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Sunday OCTOBER 121:00pm

Sunday OCTOBER 121:00pm – 7:00pmH2087 Section on Transport MedicineProgramGrooming the Next Generation ofTransport LeadersHilton Bayfront, Indigo Ballroom CG1:00pm Welcome and Section Business MeetingMichele Moss, MD, FAAP, SectionChairperson1:15pm Plenary: Leadership/Visionary KeynoteUma Kotagal, MBBS, MSc2:15pm Panel Discussion: “So Now You AreIn Charge—Pearls From Learning theHard Way”Paula Agosto, RN; John Giuliano, MD;Jay Pershad, MD, FAAP3:15pm Afternoon BreakAbstract SessionsModerator: Caraciolo Fernandes, MD, FAAP3:30pm Oral Presentations5:00pm Poster Presentations6:00pm 25th Anniversary Celebration7:00pm Adjourn➤➤See also C3017 & C4013SELECTED SHORT SUBJECT2:00pm – 2:45pmF2095 A Public Health Approach toSuicide PreventionCCRepeats from F1119Convention Center, 10Jeff Bridge, PhDF2097 A Newborn Has Prenatally DiagnosedHydronephrosis: What Do I Do Now?Convention Center, 32With the routine use of prenatal ultrasonography, thediagnosis of hydronephrosis is being made moreoften. The vast majority of cases of hydronephrosisare not associated with any significant pathology anddo not need any treatment. However, some casescan be associated with significant pathology suchas high-grade reflux and/or obstruction. The findingof hydronephrosis on prenatal screening can causesignificant anxiety for the expectant parents, andthe burden on how to radiographically evaluate thenewborn with this finding often falls into the hands ofthe pediatrician. This session will review the naturalhistory of prenatally diagnosed hydronephrosis andthe pathologic conditions that can be associatedwith this. Recent guidelines will also be discussed asthey relate to the use of prophylactic antibiotics andwhat radiographic studies should be considered.Thomas Kolon, MD, FAAPF2098 T Evaluation and Managementof Minor Closed Head InjuriesCCRepeats from F2036Convention Center, 29 ABNathan Kuppermann, MD, MPH, FAAPF2099 Bleeding Disorders in Adolescentswith Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding:Whom to Study and What to Order?➤➤Repeats as F3068Convention Center, 26Faculty will review the definition and causes of menorrhagiain adolescents. Discussion will include the roleof bleeding disorders in menorrhagia and approachesto laboratory diagnosis of bleeding disorders.Guy Young, MD, FAAPF2100 How and Why Pediatric HealthProviders Should Diagnose and Treat FoodInsecurity: Clinical and Policy ImplicationsConvention Center, 9One in 10 households with children in the UnitedStates is food insecure, or unable to consistentlyprovide their children with adequate, nutritiousfood for an active, healthy lifestyle. This sessionwill review trends in childhood food insecurity andthe linkages between food security status andnutritional, physical, and mental health outcomesin children; particular attention will be devoted toexamining the relationship between food insecurityand obesity. The session will also describe methodsand strategies to screen for food insecurity andcommunity, state, and federal resources for families.Deborah Frank, MD, FAAPAUDIENCE RESPONSE CASE DISCUSSION2:00pm – 3:30pmA2103 Shake, Rattle, and RollCCRepeats from A2045Convention Center, 25Sucheta Joshi, MD, MB, FAAP; Raman Sankar, MD, PhD, FAANA2104 Differential Diagnosis of ENTDisorders: You Make the CallCCRepeats from A1044Convention Center, 33Seth Pransky, MDA2105 PREP: Infectious Disease LiveConvention Center, 31As diagnostic and therapeutic options for the treatmentof infectious diseases in children continue tochange, general pediatricians often find themselvesseeking updated information about these issues.Using infectious disease case vignettes, thisactivity will address gaps in knowledge regardingthe diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of commoninfectious diseases seen in primary care,such as (but not limited to) infectious diarrhea,skin and soft-tissue infections, wound infections,tuberculosis, and vaccine preventable diseases.Gaps in knowledge regarding changes/updates invaccine recommendations will also be addressed.Ayesha Mirza, MD, FAAP; Angela Myers, MD, FAAPINTERACTIVE GROUP FORUM2:00pm – 3:30pmI2107 LGBTQ Issues for PracticingPediatriciansCCRepeats from I1050Convention Center, 7 BCharles Wibbelsman, MD, FAAPI2108 The Future of Pediatric Clinical Trials:The Critical Role of Patients and FamiliesConvention Center, 7 AAlthough clinical trials for new technologies andmedications are vital to advancing patient care,physicians may find it difficult to explain the importanceof these trials to their patients and theirfamilies. This session will provide an in-depth reviewof the challenges in advancing new technologiesand enhance the knowledge of attendees aboutthe importance of pediatric research and how thisresearch affects their daily practice. An emphasiswill be placed on the role played by families and howinvolvement in clinical trials can have a dramaticimpact not just in advancing medical care but alsoin improving outcomes for individual patients.Lindsey Elsaesser; Stephen Spielberg, MD, PhDI2109 Everything You Always Wantedto Know about Breastfeeding! BasicBreastfeeding Clinical Support SkillsConvention Center, 21This practical, case-based session will teach thepractitioner basic skills of assessing proper positioning,latch-on, and milk transfer. Breastfeedingmothers and babies will demonstrate breastfeedingtechniques and discuss how pediatric providerscan best support breastfeeding. Indications forthe use of breast pumps and ancillary feedingdevices will be reviewed, and these products willbe available for demonstration. Incorporatingbreastfeeding anticipatory guidance into pediatricpractice will be emphasized. Reimbursement forbreastfeeding support will also be covered.Michelle Brenner, MD, IBCLC, FAAP; Joan Meek, MD, MS, FAAPSEMINAR2:00pm – 3:30pmS2111 T Critical Cardiac ProblemsCommonly Missed in Office PracticeConvention Center, 30 ABCDelayed recognition of serious heart problems in childrenoften results in complications and death. Thissession will highlight five disorders commonly missedin office practice and will provide tools for earlyrecognition and management. Specific disorders willinclude critical left heart obstruction in the newborn,cyanotic heart defects with minimal cyanosis, dilatedcardiomyopathy, long QT syndrome and other channelopathies,and chronic tachycardia with tachycardia-inducedcardiomyopathy. Attendees will learn the appropriateroutes for referral and treatment options thatexist for their patients with these critical problems.Kevin Shannon, MD60 AAP National Conference & Exhibition • October 11–14, 2014 •$$ Tickets Required

OCTOBER 12SundayS2112 Probiotics, Prebiotics and Synbiotics:Which “Biotic” Is Appropriate for Children?CCRepeats from S1110Convention Center, 28 EMichael Cabana, MD, FAAPS2113 Evidence-Based and AlternativeTreatments for Autism Spectrum DisorderConvention Center, 24The medical home provides culturally sensitive,comprehensive, and coordinated care. Becausechildren with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) areprovided with multiple interventions, some of whichthe family and clinician may not agree on, it is importantfor the primary care provider to have the skillsto collaborate with families in an effective fashion.The use of decision aids is one approach that willbe reviewed. This methodology is useful when theevidence for interventions is not sufficient for aspecific indicated recommendation to be made. Thesession will explore current complementary therapiespopular for ASD and approaches to collaborativecare that can be used in the medical home.Lynn Cole, MS; Susan Levy, MD, MPH, FAAPS2114 A The Child with RecurrentInfections: When to Worry and What to Do➤➤Repeats as S3056Convention Center, 30 DEInfections are common during childhood. This seminarwill discuss how to identify the child who haseither too many infections or infections that suggestan underlying immunodeficiency. Faculty will reviewthe expected number and types of infection, expectedcourse of the usual infections, and pathogens thatshould raise concerns. This session will also discussthe immunologic evaluation for children: which testsare appropriate in the general pediatric office andwhich should be done by an immunologist.Stuart Abramson, MD, PhD, FAAP; Margaret Fisher, MD, FAAPS2115 My Head Is Going to Explode:Migraines and Its VariantsConvention Center, 