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February - Club Victoria Inc.

February - Club Victoria Inc.

New Look Liquor And

New Look Liquor And GamblingRegulator for 2012By Jane BrockingtonAmore cohesive and streamlined approach to gamblingand liquor licensing will begin in 2012 with the creationof a new, independent gambling and liquor regulator, theVictorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation. Theestablishment of the new regulator also coincides with significantregulatory changes to the gambling and liquor industries.Establishing a new regulatorAn exciting road lies ahead with changes to how the regulatoryenvironment operates for the liquor and gambling industries.The creation of the Victorian Commission for Gamblingand Liquor Regulation is part of the Victorian Government’scommitment to enhance and modernise liquor and gamblingregulation in this State.The VCGLR replaces the Victorian Commission for GamblingRegulation, the Director of Liquor Licensing and ResponsibleAlcohol Victoria, bringing together their current roles andfunctions.Over the years, both liquor and gambling have faced a period ofsignificant change. The establishment of a joint regulator providesan opportunity for transformation that delivers more effective andefficient administration of liquor and gambling.It will be a commission based structure with expert commissionmembers delivering balanced, consistent and transparent decisionmaking.Supporting the Commission is a new organisational structuredesigned to accommodate and support the main functions of theregulator with responsive business systems and processes, while,providing flexibility to respond to the changing industry needs.Dual-licensed venues will benefit from the new regulator,as it builds on areas in liquor and gambling where there areopportunities for greater co-operation, such as licensing, training,compliance and administration.The integration of gambling and liquor regulation does not changethe current requirements for obtaining or complying with licencesor permits. It is business as usual.The VCGLR will be located in new premises at 49 Elizabeth Street,Richmond with a custom-built hearing room and customer servicecentre. It will provide a ‘one-stop-shop’ for liquor and gamblingmatters and the VCGLR will also have a full-time regional presencein government offices across the State.Gambling towards 2012Significant changes in the gaming industry in Victoria willtake effect from August 2012. Recognising the importance ofimplementing the new gaming arrangements, a large amount ofwork has been occurring across the VCGLR to accommodate andsupport the challenges ahead.The most significant change for the industry are changes to thecontrol and operation of gaming, that sees venues responsible forthe operation of electronic gaming machines.Venue operators will be responsible for a range of new activities,including those that were previously undertaken by gamingoperators. To assist achieve a smooth transition, the Commissionis committed to providing information and education tosupport venue operators in complying with regulations and newrequirements.A sound understanding of the regulatory environment andresponsible gambling requirements will be critical to thesuccessful operation of gaming machine venues.Venue operators have been busy preparing for the newarrangements and the Commission will continue to provide themwith information to assist with planning for the transition.August 2012 will also see Intralot Gaming Services commencetheir new 15-year monitoring licence. Intralot’s key role is tooversee the integrity of gaming machines in Victoria.They will provide an electronic monitoring system for all gamingmachines in the State outside of the Melbourne Casino, includingthe provision of data and information on gaming machines forregulatory, taxation and research purposes.The Commission and Intralot Gaming Services are working withgaming venue operators to transition to the new arrangements.In other changes to the gambling industry in 2012, the single,stand-alone 10 year keno licence will commence in April2012, and the new 12-year Wagering and Betting Licence willcommence in August 2012.Liquor licensing in 2012Legislative changes passed last year will see a five star rating anddemerit points systems for liquor licensing introduced in 2012.Under the demerit points system, the following non-complianceincidents will result in licensees incurring demerit points:• Supply liquor to intoxicated person• Permit drunken/disorderly person on licensed premises• Supply liquor to underage person, other than as permitted26 CLUBConnect February 2012

• Permit liquor to be supplied to underage person, other than aspermitted; and• Permit underage person on licensed premises, other than aspermittedEach offence will equal one demerit point and licences will besuspended for a certain period of time depending on the pointsthreshold.Meanwhile, under the five star system greater incentives areprovided to licensees to comply with Victoria’s liquor licensinglaws.The number of demerit points and star ratings that apply to alicence will be published online on the new VCGLR website.Jane Brockington is currently the Executive Commissioner of the VCGR,and will become the Chief Executive Officer of the VCGLR once itcommences. The new VCGLR commences from February 2012 with theChairperson and Commissioners who were appointed in late 2011.For more information please visit or call1300 1 VCGLR.All licences start at a three star level, which will vary insubsequent years depending on the compliance history. Licenseeswith a four or five star rating on their licence will receivediscounts on their annual liquor licence renewal fee.ClubsWe won’t letconstructioninterfere withyour breadand butter.At Rohrig we plan construction to work around your business soyour members can dine in peace and club income continues.It’s all part of our impressive approach designed to achieve your goals.Get a taste of what makes us different at Melbourne Sydney call John Stack 0400 434 030CLUBConnect February 2012 27

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