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Extraction Studies Of Potential Solvent Formulations For ... - ACSEPT

Extraction Studies Of Potential Solvent Formulations For ... - ACSEPT

GANEX studies• Grouped

GANEX studies• Grouped Actinide ExtractionTwo extraction cycles1 st – Extraction of bulk uranium2 nd – Transuranic extraction cycleFocus on the second cycleProperties required of extractants• Ability to cope with high plutonium levels• Must have good extraction properties for all actinide ions inoxidation states III-VI• Good radiolytic and hydrolytic stability• Acceptable kineticsSlide 4

GANEX conceptual flowsheet (TRU Cycle)FeedHigh acid scrubLow acid scrubSolventFPsESc1Sc2U,Np,Pu,An III , Ln III (Tc)S1 (TRU1)S2 (TRU2)S3 (Ln)PuNp(U)AHA stripAn(III)BufferComplexantLn(III)BufferComplexantResidualFPS4 (FP)To solvent recycleSlide 5

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