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Saturday OCTOBER 11MEET-THE-EXPERT-DISCUSSION7:00am – 8:00amX1001 Top Pediatric Ethical ControversiesConvention Center, 24This session will provide the audience with an overviewof five major controversial issues in pediatricethics, drawing on 5 of the most influential articlespublished during the prior years. For each topic,a brief background and overview of the article willbe provided, highlighting the key ethical framework,principles, or issues. Time will be allottedfor questions, answers, and brief discussion.John Lantos, MD, FAAPX1002 Sun Exposure Disorders and SunProtectionConvention Center, 25Faculty will discuss solar radiation, sun protection,and sun-sensitive dermatoses. This session willalso explore the rising popularity of tanning and theassociated dangers.Jeffrey Sugarman, MD, PhDX1003 Management of Apparent LifeThreatening Events➤➤Repeats as X3009Convention Center, 28 ABOutpatient and inpatient providers face manytough decisions when managing the well-appearinginfant who has recently experienced an apparentlife-threatening event (ALTE). The circumstancesin which the patient is most likely to benefit fromdiagnostic testing or hospitalization are muddledwith a poor understanding of risk, heterogeneityof symptoms, and caregiver and provider anxiety.Consequently, ALTE management varies dramaticallyacross the country. This session will summarizethe current evidence on ALTEs, provide risk-basedguidance for diagnosis and management, andupdate participants about the new guideline.Joel Tieder, MD, MPH, FAAPX1004 A Understanding and Applying theNewest Guidelines for Food Allergy➤➤Repeats as X2008Convention Center, 30 DEThis session will review the prevalence of foodallergy over the past couple of decades and bringpediatricians up-to-date on the most current,evidence-based data on the recognition, diagnosis,and management of food allergy, including thepotential for anaphylactic reactions to foods.Scott Sicherer, MD, FAAPX1005 Inhaled and Systemic CorticosteroidTherapy: Effects on Growth and AdrenalSuppression➤➤Repeats as X2003Convention Center, 32This session will review the use of inhaled/systemiccorticosteroids in asthma management and theirimpact on growth and adrenal suppression. It willprovide a description of optimal use to minimizeadverse effects on growth and adrenal suppression.Mitchell Geffner, MDX1006 Aspiration and GastroesophagealReflux: Most Common Cause of RecurrentPneumonia in Children?➤➤Repeats as X2011Convention Center, 30 ABCThis session will review the clinical and radiographicpresentations of children with recurrent aspiration aswell as the treatment options. Attendees will betterunderstand the various tests and their strengthsand weaknesses for diagnosing aspiration.Gerald Loughlin, MD, FAAPX1007 Everyday Neurology Questions fromPediatricians➤➤Repeats as X2006Convention Center, 31Does your next patient have a big head fromincreased intracranial pressure, or maybe afacial weakness masquerading as Bell palsy,or even subtle seizures? You make the call! Beprepared with neurology basics for everydaypractice. Bring your cases and questions.Max Wiznitzer, MD, FAAPX1008 Tics, CANS, and Other MovementDisordersConvention Center, 33Was that a shrug, wink, drop, or a stare? Doyou know how to handle the child with tics?And when do you need to think about CANS orsomething else? Come learn how to diagnoseand treat children with tics, Tourette Syndrome,and the most common movement disorders.Donald Gilbert, MD, FAAPX1009 Running to the Front Lines:Volunteering in the Disaster Zone,Practicing in Austere EnvironmentsConvention Center, 28 EThis session will provide an overview of legitimatedisaster volunteer opportunities and education/training strategies that will help members beapproved (and educated/prepared) in advanceof a disaster. Details will also be provided ondisaster triage strategies, common medical andpsychosocial issues of children and familiesafter a disaster, and medical liability issues.Scott Needle, MD, FAAPSECTION/COUNCIL PROGRAMS7:00am – 3:45pmH1016 Section on Surgery Program: Day 2Marriott Marquis, Marriott Hall 37:00am Coffee7:15am Scientific Session # 18:45am Presentation of the Arnold SalzbergMentorship Award9:05am Break9:30am Scientific Session # 211:00am AAP Advocacy UpdateMark Del Monte, JD11:15am Presentation of the William E. Ladd MedalMichael Gauderer, MD11:40am Stephen L. Gans DistinguishedOverseas LectureBenno Ure, MD, Phd12:30pm Lunch and Oral Poster SessionSupported by Children’s Mercy Hospitals & Clinics1:30pm Scientific Session # 33:00pm SoSU Committee Reports3:35pm Break➤➤See also H1130 Joint Surgical ProgramInfantile Hemangiomas: When to Treatand How?7:00am – 5:30pmH1018 T Section on OrthopaedicsProgram: Day 1Marriott Marquis, Marina Ballroom Salon G7:00am Business MeetingRichard Schwend, MD, FAAP, SectionChairperson7:25am WelcomeNorman Otsuka, MD, FAAP, Abstract Chairperson7:30am Scientific Session I9:15am Break9:30am Scientific Session II11:00am Distinguished Service AwardPresentationBehrooz Akbarnia, MD12:00pm Luncheon Reception1:00pm Guest SpeakerGregory Mencio, MD, President of PediatricOrthopaedic Society of North America2:00pm Special Session: Hip Impingement inPractice IModerator: Richard Schwend, MD, FAAPDiagnosing Hip ImpingementHip Impingement in SCFEMichael Millis, MD4:00pm Break4:15pm Special Session: Hip Impingement inPractice IIModerator: Richard Schwend, MD, FAAP4:15pm Hip Impingement in Perthes5:15pm Question & Answer Session5:30pm Adjourn to Pediatric SurgicalSpecialists Reception38 AAP National Conference & Exhibition • October 11–14, 2014 •$$ Tickets Required

