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Friday October

Friday October 10(PRE-CONFERENCE)SECTION/COUNCIL PROGRAM7:00am – 1:00pmH0001 Section on Surgery Program:Residents ConferenceMarriott Marquis, Presidio7:00am7.15am7:30amCoffee/Continental BreakfastAAP Executive WelcomeWelcome and IntroductionMatias Bruzoni, MD7:45am Panel Discussion on Negotiating a Job8:25am Finances 101David Powell, MD8:55am9:35am9:50am10:20am11:00am11:40am12:20pm12:25pmPanel: Choosing a Practice TypeBreakChoosing a Mentor and Being a MentorThomas Krummel, MDPanel Discussion on CareerDevelopmentPanel: Finding Your Clinical/Research/Scholarly NichePanel: “Things I Wish I Knew”Evaluation of ConferenceLunch8:00am – 11:00amV0004 Innovations in Obesity Prevention,AssessmentTand Treatment ForumGeneral Poster Session and Panel DiscussionConvention Center, 298:00am General Poster Session and Breakfast BuffetSupported by Nestlé Nutrition8:45am Welcome9:00am Panel Discussion #19:50am Physical Activity Break10:00am Panel Discussion #210:50am Closing Remarks11:00am AdjournCOURSE8:00am – 11:00amC0007 US-China Collaboration onSchoolTMedical Service for Children withSpecial NeedsConvention Center, 338:00am8:05am8:15am8:30am8:50amOpeningThomas McInerny, MD, FAAPWelcomeAssembly Member Richard Pan, MD, MPH, FAAPSpecial Education in the US: Research,Policy & PoliticsJames Perrin, MD, FAAPBackground on Putting Forward theConcept of School Medical Service andSpecial Needs Education in ChinaXiaoming Shen, MD, PhD, FAAPComparative Talk on US and ChineseSystems for Providing Special EducationMian Wang, PhD9:10am9:30am9:45am9:55am10:15am10:45amEducating Children with Disabilities inChina—Shanghai’s ExperienceWei JiaQuestion & Answer SessionBreakProviding an Inclusive Education forChildren with Special Health CareNeedsNathaniel Beers, MD, MPA, FAAPOperation of Medical Service andSchool Health for Children with SpecialNeeds Service Network-Experience fromNeonatal Hearing ProgramDongzhen Chen; Hao Wu, MD, PhDQuestion & Answer Session8:00am – 11:30amC0005 Pediatric Practice ManagersProgramTPutting Your Money to Work: FinancialPolicies for Your PracticeConvention Center, 248:00am8:15am9:45am10:00am10:45am11:30am12:00pmIntroductionFinancial Planning & ReportsWilliam Beers, MBA; Anna Berquist, CMABreakPatient Payment Policies & ProceduresKimberly RobbinsPrivate Payer Contract NegotiationsKathy Cain, MD, FAAP; Lynn Cramer, RN-BCAdjournNetworking LunchSupported by PedsOne8:00am – 4:30pmC0006 NRP Current Issues SeminarTBuilding Blocks for the FutureConvention Center, 308:30am8:40amWelcomeHow We Are Impacted by Human FactorsGary Hamill, EdD9:00am NRP Grant Presentation 1Heather French, MD, FAAP9:20am Communications in Patient SafetyEric Thomas, MD, MPH9:50am Break10:10am Update on ILCORMyra Wyckoff, MD, FAAP10:20am NRP of 2050: Where the Strategic Plan IsTaking UsSteven Ringer, MD, PhD, FAAP; Myra Wyckoff,MD, FAAP10:40am NRP Grant Presentation 2Nicole Yamada, MD11:00am Successful Strategies for DebriefingSimulated and Real NeonatalResuscitationsLouis Halamek, MD, FAAP11:30am The Delivery Room of the FutureJeffrey Perlman, MB, ChB, FAAP12:00pm Lunch1:00-2:30pm Concurrent Breakout Sessions Part 1Session 1: Top NRP Questions Posed by YouModerator: Eric C. Eichenwald, MD, FAAPResponder: Gary Weiner, MD, FAAPResponder: Jeanette Zaichkin, RN, MN, NNP-BCSession 2: MicroSimulation DemonstrationKimberly Ernst, MD, MSMI, FAAP; Anne Ades,MD, FAAPSession 3: Using Team Training to EngageLearnersTaylor Sawyer, DO, MEd, FAAPSession 4: Influential Articles inResuscitationSteven Ringer, MD, PhD, FAAP; Henry Lee,MD, FAAP2:30pm Break2:45-4:15pm Repeat of Concurrent Breakout SessionsPart 24:15pm Adjourn4:15pm Optional Join the Faculty to DebriefSECTION/COUNCIL PROGRAM8:30am – 6:00pmH0009 Section on Cardiology & CardiacSurgery Program: Day 1Symposium 1: Optimization OfNeurodevelopmental Outcomes: Where WeAre And What It Will Take, Oral AbstractsMarriott Marquis, Marriott Hall 58:30am9:30am9:45amAbstract PresentationsModerators: Stuart Berger, MD, FAAP;Shahryar Chowdhury, MD, FAAPBreakSymposium 1: Optimization ofNeurodevelopmental Outcomes: WhereWe Are and What It Will TakeModerators: Geoffrey Rosenthal, MD,FAAP; Ritu Sachdeva, MD, FAAPSession 1: State of the Art inAssessment of NeurodevelopmentalOutcomes: Current Recommendationsand RationaleBradley Marino, MD, FAAPSession 2: Important Patient andTreatment-Related Factors inNeurodevelopmental OutcomesWilliam Mahle, MD, FAAPSession 3: MRI and CNS FindingsRelated to Neonatal Cardiac Surgery:Are There Underlying CNS Issues?Daniel Licht, MDSession 4: Is Risk StratificationPossible: ie, Can Optimization ofPatient Factors Have an Impact onNeurodevelopmental Outcomes?Gil Wernovsky, MDSession 5: Genetic Factors andNeurodevelopmental Outcomes?Kathleen Mussatto, PhD, RNPanel Discussion34 AAP National Conference & Exhibition • October 11–14, 2014 •$$ Tickets Required

October 10Friday(PRE-CONFERENCE)12.45pm1:45pm3.30pm3:45pm5:00pm6:00pmLunch: Society for Pediatric CardiologyTraining Program DirectorsYoung Investigator AbstractPresentationsModerators: Stuart Berger, MD, FAAP;Shaji Menon, MD, FAAPBreakYoung Investigator AbstractPresentationsModerators: Stuart Berger, MD, FAAP;Kathy Jenkins, MD, FAAPPoster Question and Answer Session:Light refreshments servedAdjourn9:00am – 7:00pmH0010 Section on Emergency MedicineProgram & Reception: Day 1Marriott Marquis, San Diego Ballroom BModerator: Steve Rogers, MD, FAAP9:00am Sailing in Uncharted Waters: Innovatorsin Pediatric Emergency MedicineAchieving Innovation in a Pediatric EDAmy Pasmann, MS, RN; Douglas Nelson,MD, FACEP, FAAPThe Wave of the Future: Building aPediatric Emergency Ultrasound ProgramAlyssa Abo, MD; Joanna Cohen, MDAcademic Entrepreneurship: How toBring Your Innovation to the MarketplaceDavid Mathison, MD, MBA, FAAP12:00pm Lunch Break1:00pm Ken Graff Research Award 2014Kelly Ochoa, MD, FAAPKen Graff Project Report 2012Moderator: Javier Gonzalez del Rey, MD,MEd, FAAP1:30pm Abstract Sessions I & IIModerator: Sri Sankar Chinta, MD5:30pm Reception, Poster Viewing/Presentationof Top 5, & Abstract Awards10:00am – 7:30pmH0011 Section on Perinatal PediatricsProgram: Day 1Merenstein Lecture and Organizationof Neonatal Training Program Directors(ONTPD) Annual MeetingMarriott Marquis, Marina Ballroom Salon D10:00am5:15pm6:00pmONTPD Annual Meeting (open)Gerald Merenstein Lecture, “Seeking NewTherapies for Neonatal Lung Diseases”Judy Aschner, MD, FAAPIntroduction by: David Burchfield, MD, FAAP,Chair, AAP Section on Perinatal PediatricsMerenstein Lecture Supported by Abbott NutritionPoster SessionMarriott Marquis, Marina BallroomSalons EFCOURSE11:30am – 5:30pmC0012 T TPeds 21—1, 2, 3, Go!:Sports in the World of Pediatrics—PlayingIt Safe and Making It Fun!Convention Center, Ballroom 6 CDEF➤➤See Agenda on Page 6Special Event (Not Designated for CME Credit)12:00pm – 4:30pmAAP Community Cares ProjectAfter-School All-Stars(Shuttle buses departoutside Hall D)Join us for anopportunity to providesupport for SanDiego area childrenby volunteeringyour