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Monday Plenary

Monday Plenary Sessions10:30am – 12:15pmConvention Center, Ballroom 20Moderator:Barbara Cromer, MD, FAAPNational Conference & Exhibition Planning GroupMember10:30am – 10:50amP3074 Christopherson Lecture:Child Deaths and Money—UnevenDistributionsHans Rosling, MD, PhDThe founder of shows that theworld might not be as bad as you might believe!Gapminder promotes sustainable global developmentby increased use and understanding ofstatistics and other information about social andeconomic development. This session will reviewpast, present, and future trends of child mortalityand its major determinants. Attendees will betterunderstand how to fight ignorance with a factbasedworldview that everyone can understand.CCAlso presenting at H202510:50am – 11:10amP3075 Addiction and the Brain: WhatYou Need to KnowNora Volkow, MDRecent advances in neuroscience have radicallyaltered our understanding of addictionas a neurologic disorder as opposed to apredominantly deviant behavior. This presentationwill review the current model of theneurologic basis of addiction, particularlyfor marijuana. This information is criticalfor practicing clinicians as they increasinglyimplement the medical home approach to carewith their patients and families for managingbehavioral and mental health disorders.11:10am-11:30amP3076 Where There Is No Psychiatrist:A Method for Addressing the Needsof Underserved Communities UsingTelebehavioral HealthJane Oski, MD, MPH, FAAPThe new morbidities of mental health andbehavioral health pose a challenge for allpediatricians and others who care for childrenand their families, especially in rural andmedically underserved communities. Thispresentation will describe how telebehavioralhealth technology can support innovativemodels of care in addressing behavioral healthshortages in specific populations. Solutionsthat have addressed these issues in theircommunities and other rural and medicallyunderserved communities will be addressed.11:30am-11:50amP3077 Safely Doing Less: A Solution tothe Epidemic of Overuse in HealthcareAlan Schroeder, MD, FAAPThe United States spends more on healthcarethan any other country in the world, yet ouroutcomes do not reflect our immense expenditures.Unnecessary tests and treatments arenot only wasteful, but they can harm patients.This session will identify examples of overusein pediatrics, explore some of the drivers ofunnecessary care, and propose solutions.11:50am-12:10pmP3078 Economics of Poverty in ChildrenJanet Currie, PhDFifty years after President Johnson initiated the“War on Poverty,” the nation has made greatstrides in terms of reducing child malnutrition,morbidity, and mortality. 1 in 5 children stilllive in poverty, and poor children continue toexperience negative health and educationaloutcomes relative to other children, which, inturn, may have dire consequences for our futureworkforce. This session will discuss the evidenceregarding the effectiveness of good-quality earlychildhood education for disadvantaged childrenand how that investment can reap extraordinarydividends through higher worker productivity,reduced crime and less government assistance.This type of investment should become atop economic priority for policymakers.64AAP National Conference & Exhibition • October 11–14, 2014 •

OCTOBER 13 MondayMondayHIGHLIGHTS7:00am – 8:00am Meet-the-Expert Discussions7:30am – 8:30am8:30am – 10:00am10:00am – 2:00pm10:30am – 12:15pm12:30pm – 1:30pm2:00pm – 5:45pmAAP Friends of Children Fund5K Fun Run & WalkEducational SessionsExhibit Hall OpenLAST CHANCE TO VISITPlenary SessionsAnnual Business LuncheonEducational SessionsDAILY SCHEDULE MON$$ Tickets RequiredAAP National Conference & Exhibition • October 11–14, 2014 • 65

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