OCTOBER 11Saturday7:30am – 5:00pmH1017 Section on Medical Students,Residents & Fellowship Trainees ProgramHilton Bayfront, Sapphire Ballroom ABEF7:30am8:00am8:10am8:20am8:30am8:45am9:15am9:25am9:35am10:05am10:30am12:00pmRegistration & BreakfastSupported by AAP Insurance ProgramIntroductions & WelcomeReport from the Section on YoungPhysicians ChairAnne E. Dyson Child Advocacy AwardPresentationsSection Annual Advocacy ProjectKeynote AddressMark Del Monte, JD [Director, AAPDepartment of Federal Affairs]Keynote Question & Answer SessionWelcome from the AAP President-ElectSpeeches & Elections of SectionNational Officers (Vice Chair &Secretary Candidates)Overview of SOMSRFT Leadership &Program Delegate RolesNational Conference Opening PlenarySessionsLunchSupported by Mead Johnson NutritionFor Residents and Fellowship Trainees:District Breakout Sessions (will be attended by AAPDistrict Vice Chairs)12:10pm SOMSRFT Member Introductions12:20pm District Vice Chair Remarks12:30pm Resolution Discussion and Finalization1:30pm Networking/District Issues2:30pm Review Program Delegate JobDescription and Strategy2:40pm Election of District & Assistant DistrictCoordinators2:55pm Discussion of 2014-15 AdvocacyCampaign3:10pm Announcement of New DistrictLeadership and Review of Action Itemsfrom District Breakouts3:15pm BreakFor Medical Students:12:10pm Medical Student Plenary SessionLisa Chamberlain, MD, MPH, FAAP; JasonHomme, MD, FAAP; Adam Rosenberg, MD,FAAP3:30pm Exploring Pediatrics Specialties5:00pm Adjourn6:30pm SOMSRFT Reception & Poster DisplayReception Supported by Abbott Nutrition8:00am – 12:15pmH1025 Section on Perinatal PediatricsProgram: Day 2Scientific Abstract Oral Presentations,Cone History Lecture, Section Update, andPresentation of Section AwardsHilton Bayfront, Sapphire Ballroom CDGH8:00am Welcome and IntroductionMark Hudak, MD, FAAP8:05am Session 1 (Presentations 1-5)9:20am Presentation of Marshall KlausResearch AwardsRon Ariagno, MD, FAAPSupported by Ikaria, Johnson & Johnson, MedImmune9:35am Break9:45am Session 2 (Presentations 6-10)11:00am Thomas Cone History Lecture:“Surfactant: Past, Present, Future”Jeffrey Whitsett, MDIntroductionAvroy Fanaroff, MD, FAAPCone Lecture Supported by Abbott NutritionSection Update and Awards11:30am The Section of Perinatal Pediatrics atWork: Summary of Section Activitiesfor 2014-2015David Burchfield, MD, FAAP, Chair, AAPSection on Perinatal Pediatrics11:45am Landmark Award: Betty Vohr, MD, FAAPPresented By: Bill Oh, MD, FAAPEducation Award: Carl Bose, MD, FAAPPresented By: Wayne Price, MD, FAAPLandmark and Education AwardsSupported by Mead Johnson Nutrition12:15pmLunch on your own➤➤See also H1085 Joint Program: Sectionon Perinatal Pediatrics and Section onInfectious Diseases8:00am – 12:15pmH1026 Section on Administrative &Practice Management ProgramStaying Alive! Thriving in Today’s PediatricMarketplaceHilton Bayfront, Indigo Ballroom D8:00am8:15am9:00am9:45am10:00am10:45am11:30am12:15pm8:00am – 4:15pmIntroductionEstablishing an IPA to Get Bigger:Go Strong or Go HomeNorman ‘Chip’ Harbaugh, MD, FAAPMeet the AAP Board of DirectorsBreakYou’re Hired! Confessions of anEmployed PediatricianColleen Kraft, MD, FAAPMid-levels: Saviors or ScourgeChris Barry, PA-CBoutique Practices: More Than Justa Cute NameSusan Kressly, MD, FAAPSaltzman Luncheon and VanchiereAwardSupported by Physician’s Computer CompanyH1027 T Council on School HealthProgramObesity and Schools: Opportunities andChallenges for PediatriciansMarriott Marquis, Marina Ballroom Salon E8:00am9:00am10:00am11:00am12:00pm12:30pm1:00pm1:30pm3:00pm3:30pm4:00pm4:15pmAvenues for Increasing PhysicalActivity in SchoolsStephen Cook, MD, MPH, FAAPEffects of Food Services and Vendingin Schools on Weight ManagementEffortsChristine Wood, MD, CLE, FAAPAssessing and Reporting Rates ofOverweight and Obesity in SchoolsBarbara Dennison, MDExporting School-Based HealthyLifestyle Efforts to a BroaderCommunityJohn Santelli, MD, MPH, FAAPCouncil Business MeetingAnnual Awards PresentationsMilton JE Senn Award & LectureshipMartin C Ushkow AwardAbstract SymposiumPoster Viewing SessionOral (Podium) PresentationsModerator: Mandy Allison, MD, MSPH, FAAPSchool Health Success StoriesElliott Attisha, DO, FAAP2013 Must Read School Health PapersElliott Attisha, DO, FAAPPresentation of Young MedicalInvestigator and Best Abstract PrizesAdjournDAILY SCHEDULE SAT$$ Sports Tickets in the Required World of PediatricsSpanish/English Interpretation AAP National Conference & Exhibition • October 11–14, 2014 • 39

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