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February - Club Victoria Inc.

February - Club Victoria Inc.

Over the Bar7 questions

Over the Bar7 questions with Darren HellmanPresident Hoppers Crossing Sports ClubClubs Victoria Club Person of the Year 2012When was the first time you joined a club and why did you dothat?My father is a Life Member of Werribee Apex Club so I grewup involved in the service work and social aspect of a Clubenvironment and joined the Werribee Apex Club at the age of 18.How many clubs have you been a member of during the years?After 22 years service to Werribee Apex I was made a Life Memberin 2006. I still try to attend as many meetings as I can and aminvolved in their major projects as they need me.I started playing Cricket and Football for Hoppers Crossing in 1985and eventually joined the committee of the Cricket Club in 1990,spending 3 years as President from 1999-2002 and being grantedthe great honour of Life Membership in 2004. I still have anunofficial role of running the HCCC’s coterie group the ‘Top Cats’,which now has 150 members.I joined the Sports Club Board in 2001 when asked to get involvedby Eddy Cumper, who was the HCSC President at the time and Ibecame President in 2004 and still in that position.I am also President of the HCSC Netball Club (my 3 daughtersplay) and on the committee of the Hoppers Crossing JuniorNetball AssociationWhat do you like about clubs and the associated members?Clubs of any kind are a vital part of the Community and givepeople a sense of belonging. They bring together a fantastic crosssection of personalities, professions and cultures which canonly enrich the Community in which we live. Clubs are a greatplace to socialise and can achieve some significant Communitybenefits when the power of a Club can be used the right way.Why did you become active in the Board of Management?After serving as President of the Cricket Club, it seemed like thenext challenge for me. At the time the Sports Club was goingthrough an interesting phase and I really wanted to be a part of it.How long have you been President and what have been some of thechallenges?I’m nearing the end of my 7th year as President of this great Club andthe challenges have been many, but none as important as the next 3years as we commence construction of our long awaited change roomsand the impending changes to the gaming industry. It promises to be aninteresting time.What does a good club look like?A good Club should offer its members a relaxedenvironment to enjoy each other’s company. As alarge sporting Club, we pride ourselves on having asmany people involved in sport as possible, whetherit be as a participant, volunteer, supporteror a sponsor.As a Board member what are someof the issues Directors need to be across?Directors need to be aware of theClub’s constitution and act withinit.They need to be aware that theyare only a Member of the Club andthe same restrictions apply to themas to any other Member.Trade Directory now online at www.clubsvic.org30 CLUBConnect February 2012

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