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Monday OCTOBER 138:00am

Monday OCTOBER 138:00am – 12:00pmH3027 Section on Pediatric Pulmonology& Sleep Medicine ProgramIs Anything More Important Than a GoodNight’s Sleep?Marriott Marquis, Marina Ballroom Salon GModerator: John Colombo, MD, FAAP8:00am IntroductionJohn Colombo, MD, FAAP8:10am Don’t Sleep—Won’t Sleep—A Primeron Infant and Toddler SleepJyoti Krishna, MD, FAAP8:45am Why Should We Evaluate Snoring inChildrenLeila Kheirandish-Gozal, MD9:30am ADHD and SleepJudith Owens, MD, FAAP10:15am Break10:30am The Role of CPAP in PediatricObstructive Sleep ApneaLeila Kheirandish-Gozal, MD11:15am Sleepless in San Diego: Hypnosisfor the Treatment of Insomnia andParasomnias in ChildrenRan Anbar, MD, FAAP12:00pm Adjourn8:00am – 12:00pmH3028 Section on Clinical Pharmacology& Therapeutics ProgramPediatric Therapeutics Update andPolypharmacy in ChildrenHilton Bayfront, 4008:00am8:15am9:15am10:15am10:30am11:30amWelcome and IntroductionsRichard Gorman, MD, FAAP (Moderator)Pediatric Therapeutics UpdatePhillip Smith, MD, FAAPPolypharmacy and the Child WithComplex/Chronic ConditionsVirginia Keane, MD, FAAPBreakPediatric Psychotropic Polypharmacy:Too Much, Too Soon?Adelaide Robb, MDNewborn PolypharmacyRobert Ward, MD, FCP, FAAP8:00am – 12:45pmH3029 Council on Injury, Violence, andPoison Prevention ProgramMarriott Marquis, