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123. Khadim Hussain of

123. Khadim Hussain of GRACE Association, Pakistan,interview by the author, January 14, 2015.124. Abby Stoddard, Adele Harmer, and Victoria DiDomenico,Providing Aid in Insecure Environments:2009 Update, No. 34, Humanitarian Policy Group,April 2009.125. Hausler, Kristin, Nicole Urban, and Robert Mc-Corquodale. Protecting Education in Insecurityand Armed Conflict: An International Law Handbook.London: British Institute of Internationaland Comparative Law, 2012. Protecting Educationin Insecurity and Conflict; for more information,see World Bank, Engendering Development: ThroughGender Equality in Rights, Resources, and Voice(Washington: World Bank, 2001).127. Gordon Brown, “#UpForSchool: Sign theWorld’s Biggest Petition,” HuffingtonPost, September23, 2014, Kevin Kaira, Global Business Coalition for Education,personal communication with the author,January 29, 2014.129. Murphy, Shannon, Wivinia Belmonte, and JaneNelson, Investing in GirlsEducation: An Opportunityfor Corporate Leadership (Cambridge, MA:Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative of HarvardKennedy School, 2009).130. BBC Media Action, “Making Waves: The Media’sPotential for Girls in the Global South,” Inter-Agency Network for Education in Emergencies,Report of INEE Working Group on Educationand Fragility 2014–2016 Biannual Meeting (Doha:Inter-Agency Network for Education in Emergencies,2014), 10.132. To read the full set of recommendations by theinitiative, see UNICEF and UNESCO, Fixing theBroken Promise of Education for All: Findingsfrom the Global Initiative on Out-of-School Children(Montreal: UNESCO Institute for Statistics,2015), 30–37, World Bank and International Finance Corporation,Women, Business and the Law 2014: RemovingRestrictions to Enhance Gender Equality(Washington: World Bank, 2014).134. World Bank, “Labor Force Participation Rate, Female,”data, 2013, World EducationForum’s Economic Participation and OpportunityIndex—which captures the participation gap, theremuneration gap and the advancement gap—alsolists Morocco, India, Lebanon, Turkey and Tunisiaas among the countries with the worst gendergaps. World Economic Forum, The Global GenderGap Report: Education Gender Gap and EconomicParticipation and Opportunity Gender Gap Index(Geneva: World Economic Forum, 2014), GLOBAL ECONOMY AND DEVELOPMENT

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