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Sunday OCTOBER 12S2053

Sunday OCTOBER 12S2053 Do Violent Video Games Lead toAggression and Mass Shootings?Convention Center, 29 CDNewtown, Aurora, Columbine—what do all ofthese mass shootings have in common? All of theshooters were enamored of violent video games.But is there cause-and-effect research linking the2? How would you respond to a parent or reporter’squestion about violent video games or otherviolent media? Why are the public and the pressoften skeptical of the research? This session willfeature 2 prominent researchers in this area whowill discuss the research findings; reasons theresearch might be seen as inconclusive; interventionsolutions; and how pediatricians can helpreframe the debate as a public health issue.Edward Donnerstein, PhD; Douglas Gentile, PhDS2054 Transition Into PracticeConvention Center, 26This interactive session is designed for the pediatricianentering practice, the pediatrician early in practice, orthe pediatrician contemplating changing practices.Finding and evaluating a practice, work-life balance,practice finances, and relationships with insurers willbe explored.Mark Reuben, MD, FAAP; Christina Vo, MD, FAAPS2055 Chest Pain and Syncope: Functionalor Fatal➤➤Repeats as S2145Convention Center, 24Chest pain and syncope are common complaintsleading to significant anxiety for patients, parents,and pediatricians. The prospect of a fatal or nearfatalevent can be very stressful for the pediatrician.This session will review causes of chest pain andsyncope in children and adolescents and ways torecognize and eliminate the cause(s) that mightprove fatal or cause significant morbidity.Stuart Berger, MD, FAAPS2056 Dealing with Common AllergyConundrums in the Pediatrician’s OfficeCCRepeats from S1148Convention Center, 27John Kelso, MD, FAAP; Scott Sicherer, MD, FAAPS2057 Adding and Enhancing AncillaryServicesConvention Center, 9Striving to provide comprehensive, high-quality,evidence-based medical care to infants, children, andyoung adults in their medical home is a mission forall pediatric practices. Developing and implementingservices to support and expand the missionefficiently as well as improving a practice’s bottomline is imperative to be competitive and successfulin today’s changing healthcare environment.Jeanne Marconi, MD, FAAPS2058 T How to Doctor a Team: TeamPhysician 101➤➤Repeats as S3107Convention Center, 8This will be a didactic seminar led by a pediatricsports medicine physician and an orthopaedicsports medicine physician each with many years ofexperience as a team doc. Case discussion will becombined with question and answers to update theattendee in the skills needed to be a high school ormiddle school team physician in their communities.Theodore Ganley, MD, FAAP; Paul Stricker, MD, FAAPWORKSHOP8:30am – 10:00amW2060 Eye Examination Skills Usingthe OphthalmoscopeTCCRepeats from W1151Convention Center, 11 ARobert Gross, MD, MBA, FAAP; Steven Lichtenstein, MD,FAAO, FAAPW2061 Otoscopy Workshop: ImportantObservationsTand Diagnosis Using theOtoscopeCCRepeats from W1064Convention Center, 11 BAnthony Magit, MD; Stacey Ishman, MD, MPH, FAAPSECTION/COUNCIL PROGRAM8:30am – 12:00pmH2027 Section on Emergency MedicineProgram: Day 3Marriott Marquis, San Diego Ballroom BModerator: Robert Schremmer, MD, FAAP8:30am Impact of Healthcare Reform on PEMJoan Shook, MD, MBA, FAAP9:30am Coffee Break9:45am Unnatural DisastersSarita Chung, MD, FAAP; Marie Lozon, MD,FAAP; Tien Vu, MD, FAAP10:00am – 1:30pmH2030 Section on Otolaryngology ProgramA Potpourri of ENT Guidelines: A PracticalReview for Optimizing Patient CareMarriott Marquis, Presidio10:10am10:50am11:30am11:45am12:25pm1:00pmChronic Otitis Media: To Tube or Notto TubeDavid Tunkel, MD, FAAPSleep Studies: Pros and ConsStacey Ishman, MD, MPH, FAAPBreakTonsillectomy for Sleep Apnea: What’sthe EvidenceStacey Ishman, MD, MPH, FAAPPediatric Rhinosinusitis: What’s Newin 2014Anthony Magit, MDSection Abstract Plenary Session andDiscussion8:30am – 1:30pmH2028 Section on Cardiology & CardiacSurgery Program: Day 3Symposium 3: Long Term Care of theSingle Ventricle Patients 2014: Diagnosis,Prevention and Management of Long-TermComplicationsMarriott Marquis, Marriott Hall 58:30am8:35amPresentation of the 2014 YoungInvestigator Awards and EducationTravel GrantsW. Robert Morrow, MD, FAAPPresentation of the 2014 ResearchFellowship AwardRecipient: Andrew L. Cheng, MDSupported by the Helen and Will Webster Foundation8:40am Presentation of the 2013–2014Research Fellowship AwardShahryar Chowdhury, MDSupported by the Helen and Will Webster Foundation9:00am9:25am9:35am9:45amFounders Award PresentationRobert Campbell, MDFounders AwardMacdonald Dick, MDBreakSymposium 3: Long-Term Care of theSingle Ventricle Patient: Diagnosis,Prevention, and Management of Long-Term ComplicationsModerator: Robert Beekman, MD, FAAPSession 1: The Interventional CatheterApproach to the Single VentriclePatient: Opportunities to ImproveOutcomes, Including a Discussionabout Coiling Collaterals, CreatingFenestrations, and Other PotentialInterventionsJohn Moore, MD, MPH56 AAP National Conference & Exhibition • October 11–14, 2014 •$$ Tickets Required

