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Monday OCTOBER 13MEET-THE-EXPERT-DISCUSSION7:00am – 8:00amX3003 A Call to Action: Child Exploitationand Sex Trafficking in the United StatesConvention Center, 28 CDAn expert in child exploitation and sex traffickingwill discuss the newest data and policy recommendationsin this area, with an opportunityto discuss with audience members how theycan work in their communities to help.Ellen Clayton, MD, JD, FAAPX3004 Birthmarks: Red, White, Blue, andBrown➤➤Repeats as X4052Convention Center, 30 ABCThis session will provide an overview of birthmarks:red (nevus flammeus, capillary malformations [e.g.port-wine stains], infantile hemangioma); brown(café-au-lait macules, congenital melanocyticnevus); blue (blue nevus, Mongolian spot); andwhite (nevus anemicus, nevus depigmentosus).Sheila Friedlander, MD, FAAPX3005 Communicating Vaccine Science tothe Public➤➤Repeats as X4003Convention Center, 33This session will discuss vaccine controversies,communicating about them to the public, andthe importance of such communication.Paul Offit, MD, FAAPX3006 Fired for Using Facebook: Law,Ethics, and Professionalism in the Use ofSocial MediaConvention Center, 29 CDThis session will explore the increased use ofsocial media by residents, pediatricians as wellas hospitals and pediatric practices. The positiveuses of social media as a means to connect withpatients and families will be discussed. The focuswill then shift to identify a number of professionalliability risks with the use of social media, includingan overview of new Health Insurance Portability andAccountability Act (HIPAA) requirements as well asthe ethics of privacy and boundary issues withinthe physician-patient relationship. An emphasis willbe placed on real cases of physicians and otherhealthcare professionals who have been fired anddisciplined by state medical boards as a result ofsocial media use. The remainder of the sessionwill present ways to minimize professional liabilityrisk related to the use of social media, including adiscussion of the AMA Code of Medical Ethics Opinion9.124 – Professionalism in the Use of Social Media.Jon Fanaroff, MD, JD, FAAPX3007 A Jaundice: Sometimes MoreThan Yellow! When to Look Harder➤➤Repeats as X4055Convention Center, 30 DEThis session will use didactic lecture and casepresentation to discuss the impact of jaundice frommetabolic, surgical, infectious, and other causes onneonatal morbidity and mortality, including respiratory,metabolic, feeding, and neurodevelopmentalissues. There will be a special focus on how todifferentiate these issues, and an emphasis placedon providing appropriate follow-up to minimize therisk of rehospitalization and ongoing morbidity.Vinod Bhutani, MD, FAAPX3008 How Does the Media Affect Childrenand Adolescents?Convention Center, 9Pediatricians often don’t ask about media use, yetkids spend 7 to 11 hours/day with a variety of media.Media can have a wide-ranging influence on a numberof health concerns—aggression, obesity, eatingdisorders, substance abuse, attention-deficit disorder,and depression. Clinicians who take care of childrenand teenagers need to be aware of how powerfulthe influence of the media can be on key healthissues in young people. In addition, new technologyhas brought new and urgent concerns about mediaimpact—cyberbullying, sexual exploitation, socialnetworking, and sexting. New research is just nowilluminating features of all of these health risks. Thissession will explore these media effects and suggestsolutions and interventions to mitigate the impact.Edward Donnerstein, PhDX3009 Management of Apparent LifeThreatening EventsCCRepeats from X1003Convention Center, 28 ABJoel Tieder, MD, MPH, FAAPX3010 ICD-10 Is More Than a Four LetterWord➤➤Repeats as X4054Convention Center, 29 ABThis session will provide an overview of theInternational Classification of Diseases, 10thRevision, Clinical Modification (ICD-10-CM)as well as suggestions for efficient practiceimplementation of the new nomenclature.Jeffrey Linzer, MD, FACEP, FAAPX3011 Meet Your Radiology Expert:A “Glowing” Experience➤➤Repeats as X4006Convention Center, 10Much of pediatric radiology in many areas of thecountry is provided by nonpediatric–trained radiologists,and pediatricians may have various generalquestions regarding the appropriate use of differentimaging modalities in children. In this interactiveforum, cases will be discussed and questionsanswered concerning the “as low as reasonablyachievable” (ALARA) principle, the Image Gentlycampaign, and general guidelines regarding theappropriate use of ultrasound, fluoroscopy, computedtomography (CT), and magnetic resonanceimaging (MRI). An open forum will be provided forquestions and answers from audience members.Donald Frush, MD, FAAPX3012 T What Can I Take, Doc? Updateon Performance Enhancement andNutritional Supplements in Athletes➤➤Repeats as X4010Convention Center, 31This session will provide an introduction to theprevalence and the patterns of use of performanceenhancing and nutritional substances in the pediatricpopulation. Faculty will review ergogenic aid andnutritional supplement use by adolescent