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February - Club Victoria Inc.

February - Club Victoria Inc.


2012 RecruitmentResolutionsBy Leanne Fink, Clubs Victoriarecruitment adviserWe all agree that recruitment is a time consumingand costly process but it is so important to get itright – or the result can be even more costly andcan have a far reaching impact on your staff, your customerservice and your business. As a starting point here are ourtips to a more thorough and effective process and ultimatelysuccess!A structured processYou are all well aware of the litigious environment facingclubs in relation to employment and recruitment is nodifferent. In fact there are areas you may not have considered,such as privacy legislation, discrimination and adverseaction. Did you know that any candidate who applies fora role with you can request to view any documentationretained about their application, including your interviewnotes, referee comments and any other information?Having a systematic and structured process in place willassist to ensure you meet legislation and implement a fair andthorough recruitment project.Know who you are looking forYou would be amazed how many employers start recruitingwithout an updated job description and we know some ofyou are thinking you don’t need one. However, a current jobdescription will ensure you seek the right person for the job.It will assist you to identify specific selection criteria, write atargeted advertisement, appeal to the perfect candidates forthe role and provide you with a specific framework for whichto interview, assess and make the final selection for yourrole…….and most importantly, make the right selection.Additional expertiseSometimes, you may not have the time or expertise to recruitin-house. It’s a good idea to make a decision about this earlyin the project and thus save time and money. If you are notcomfortable outsourcing the entire process, you can chooseto gain assistance with specific areas such as advertising,short listing, interviewing or reference checking, drawingupon the expertise of a recruitment provider.Maximise your exposure to the right candidatesThere is an art to attracting the right candidates. You literallyneed to sell the role and make it stand out from the others.This means having a great advertisement and advertisingin the right places. This also demonstrates the level ofprofessionalism of your club and is in fact an advertisingcampaign for your club and brand.When it comes to ad content, it’s important to communicatethe benefits of working with your business, clearly articulatekey responsibilities of the role, outline the applicationprocess and demonstrate that your are an employer ofchoice.Close consideration should be given to where you advertise.Who is going to be reading the publication or website youuse? Do you need to use more than one medium to targetyour audience? Options can include using , your local paper, the Age, the Clubs Victoria website,universities, industry publications or websites.Interviewing the right candidatesAssess and review candidate qualifications, skills andexperience against selection criteria. This requires you tomake a decision early in the process as to how you willevaluate each criterion. Once you have an establishedmeasure, interview questions can be tailored to ascertainif candidates meet, exceed or do not meet the selectioncriteria by asking them to demonstrate clearly theirexperience with each criterion. Telephone screening is anideal way to ensure short listed candidates have the requiredskills, qualifications and experience, as well as being a goodinsight to customer service and communication skills,preventing wasting time on unnecessary interviews.Once you have decided on your short list, make sure youdevelop an interview questionnaire so you ask the samequestions of each candidate, making it easier to clearlyidentify who meets the requirements of the role.Validating CredentialsThis step is really a cross check to make sure the candidatesare who they say they are, that they do have the skills,experience and qualifications they say they have andtherefore are qualified to perform the role. Gaining refereecontact details directly from the candidate is a must. Youshould not contact an industry contact or personal friendwho may have worked with the candidate without thecandidates consent as this is a breach of privacy.Following a structured reference check questionnaire isvital as it means you can gain specific examples of how10 CLUBConnect February 2012

Your Peoplethe person operated in their role, if they met performancetargets, why they left, their customer liaison skills etc ratherthan just an “opinion” of the person. The other thing is thatit is hard to think of all of those questions “on the hop”,particularly if the referee is short of time or reluctant tocomment.You could have questions like “Can you please provide andexample of how James has managed a difficult customer?What was the situation? What was the outcome?” Evenquestions such as “Was there ever a time that James didnot meet your expectations?” can gain a great insight intohow the candidate performed in their role. You can alsoverify information supplied by the candidate at interview.For example “James told me about the successful event hecoordinated and ran. Can you please tell me what was thecustomer’s feedback? What did management and staff sayabout his management of this event?” and hopefully thereferee provides the same feedback as James.If you keep your 6 resolutions, you will be amazed at howquick and easy recruiting a new employee can be. Yes weagree it takes a little bit of extra work to get things started,but such is the case with any new resolution … and theresults will astound you. Good Luck with 2012! cCLeanne Fink Leads the Clubs Victoria Recruitment team,Contact on 1300 787 852To talk about your recruitment needsContact Customers ATMto find out moreTelephone 1300 305

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