29 CDHeadache is so common in children, but whenis it a migraine? Learn to rule out worrisomeheadaches, diagnose migraines, and executea sound treatment plan. And realize that manythings you thought weren’t migraine really are!Come learn from these headache cases.Paul Fisher, MD, FAAP; Thomas Koch, MD, FAAN, FAAPS2116 T What to Do With the Limping Child:Orthopaedic and Rheumatologic Perspectives➤➤Repeats as S3058Convention Center, 27This session is designed to teach the participant howto recognize abnormal gait patterns, appropriatelyassess the limping child, generate a differential diagnosis,and determine when referral to a subspecialistis necessary and which subspecialist is appropriate.Michael Henrickson, MD, MPH, FAAP; Kit Song, MD, FAAOSS2117 Neurodevelopmental Disorders:Navigating the DSM-5CCRepeats from S2052Convention Center, 28 ABRobin Hansen, MD, FAAPWORKSHOP2:00pm – 3:30pmW2119 T THands-on Examination ofShoulder and Elbow➤➤Repeats as W2155Convention Center, 11 AFaculty will provide a brief presentation on the anatomyand examination of the shoulder and elbow,including a demonstration of each component ofthe examination. Participants will then pair up andpractice examining each other’s shoulder and elbowwhile the faculty evaluates them. Sleeveless shirtsor tank tops are recommended for participants.Alex Diamond, DO, MPH, FAAP; Andrew Gregory, MD,FACSM, FAAPW2120 Emergencies in the Office:Are YouTReady?➤➤Repeats as W2154Convention Center, 11 BAll pediatricians need to understand and be able to performbasic lifesaving procedures. These events are rareand pediatricians require review and updates so that theycan maintain the knowledge and equipment necessary toperform these procedures. This hands-on workshop willprovide an alternative format suitable for the pediatricianwho wants a basic review and updates on these skills.Joshua Nagler, MD, FAAP; Lise Nigrovic, MD, MPH, FAAPSECTION/COUNCIL PROGRAM2:00pm – 5:00pmH2091 Section on Epidemiology, PublicHealth, and Evidence ProgramThe Pharmacoepidemiology ofPsychotropic Drugs During Childhood:Implications for the FutureHilton Bayfront, 2062:00pm2:05pm2:45pm2:55pm3:35pm3:45pm4:30pm4:50pmIntroduction and OverviewModerators: Alex Kemper, MD, MPH, MS,FAAP; Charles Woods, MD, MS, FAAPPsychotropic Med Use and Misusein ChildrenRichard Wasserman, MD, FAAPQuestion & Answer SessionSolutions for Appropriate Use ofPsychotropic Meds in ChildrenAnne Zajicek, MD, PharmD, FAAPQuestion & Answer SessionFoundation for Better Diagnosis ofPediatric Behavioral Issues: EBMReview of Diagnostic Test BasicsCharles Woods, MD, MS, FAAPOverall DiscussionSOEp Business MeetingSELECTED SHORT SUBJECT3:00pm – 3:45pmF2122 Addressing Mental Health Concernsin Primary CareCCRepeats from F1156Convention Center, 29 ABRebecca Baum, MD, FAAPF2123 Anemia in Children: Iron Deficiencyand BeyondCCRepeats from F2069Convention Center, 32George Buchanan, MD, FAAPF2124 Lumps and Bumps in ChildrenCCRepeats from F1155Convention Center, 26Jeffrey Sugarman, MD, PhDF2125 Responding to Dental Traumain the Pediatric Office➤➤Repeats as F3126Convention Center, 9This session will focus on dental trauma, bothintentional and accidental, including trauma as aresult of sports participation. Attendees will learnto appreciate the need for immediate responseto the dental trauma, particularly when it comesto time-sensitive need for management thatmight affect the outcome and tooth survival.Martha Ann Keels, DDS, PhDF2126 T Severe Obesity in YoungChildren: Big Problems for Little OnesCCRepeats from F1068Convention Center, 10Elsie Taveras, MD, FAAPSELECTED SHORT SUBJECT4:00pm – 4:45pmF2128 Below the Curve: DiagnosingMalnutrition in Your Office➤➤Repeats as F4017Convention Center, 10This session will review the data concerningthe actual incidence of malnutrition in pediatricpatients. The development and literaturethat guided the creation of the new pediatricmalnutrition definition will be presented and thenapplied through several case presentations.Mark Corkins, MD, FAAPDAILY SCHEDULE SUN$$ Sports Tickets in the Required World of PediatricsSpanish/English Interpretation AAP National Conference & Exhibition • October 11–14, 2014 • 61

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