreimbursement of your out-ofpocketmedical and dependentcare expenses...pre-tax! Usethe Flex Spending to payfor your predictable medicaland/or daycare expenses. Flexdollars are taken out of yoursalary before taxes, whichsaves you plenty of money inthe long run. Or choose theHSA option to manage yourmoney year-after-year.The City offers affordable health and dentalinsurance with plenty of options.6

BENEFITSto Talk AboutCheck it out!The City covers theentire cost of thefull-time classifiedemployee’s premiumfor medical anddental plans.HEALTH & VISION*Employees may chooseto purchase spouse,child, or family healthinsurance at reducedgroup rates. The healthplan contains enhancedvision which includesan annual routine eyeexam, eye glasses, andcontact lenses fittingas well as networkdiscounts (pre-tax).DENTAL*Two plans are availableto employees. TheBASIC dental planprovides 100% coveragewith no deductible forpreventive care whichincludes cleaning andx-rays. Basic treatmentsuch as filling andextraction is coveredat 80% after a $25deductible (pre-tax).The HIGH optiondental plan includesincludes the basic planplus 50% coverage onmajor dental care andorthodonitc care.*Thirty day waiting periodrequired before enrollmentFLEXIBLE SPENDINGACCOUNTS*For medical and/or dependentcare expenses. These accountswork much like a savingsaccount except, the funds youcontribute to these accounts aretaken out of your pay pre-taxand no interest is earned.HEALTHCARE SAVINGSACCOUNT (HSA)*Pre-tax savings account formedical expensesSHORT-TERM DISABILITY*Pays 60% of your salary if youare not able to work for a shortperiod of time due to sicknessor injury (up to 26 weeks).PREPAID LEGAL*Offers various legal servicesLONG-TERM CARE*Helps plan for unforseen eventsand care later in lifeCRITICAL ILLNESS*Pays an up-front cash benefitupon diagnosis of a coveredillness or conditionCANCER COVERAGE*Provides cash benefits for cancerand 29 specified diseasesACCIDENTAL*Provides cash benefits forexpenses associated with anaccidental 7

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