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Sunday OCTOBER 128:00am

Sunday OCTOBER 128:00am – 3:30pmH2022 Section on Hospital MedicineProgramCollaborative Guideline Implementationand LearningHilton Bayfront, Sapphire Ballroom KLOPModerator: Mark Shen, MD, FAAP, Education andProgram Chairperson8:00am Scientific Abstract Session andAward PresentationDaniel Rauch, MD, FAAP, AbstractChairperson9:00am Collaborative Learning throughGuidelinesPeter Margolis, MD, PhD10:00am Benchmarking Community AcquiredPneumoniaKavita Parikh, MD, FAAP11:00am Neonatal HSV WorkupsAaron Miller, MD, FAAP12:00pm Business LunchRicardo Quinonez, MD, FAAP, SectionChairperson1:30pm A Preview of Upcoming AAP ALTEGuidelinesJoel Tieder, MD, MPH, FAAP2:30pm Panel DiscussionAward Supported by Abbott Nutrition➤➤See also H3033 Joint Program: Sectionon Critical Care and Section on HospitalMedicine8:00am – 4:30pmH2031 Section on Developmental &Behavioral Pediatrics ProgramPediatric Response To DisastersMarriott Marquis, Marina Ballroom Salon EPart 1: Pediatric Response to Disasters8:00am WelcomeRobert Voigt, MD, FAAP, Program Chair,Section on Developmental & BehavioralPediatrics8:05am Pragmatic Issues in Responding toHumanitarian DisastersKarin Olness, MD, FAAP8:45am Providing Consultation to SchoolsImpacted by CrisisDavid Schonfeld, MD, FAAP9:30am Break9:45am Award PresentationsDale Richmond/Justin Coleman AwardSuzanne Dixon, MD, MPHC. Anderson Aldrich AwardRandi Hagerman, MD, FAAP10:15am Approaches to Promote Adjustmentand Coping in School SettingsMarleen Wong, PhD, LCSW11:00am Professional Self CareDaniel Nelson, MD11:45am Question & Answer Session12:15pm Lunch/SODBP Business meetingPart 2: Best Practices for Addressing Developmentaland Behavioral Issues in the School Setting-Perspectives from China and the US1:30pm Welcome1:35pm Environmental Impacts on Early BrainDevelopment and Opportunities forEarly InterventionPamela High, MD, MS, FAAP1:55pm From National Nutrition Program toEarly Child Development—ChineseExperienceYaohua Dai, MD, PhD; Zonghan Zhu, MD, PhD2:25pm Question & Answer Session2:35pm Providing Services and Support toStudents with ADHD and/or Other HighPrevalence ConditionsMichael Reiff, MD2:55pm Providing Services and Support toStudents with ADHD and/or Other HighPrevalence ConditionsXingming Jin, MD, PhD3:15pm Question & Answer Session3:25pm Providing Behavioral and Mental HealthServices in SchoolThomas McInerny, MD, FAAP3:45pm Shanghai Child Mental Health NeedsAssessment ProjectWenhong Cheng, MD, PhD; Fan Jiang, MD, PhD4:15pm Question & Answer Session4:30pm Adjourn8:00am – 5:30pmH2025 Section on International ChildHealth ProgramCountdown to 2015: Challenges, Problems,and Moving ForwardMarriott Marquis, Marriott Hall 48:00am Posters and Photos Available forViewing9:00am Introduction and Welcome;Presentation of Hillman Awardfor Lifetime Service and LastingContributions to Global Child HealthLinda Arnold, MD, FAAP, SOICHChairperson9:15am Platform Presentation of ScientificAbstractsModerators: Parmi Suchdev, MD, FAAP,SOICH Program Co-Chair; Nicole St Clair,MD, FAAP10:15am Break10:30am-12:15pm Beyond 2015: Achieving “Health forAll” in a Post-MDG World10:30am Child Health and Human RightsTheresa Betancourt, ScD, MA11:15am Health Implications of Global MigrationSantino Severoni, MD12:00pm Panel Discussion12:15pm Lunch and Poster Viewing1:15pm SOICH Business Meeting andInteractive ForumLinda Arnold, MD, FAAP, SOICHChairperson2:00-4:00pm Stories from the Field: Individual Pathsto Global Change2:00pm Local Health is Global Health: Overviewof Santa Barbara Street MedicineJason Prystowsky, MD, MPH2:35pm Through the Eyes of a Child: ARefugee’s Story of Survival, Resilience,and the Power of HopeClementine Wamariya3:10pm Saving Forests and Saving Lives:Health in Harmony in West