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MiddleLayer - Cern

MiddleLayer - Cern


UserConfigurationData BaseDetectorControl (DDS)AncillaryManagersOther HardwareROD DAQ Overview:Control and Data FlowRun ControlActionList HandlerCommandsand responsesPrimitiv esCommandPackageROD Crate PrimList Managers(oneManagersper crate)PrimListSCT/PixelHost ProcessCrateCrateManagerManagerState Transitionsand responsesRepliesReply ListState Inf o(Othercrates)ConsumerProcess 1Data ManagerIssuesData ty pe 1 Data type 2ConsumerProcess 2Ev ent data (all ty pes)• Where we make thetransition from general tospecific• Can we cast the problemin terms of an abstractmiddleLayer class fromwhich we inherit acommon interface?• Analyze Use Cases todecide what commandsmust be issued at each RCtransitionPrimListReply List/Ev ent dataCommandsOther VMEVME InterfaceT. MeyerMeyer@iastate.eduROD RODModuleVME VMEInterfaceTIM ModuleVME InterfaceROD Software Workshop14-15 Feb 2002RCC Process

Example: Pixel Data RunINITIALLoadGet config record from databaseInstantiate crate objectsInstantiate ROD objectsInstantiate TIM objectsLoad Master DSP boot imageLoad Slave DSP program imagesNotify Data ManagerLOADEDConfigSet Front-end Electronics valuesLoad new DSP programs, in neededSet readout masksNotify Data ManagerCONFIGUREDStartNotify Data ManagerReset analysis arraysPut slaves in take_events modeRUNNINGPauseNotify Data ManagerPut slaves in take_events modePAUSEDUnloadNotify Data ManagerDelete TIM objectDelete ROD objectsDelete Crate objectsUnconfigNotify Data ManagerStopNotify Data Managerremove slaves from take_events modeResumeNotify Data Managerremove slaves from take_events modeT. MeyerMeyer@iastate.eduROD Software Workshop14-15 Feb 2002

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