athletes.This will focus on those substances in most commonuse, as well as “emerging” substances that appearto be increasing in interest and popularity. Discussionwill occur on how to screen athletes at risk for useof performance-enhancing substances during thehistory and physical examination and how to counselpatients and parents against the use of ergogenicaids; the emphasis will be on conveying establishedmeans for maximizing performance in young athletes.Tracy Zaslow, MD, FAAPSpecial Event (Not Designated for CME Credit)T7:30am – 8:30amAAP Friends of Children 5k Fun Run& WalkHilton Bayfront ParkJoin runners and walkers in the 8th annualFun Run & Walk benefiting the AAP Friends ofChildren Fund. Suggested donations for entrybegin at $25 per family to participate. Conferenceparticipants will receive a commemorative T-shirt.Please meet on the lawn between the SanDiego Convention Center and the HiltonBayfront for our run along the waterfront.Supported by Abbott Nutrition, GEICO, Nursery Water66 AAP National Conference & Exhibition • October 11–14, 2014 •$$ Tickets Required

OCTOBER 13 MondayCOURSE7:30am – 6:00pmC3017 Course on Neonatal andPediatricTCritical Care Transport Medicine:Day 1Grooming the Next Generation of TransportLeadersHilton Bayfront, Indigo Ballroom CG7:30am8:00am8:05am8:15am9:15am10:15am10:30am12:00pm2:15pm3:15pm4:15pm4:30pmContinental BreakfastWelcome and Opening RemarksHamilton Schwartz, MD, FAAP, CourseDirectorAn Update on Section-SponsoredPublicationsKeith Meyer, MD, FAAP; Robert Insoft, MD,FAAPPlenary: Legal Risk Controversies inTransportLinda Hines, RN, JDPlenary: High-Stakes NegotiationTechniquesMorning BreakBreakoutsClinical (45 minute sessions repeated once)This Patient Needs Your Help Now: X-RaysThat Require InterventionMichael Bigham, MD, FAAP; MichaelTrautman, MD, FAAPDeveloping Electronic Medical RecordSystems for Use on TransportTeresa Merk, RNLeadership (45 minute sessions repeatedonce)Understanding Business Contracts andWorking with VendorsLinda Hines, RN, JDFinancial Lingo for People Who HateMath but Love MoneyMichael Meyer, MD, FAAPPractical (90 minute session)The Difficult Airway in Transport: A Hands-On WorkshopElizabeth Berg, BSN; Jamie Schwartz, MD,FAAPLunch BreakPlenary: Update on National QualityMetrics ProjectMichael Bigham, MD, FAAPPanel Discussion: Obstacles andSuccesses Using Quality MetricsMichael Bigham, MD, FAAP; Shelly Marino,MHA; Tammy Rush, RN; Garry Sitler, RRTAfternoon BreakBreakouts6:00pmTransport Potpourri: Question & AnswerSession with Audience Response System(ARS)Hamilton Schwartz, MD, FAAPLeadership (45 minute sessions repeated once)Identifying Risks and DevelopingMitigation Strategies:Linda Hines, RN, JDRepairing the Dysfunctional Team:Introduction to Team DynamicsSara SmithPractical (90 minute session)The Difficult Airway in Transport:A Hands-On WorkshopElizabeth Berg, BSN; Jamie Schwartz, MD, FAAPAdjourn➤➤See also H2087 & C4013SEMINAR8:00am – 10:00amS3019 Meet the Redbook CommitteeConvention Center, 24This presentation provides an update of activities(Policy Statements, Clinical Reports, and TechnicalReports) published or under consideration bythe AAP Committee on Infectious Diseases.Most, but not all, topics are vaccine related.Michael Brady, MD, FAAP; Carrie Byington, MD, FAAP;Yvonne Maldonado, MD, FAAP; Mark Sawyer, MD, FAAPSECTION/COUNCIL PROGRAMS8:00am – 10:00amH3021 Section on Gastroenterology,Hepatology & Nutrition ProgramGI PotpourriMarriott Marquis, Marriott Hall 58:00am IntroductionLeo Heitlinger, MD, FAAP8:05am New Treatments for Hepatitis B andHepatitis CPhilip Rosenthal, MD, FAAP8:55am New Treatments for Celiac DiseaseMichelle Pietzak, MD9:45am Discussion: Question & Answer Session10:00am Adjourn8:00am – 11:00amH3023 Section on Radiology ProgramEmergent Abdominal Imaging in Pediatrics:Evidence-Based Diagnosis and TreatmentMarriott Marquis, PresidioModerator: Maria-Gisela Mercado-Deane, MD, FAAP8:00am Emergency USArnold Carl Merrow, MD9:00am Evidence-Based Diagnosis andTreatment of IntussusceptionSarah Milla, MD, FAAP10:00am Evidence-Based Diagnosis ofAppendicitisEllen Benya, MD8:00am – 12:00pmH3024 Council on Community PediatricsProgramMeeting the Needs of Immigrant Childrenand FamiliesHilton Bayfront, 204 B8:00am8:15am8:45am9:15am9:45am10:00am10:15am10:45am11:15am12:00pmWelcomeWilliam Cotton, MD, FAAPKey Concepts and Trends inImmigrant HealthFernando Mendoza, MD, FAAPCaring for Immigrant Children withSpecial Health Care NeedsWendy Hobson-Rohrer, MD, FAAPDevelopment of a Medical Home forImmigrant and Refugee ChildrenAndrea Green, MD, FAAPQuestion and Answer SessionBreakProviding Culturally and LinguisticallyEffective CareJoan Jeung, MD, FAAPDeveloping a Medical LegalPartnership for Immigrant FamiliesGena Lewis, MD, FAAPQuestion and Answer SessionAdjournDAILY SCHEDULE MONClinical (45 minute sessions repeated once)Lessons Learned from Child Life:Alleviating Patient AnxietyStephanie Hopkinson, MA, CCLS$$ Sports Tickets in the Required World of PediatricsSpanish/English Interpretation AAP National Conference & Exhibition • October 11–14, 2014 • 67

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