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action to realize girls’ right to education, particularlyfor marginalized girls, and to promote equality andempowerment. 115Since 2010, UNGEI has worked with the GlobalMonitoring Report to promote gender mainstreamingand analysis. With its members, UNGEI influenced thedevelopment of the second strategic objective of theGPE on girls’ education and was instrumental in thecreation of the implementation plan. In 2010, the UNFoundation launched Girl Up, a campaign that leveragescelebrity power and mobilizes girls in the U.S. in supportof education worldwide. The same foundation latersponsored the Girls Count research series, together withthe Nike Foundation. UN Women was formed in 2010,consolidating the UN’s efforts to work on gender equalityand promote accountability among member states.Outside the UN, nonprofits, companies and foundationshave played important roles in advancing girls’education agenda through research and advocacy.In 2001, the Academy for Educational Development(AED) launched its Center on Gender Equity andbegan research streams on girls’ education. In 2002,the former director of the National Economic Council,Gene Sperling, founded CUE with a focus on girls’ education.In 2005, the National Academy of Sciencespublished its panel report on the changing transitionsto adulthood of adolescents in developing countries,Growing Up Global, which prominently featured education.In 2006, May Rihani’s report for the AED,Keeping the Promise, highlighted the benefits of supportingsecondary education for girls. 116 And in 2007,Maureen Lewis and Marlaine Lockhee’s report for theCenter for Global Development, Inexcusable Absence,examined how gender overlaps with other forms ofmarginalization to keep girls out of school. 117In 2007, Plan International launched the State of theWorld’s Girls report and the Because I Am a Girl campaign,and it has since continued an annual effort tobring attention to the issues affecting girls, includingthe importance of secondary school. Nike launched GirlEffect in 2008, including media and tools for advocatesand policymakers at the national and global levels, andGirl Effect issued the Girl Declaration to influence thesetting of the next set of global development goals. 118The Documentary Group produced Girl Rising, a documentaryof activities in nine countries that reachedmillions of viewers around the world to raise awarenessabout girls’ rights. The Echidna Global Scholars Programwas launched in 2012, providing a research and policyfellowship for local leaders from developing countriesFigure 20. Timeline of Research, Advocacy and Media Milestones for GirlsEducationEconomic researchMicrofinance researchUNGEICUEGrowing UpGlobalKeeping the PromiseGirl EffectInexcusableAbsenceGirl UpUN WomenDay ofthe GirlEchidnaScholarsMalala atUNGAChimefor ChangeAAMGlobalGirlsGirls’CHARGE1990s 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014Gendermainstreaming(Beijing Conference)(1995)EFA & MDGsAED Center onGender EquityRESEARCH AND ADVOCACYINCREASED CORPORATE ENGAGEMENTGrameen Bank Girls CountMEDIA ANDNobel PrizeGBC-EducationSOCIAL MEDIANew LessonsBecauseGPE 2012-2015I’m a GirlWomen’sStrategy, SO2SPRINGEmpowermentAcceleratorPrinciplesGirl RisingUN Women-He for She32 GLOBAL ECONOMY AND DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM

focused on girls’ education. The Malala Fund, formedin 2013 following the attempted murder of MalalaYousafazi, advocates for girls’ high-quality educationand amplifies girls’ voices. The CHARGE (Collaborativefor Harnessing Ambition and Resources for GirlsEducation) initiative, which was presented at the 2014Clinton Global Initiative, brings together governments,multilateral organizations, civil society and private sectororganizations to support girls’ education globally,with a commitment of raising $600 million and reaching14 million girls. 119Awareness-raising efforts have contributed to broadercoverage of girls’ education issues in the media.Examples include Nicholas Kristof’s writing in the NewYork Times on girls’ education, following the releaseof Half the Sky in 2009, and America Abroad Media’s(AAM) Global Girls: Breaking Down Barriers radio programin 2014. 120 The #BringBackOurGirls campaign forthe girls who were kidnapped by the terrorist groupBoko Haram in Nigeria in 2014 showed the power of rallyingcelebrity and high-visibility personalities, and theGirl Effect’s sponsorship of targeted news coverage ofadolescent girls’ issues on the Guardian DevelopmentProfessionals Network promotes an informed readership.Figure 20 provides a snapshot of some of the keyresearch, advocacy and media milestones that haveinformed and motivated funders in girls’ educationand helped to build momentum.INNOVATION AND ACTION IN FUNDING GIRLS’ EDUCATION 33

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