time beforethe National Conference during our annual“Community Cares” project. This year the AAP willbe painting, repairing, planting, and participatingin a host of other activities for the After-SchoolAll-Stars, an organization providing comprehensiveafter-school programs that keep children safeand help them succeed in school and life.Conference attendees, families, and children(5 years of age and older) are welcome toparticipate in this fun and rewarding activity.Transportation will depart from the San DiegoConvention Center at 12:00pm and return at4:30pm. A boxed lunch will be provided. Don’tmiss out on an opportunity to make a differencein the lives of San Diego’s children!SECTION/COUNCIL PROGRAM1:00pm – 5:00pmH0003 Section on Surgery Program: Day 1Marriott Marquis, Marriott Hall 31:00-3:00pm Symposium: Pediatric IBD–Where Are We?Moderators: Daniel Ostlie, MD, FAAP; MarkWulkan, MD, FAAP1:00pm IBD: State of the KnowledgeJonah Essers, MD1:20pm IBD: State of the Medical TherapiesPaul Rufo, MD1:40pm The Surgeon and Crohn’s DiseaseShawn St. Peter, MD, FACS, FAAP2:05pm The Surgeon & Ulcerative ColitisBradley Linden, MD, FAAP2:30pm Discussion/Question & Answer Session3:00pm Break3:10-5:00pm Symposium: A Child With anAbdominal MassModerators: Douglas Barnhart, MD, FAAP;Harold Lovvorn, MD, FAAP3:10pm A 6-year-old femaleFrederick Rescorla, MD, FAAP3:30pm3:50pm4:10pm4:30pm5:00pmA 15-month-old maleRobert Shamberger, MD, FACS, FAAPA 4-week-old femaleMichael La Quaglia, MD, FAAPA 3-year-old maleRebecka Meyers, MD, FAAPDiscussion/Question & Answer SessionFellows ReceptionSpecial Events (Not Designated for CME Credit)5:30pm – 8:30pmAAP Kids’ CampHilton Bayfront, Indigo BallroomChildren of all ages are invited to the annual AAPExperience “Kids Camp”! Guests will enjoy healthyfood, music, fun, games, crafts and surprises.This year’s theme—“AAP Surfin’ Safari”—willfeature activities inspired by an extraordinary andunforgettable destination—San Diego.Planned activities will provide children with a uniqueand interactive experience. Highlights include:An interactive DJ spinning tunes for a dance partythat will have children groovin’ all evening long!Active play areas including air hockey, quarterbacktoss, and Wii stations for our school age andtween campers.Artisans including face painters, caricaturists, andletterbrush artists will entertain children throughoutthe event.A play area complete with age-appropriate toys willkeep our youngest campers active and engaged.Photo opportunities with a variety of exotic liveanimals.Innovative arts and crafts projects, so kids willhave a memento of their trip to San Diego!Year after year, the Kids Camp event is a highlightof the conference. All conference attendees andtheir families are invited to attend.Shuttle bus transportation will be provided fromall non-walking hotels and the Manchester GrandHyatt to the Hilton Bayfront.7:00pm – 9:00pmWelcome ReceptionHilton Bayfront, Sapphire BallroomCome sail away with us as we kick off the 2014National Conference with an amazing nauticalthemedWelcome Reception! We’ll provide avariety of San Diego-inspired cuisine along withentertainment from NRG, a local favorite band.Shuttle bus transportation will be providedfrom all nonwalking hotels and the ManchesterGrand Hyatt to the Hilton Bayfront.DAILY SCHEDULE FRI$$ Sports Tickets in the Required World of PediatricsSpanish/English Interpretation AAP National Conference & Exhibition • October 11–14, 2014 • 35

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