OCTOBER 12Sunday11:15am11:30am1:30pmSession 2: HLHS: Current Expectations,Risk Stratification: Are There HigherRisk Subsets and What Is the CorrectApproach to Those Subsets?Steven Schwartz, MDSession 3: HRHS/Pulmonary Atresiawith Intact Ventricular Septum: AreThere Higher Risk Groups? How Do WeDecide to Decompress the RV? How DoWe Decide to Go Down the TransplantPathway? Is There an Evidence-BasedAlgorithm to Help Us Decide?Charles Fraser, Jr., MD, FAAPBreakSymposium 3: Long-Term Care of theSingle Ventricle Patient: Diagnosis,Prevention, and Management of Long-Term Complications (continued)Session 4: Protein-Losing Enteropathy,Hepatic Dysfunction, and OtherComplications/Comorbidities of theFontan Physiology—Can They BePredicted? Can They Be Prevented?Shaji Menon, MD, FAAPSession 5: Is There a Role forMechanical Support Either As a Bridgeto Transplant or as Destination Therapyin the Failed Single Ventricle Patient:Evidence For and Is It Even Possible?Ronald Woods, MD, FAAPSession 6: The Role of Transplantationin the Single Ventricle Patient. When,Why and Outcomes?Shelley Miyamoto, MDPanel DiscussionAdjourn9:00am – 12:30pmH2063 Section on Adolescent HealthProgramHot Topics in Pediatric and AdolescentGynecologyMarriott Marquis, Marriott Hall 69:00am9:45am10:00am10:45am11:00am11:15am12:00pm12:30pmMedical Use of HormonalContraceptionElizabeth Alderman, MD, FSHAM, FAAPFounder’s AwardPolycystic Ovary Syndrome inAdolescentsPaula Hillard, MDHoffmann AwardBreakGenital Complaints in Young Girls andAdolescentsJoyce Adams, MD, FAAPPanel DiscussionSection Business Meeting and Lunch9:00am – 5:30pmH2064 Council on Clinical InformationTechnology ProgramMarriott Marquis, Marina Ballroom Salon DModerator: Eric Kirkendall, MD, MBI, FAAP9:00am Scientific Abstract SessionWelcoming Remarks: Eric Kirkendall, MD,MBI, FAAP9:15am Abstracts10:30am Break10:45am Abstracts Continued12:00pm Break & Snacks12:20pm Oberst Award & Presentation12:50pm Business Meeting & Announcement ofBest Paper Award2:00pm Switching EMRs: Three Case ExamplesChris Longhurst, MD, MS; Susan Kressly,MD, FAAP; Stephen Morgan, MD, FAAP4:30pm Break4:45pm Poster Viewing Session &Announcement of Best Poster Award5:30pm AdjournSELECTED SHORT SUBJECT9:30am – 10:15amF2067 School-Based Health Centers: EasyAccess for Hard to Reach PopulationsConvention Center, 28 CDFaculty will present the spectrum of servicesprovided by school-based health centers (SBHC)with examples from both rural and urban settingsnoting where services can improve access andcan fit within the Medical Home model. Thesession will review the literature related to SBHCs,including both process and outcome studies.Jane McGrath, MD, FAAPF2068 Water on the Brain: Hydrocephalus,Shunts, and VentsConvention Center, 30 ABCThree percent of children in any pediatric practicehave macrocephaly but who actually has hydrocephalus?Learn to identify, evaluate, and/or refer the childwith new-onset hydrocephalus and appreciate thelatest techniques used for treatment. Understandhow to “trouble shoot” the child with hydrocephaluswhen ill.Gerald Grant, MDF2069 Anemia in Children: Iron Deficiencyand Beyond➤➤Repeats as F2123Convention Center, 32Despite iron supplementation, anemia remains afinding in childhood. Although iron deficiency continuesto occur, frequently anemia has other causes. Thepediatrician is called upon to correctly diagnoseand treat iron deficiency and recognize the potentialcauses and interventions for this nutritional deficiency.In addition, the pediatrician should recognize whenanemia is from other causes such as immunehemolysis, hemoglobinopathy, chronic disease, andothers. The speaker will give an overview of thediagnosis and management of anemia in children.George Buchanan, MD, FAAPF2070 T Break a Leg! The Ins and Outs ofPerforming Arts MedicineConvention Center, 28 EThis session will provide the pediatrician with an overviewof common performing arts sports. It will highlightunique injuries that occur in these sports, whichoften require extensive flexibility and weight bearingon all extremities. Faculty will review the sports-specificdemands and how to counsel these athletes forinjury prevention, including nutritional interventionsto achieve peak performance. Finally, there will be areview of the components of the female athlete triadand how to identify it and treat it in their patients.Teri McCambridge, MD, FAAPF2071 T Amplified Musculoskeletal Pain:Diagnosis, Approach, and Management➤➤Repeats as F3037Convention Center, 28 ABMultiple case presentations will illustrate the distinguishingfeatures of the various forms of amplifiedmusculoskeletal pain (AMP). The most appropriateapproach to evaluating each case will be discussed,including the use of laboratory and imaging studies.Cara Hoffart, DO, FAAPF2072 Physician Assistants in Pediatrics:The Bottom Line on Benefits to YourPracticeConvention Center, 29 ABA practice analysis recently conducted by theNational Commission on Certification of PhysicianAssistants (NCCPA) investigated the knowledgeand skills used by certified physician assistants(PAs) practicing in pediatrics and the functionsthey perform within the specialty. The resultsand implications of this analysis provide insightinto opportunities for practices to benefit fromthe incorporation of qualified certified PAs.Greg Thomas, PA, MPHDAILY SCHEDULE SUN$$ Sports Tickets in the Required World of PediatricsSpanish/English Interpretation AAP National Conference & Exhibition • October 11–14, 2014 • 57

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