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PP presentation -

PP presentation -

INTEGRA - Migrants'

INTEGRA - Migrants' Integrating Kit - Basic Language forDealing with Financial MattersLifelong Learning Programme GRUNDTVIG Multilateral projectAim of the projectto work together with social partners such as migrant communities andfinancial institutes to create a Europe wide network of relevant institutes inorder to reach migrants in partner countries to improve their integrationinto local society by providing them with opportunities to gain languageskills on basic financial matters

Project characteristics Duration- starts on 01-10-2010finishes on 30-09-2012 Number of partners – 10 Number of WPs – 7 Number of partner meetings – 5 PartnersSOROS INTERNATIONAL HOUSE – LT (coordinator)DIAN - Training and Management Activities – GRDialoge language institute – DEInstituto de Formacion y Studios Sociales IFES - ESMilli Egitim Müdürlügü-Diyarbakır – TRSmashing Times Theatre Company – IEPressure Line V.O.F. – NLEuroEd Foundation – RODHE Solutions Ltd. – GBAKADEMIA HUMANISTYCZNO – EKONOMICZNA W LODZI - PLINTERNATIONAL HOUSE – BY (third country partner)

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