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2013 WSO Compensation Report - Wall Street Oasis

2013 WSO Compensation Report - Wall Street Oasis


company classificationThere were a total of 137 recipients for Private Equity/Venture Capital Compensation. The list belowshows how represented firms in the Private Equity/Venture Capital section fit into the “Company Group,”categories of “PE/VC Giants” and “Remarkable PE/VC Firms.” All other firms fall into the “Other PE/VCFirms” Company Group. The list below is not comprehensive based on the data used in the report. Firmsthat had less than three compensation contributions were excluded in order to ensure anonymity.PE/VC GiantsRemarkable PE/VC FirmsAmerican CapitalAbbott CapitalBank of America Merrill LynchBessemer Venture PartnersBlackstone GroupSequoia CapitalFortress Investment GroupJPMorgan ChaseMizuhoRobert W. Baird & Co.Susquehanna International GroupGain FreeAccess to theFull 108-PageReportHERESection 3PrivateEquity/VCthe wall street oasis annual compensation report: 2013

PARTICIPANT DISTRIBUTIONThere were a total of 137 recipients for Private Equity/Venture Capital Compensation.Please refer to the following tables for the breakdown.Distribution by Position32.9%Analyst32 45 23 5 1 10InternDistribution by Company GroupPE/VC GiantsAnalystRemarkable PE/VC Firms21 137Associate Senior Vice Principal Other Total NumberAssociate Presidentof ParticipantsIntern Analyst Associate SeniorAssociate23.4% 16.8% 15.3%Intern Associate Senior AssociateVicePresidentPrincipal17 16 8 5 4 1 56 18 8 11 1 n/a 3OtherGain FreeAccess to theFull 7. 108-Page3 % .7%Other PrincipalReportHERE3.7%Vice PresidentOther PE/VC Firms9 11 7 5 n/a n/a 2Section 3PrivateEquity/VC40.9%PE/VC Giantsthe wall street oasis annual compensation report: 201334.3%Remarkable PE/VC Firms24.8%OtherPE/VC Firms

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