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Water Purifiers for Pools & Spas - Certikin

Water Purifiers for Pools & Spas - Certikin

PZ2 SeriesPZ2 - Large

PZ2 SeriesPZ2 - Large Commercial SystemsPZ2 units provide superior ozone generation bypressurising the lamp cartridges and superior ozone masstransfer into water from the turbulence created by thecompressed air stream. PZ2 units require no operatorinterface once they are set-up. No recurring maintenance orspecial skills are required. The PZ2 Series has a hardwarewarranty for a full one year on residential andcommercial systems.ElectricalUniversal SolidState Inverter BallastArc Life (nominal)Compressor LifeStorage TemperatureOperating TemperatureSPECIFICATIONSPZ2220/240 VAC / 60hz110 – 290 VAC20,000 hoursNominal: 40,000 hours-15˚C – +70˚C-4˚C – +60˚CCOMMERCIAL SIZINGChlorine Bromine Maximum OzoneOutput Grams per hrPZ2-4 80,000 Gal (363m 3 ) 40,000 Gal (181m 3 ) 2 grams per hourPZ2-8 160,000 Gal (727m 3 ) 80,000 Gal (363m 3 ) 4 grams per hourPZ2-12 240,000 Gal (1090m 3 ) 160,000 Gal (727m 3 ) 6 grams per hourPZ2-16 320,000 Gal (1454m 3 ) 240,000 Gal (1090m 3 ) 8 grams per hourPZ2-24 480,000 Gal (2181m 3 ) 320,000 Gal (1454m 3 ) 12 grams per hourPZ2-48 960,000 Gal (4363m 3 ) 480,000 Gal (2181m 3 ) 24 grams per hourCustom Engineered For Each ApplicationThe PZ2 Series ozone generators are custom engineered foreach application. This allows for a fast and easyinstallation with a simple coupling connection to theplumbing. All units have pressurised cartridges combinedwith high airflow compressors to produce maximum ozoneoutput. Systems may be combined to treat any swimmingpool systems up to 7,500,000 litres. They aredesigned for use in the most demandingenvironments and can withstand heavyimpacts. Since the PZ2 Series systems havemultiple redundant design, there is no down-timedue to cartridge failure.DEGASSING COLUMNThe Prozone degasing column removes excessair after the water ozonated to prevent bubblesfrom entering the pool. The unit consists of acolumn with an air vent attached to the top.Excess air is removed by using the naturalbuoyancy of bubbles and a counter flow designthat allows for the removal of 99% of injectedair. A degassing column can be an optional extrafor any PZ2 system.

PZ3-XPortable Spas or Custom InstallationsSPECIFICATIONSElectrical230 VAC / 0.42 amps / 96.6 WattsEMI and Transient ProtectedUp to 2,000 VACShipping Weight (approx)1.13kgArc Life (nominal)20,000 hoursMax Ozone Output (grams per day) PZ3-24 : 10Storage Temperature-1˚C – +70˚COperating Temperature-4˚C – +60˚CConnector(std) 3 Wire Pigtail’Ballast U.L. Listed File #474D Type 1Arc Lamp50 volt, Hot Cathode V.U.V.,Purified Quartz Arc Design for long life and consistentozone outputGeneration Tested 100% Burn in, Hypot and O 3 outputOzone Purity99.9% free of Hydroxyls and Nitrous OxideSize340mm - 430mm x 76mm DiaA complete ozone generator cartridge for “ozone ready”spas, the PZ3-X sets the reliability standard for theindustry. The state-of-the-art translucent end caps are anadded feature, glowing when the lamp is on. For maximumozone / water mixing, the PZ3-X can be used with thepatented bypass venturi injector kit.PZ5Portable, 24-Hour Spa Ozonation For Spas andCustom ApplicationsPZ5 Series features our ozone generator cartridge andinternal, custom-built mini compressor for customapplications. The system is ideally designed to stand alone,injecting ozone into all water applications, such as spas,jetted tubs, aquariums or small ponds. The PZ5 Seriescomes complete with our exclusive Mycropore diffuserto allow maximum ozone absorption plus our ozoneresistant check valve. For a quick and easy installation,install the PZ5 with an SPPZ05 bypass venturi injector kit.SPECIFICATIONSElectrical230 VAC / 50 hz / 12-24 VAC/AC/ 0.75 amps / 172.5 WattsShipping Weight (approx)2.72kgMax Airflow Rate8 CFH @ 0 PSI3 CFH @ 2 PSIMax Ozone Output8 grams/dayOperating Temperature-4˚C – +60˚CConnector(std) 3 Wire Pigtail, Len Gordon, AMP Molex, All J & JBallast U.L. Listed File #474D Type 1Size394mm x 76mm x 190mmSystem Capacity (Maximum) Residential Spa 3630 litresHousingAluminium or High Impact Polymer

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