Kalimantan,IndonesiaKinari Webb, MD3:45pm Panel Discussion4:00pm Break4:15pm Keynote Address: Where Has ChildHealth Been and Where is it Going?Keynote Speaker: Hans Rosling, MD, PhD5:00pm Moderated Question & Answer Session5:15pm Closing Remarks and Announcements➤➤See also H3083 Joint Program: Sectionon Bioethics and Section on InternationalChild Health8:00am – 5:30pmH2026 Section on Critical Care ProgramScientific Abstract Session & Fun withPediatric Critical Care SimulationHilton Bayfront, Indigo Ballroom EFModerator: Brad Poss, MD, MMM, FAAP8:00am Oral Abstract Session I9:30am Poster Walk Rounds and Break10:45am Oral Abstract Session II12:15pm Abstract Awards12:30pm Pediatric Simulation Overview(Box lunch provided & REGISTRATIONREQUIRED)1:30pm Simulation SessionsKiran Hebbar, MD, MBBS, FAAP; TomKallay, MD; Luke Zabrocki, MD, FAAP4:50pm SOCC UpdateEd Conway, Jr., MD, MS, FAAP5:00pm SOCC Distinguished Career AwardBarry Markovitz, MD, MPH, FAAP➤➤See also H3033 Joint Program: Sectionon Critical Care and Section on HospitalMedicine54 AAP National Conference & Exhibition • October 11–14, 2014 •$$ Tickets Required

OCTOBER 12SundaySELECTED SHORT SUBJECT8:30am – 9:15amF2034 Is That a Conversion Disorder?Convention Center, 10Does that patient have a neurological problem or isit a conversion disorder? Do you know what to dowhen a child has a conversion disorder? What aboutmalingering or Munchausen syndrome? Come learnhow to sort out conversion and other behavioraldisorders often confused as neurological problems.Donald Gilbert, MD, FAAPF2035 New Trends in the Managementof AcneCCRepeats from F1088Convention Center, 30 ABCJeffrey Sugarman, MD, PhDF2036 T Evaluation and Management ofMinor Closed Head Injuries➤➤Repeats as F2098Convention Center, 29 ABClosed head injuries (CHI) are common in childhoodand adolescence. The scientific literaturefor CHI evaluation and management, althoughincomplete and conflicting, is evolving. Thissession will offer an opportunity for pediatriciansto be updated on the most current knowledgeabout evaluation and management of minorclosed head injuries, including indications forimaging and return to play recommendations.Nathan Kuppermann, MD, MPH, FAAPF2037 The Preoperative Environment:Preparation and Intraoperative CareConvention Center, 32This session will include a discussion on the preanestheticor presedation evaluation of the patient witha focus on identifying potential airway difficultiesand the presence of comorbid diseases with theirimpact on perioperative care. Postoperative andpostprocedure care of patients will be highlighted,including recovery, monitoring, pain control, and theneed for ongoing obervation based on the presenceof comorbid conditions such as prematurity.Moises Auron, MD, FACP, FAAPF2038 What’s New in Biologic Medications:Know More Than Your PatientsConvention Center, 28 ABSince the mid 1990’s, biologic agents have beenavailable for pediatric rheumatologic diseases. It isclear these agents work, what is less clear is howthey should be used to produce optimum benefit.The indications, mechanism of action, benefits andrisks of biologics will be reviewed. The participantwill gain skills to better assist families in decidingwhether to use these medicines for their child.Carol Wallace, MDF2039 Pediatric Pain and Suffering:Managing Common Problems in Childrenwith Advanced or Chronic Illness➤➤Repeats as F3090Convention Center, 28 EThis session will focus on the general practitioner’sneeds, including the basics of pain treatment inchildren with serious illness, with specific attentionto the approach for opioid use in children with acutepain, neuropathic pain, and dyspnea. Additionaltherapies for the treatment of neuropathic painwill be discussed. Pain assessment tools will bereviewed for complex patients such as those whoare nonverbal or have developmental delays.Stefan Friedrichsdorf, MD, FAAPAUDIENCE RESPONSE CASE DISCUSSION8:30am – 10:00amA2044 Dermatologic Potpourri➤➤Repeats as A4089Convention Center, 33The faculty will discuss head lice, tinea capitis, diaperdermatitis, warts, molluscum, scabies, pityriasis rosea,select birthmarks, look-alikes, important exanthems,cutaneous mastocytosis, urticaria pigmentosa, andother conditions commonly seen in the office setting.Indications for referral will be reviewed.Patricia Treadwell, MD, FAAPA2045 Shake, Rattle, and Roll➤➤Repeats as A2103Convention Center, 25What was that? A seizure, breath-holding spell,myoclonus, shuddering attack, migraine, tic,faint, or something else? Come learn howto sort out and identify the spells that willpresent in your practice, and learn what isneurological, cardiac, or even benign.Sucheta Joshi, MD, MB, FAAP; Raman Sankar, MD,PhD, FAANA2046 Everything You Wanted to KnowAbout Ophthalmology but Were Afraidto Ask: Cases from the AAP ChallengingCases Series➤➤Repeats as A3133Convention Center, 31This fast-paced case series will discuss 10ophthalmology cases presenting to a pediatrician’soffice. Attendees will learn how to diagnose, manage,and educate their patients. Your questions aboutwhen to refer, treat, or observe will be answered.Cases covered will include nasolacrimal ductobstruction, congenital cataract, pseudo strabismus,real strabismus, torticollis, and some mystery cases.David Granet, MD, FAAP; Shira Robbins, MD, FAAPINTERACTIVE GROUP FORUM8:30am – 10:00amI2048 Using QI to Improve Care for Childrenwith Developmental-Behavioral ProblemsConvention Center, 21Quality improvement (QI) and patient safetyare critical competencies of pediatric care, andprimary pediatric health care professionals areunder increased pressure to demonstrate theiractive involvement in QI activities for Maintenanceof Certification (MOC). Given their prevalence inprimary care pediatric practice and a reportedgeneral lack of comfort in their management,developmental-behavioral disorders present afertile ground for office-based QI activities.Rebecca Baum, MD, FAAP; Eugenia Chan, MD, MPH, FAAPI2049 Providing Oral Health Services in theMedical Home➤➤Repeats as I3050Convention Center, 7 AThis session will provide attendees the elementsof performing an oral health risk assessment usingan oral health risk assessment tool and showthem how to use it as a guide in pediatric practice.Once a clinician is comfortable with identifyingchildren as high risk, faculty will address how toapply oral health prevention strategies, includingoral health education and counseling, and fluoridevarnish application. Faculty will demonstrate howthe pediatric office can use oral health as a topicfor implementation of a quality improvementproject. The pediatrician may choose to learnhow to do a fluoride varnish for these children.Melinda Clark, MD, FAAP; Martha Ann Keels, DDS, PhDI2050 What Should I Do with that Childwith a Chronic Cough?: A Problem-BasedLearning ApproachCCRepeats from I1104Convention Center, 7 BDon Bukstein, MD; Bradley Chipps, MD, FAAPSEMINAR8:30am – 10:00amS2052 A Neurodevelopmental Disorders:Navigating the DSM-5➤➤Repeats as S2117Convention Center, 30 DEDuring this session, the presenter will highlight themajor changes in the DSM-5 diagnostic criteria relatedto the new classification of NeurodevelopmentalDisorders, particularly those with significant revisions.Case presentations will be used to illustratethe impact of these changes in diagnosing andaccessing services for the pediatric population.Robin Hansen, MD, FAAPDAILY SCHEDULE SUN$$ Sports Tickets in the Required World of PediatricsSpanish/English Interpretation AAP National Conference & Exhibition • October 11–14, 2014 • 55

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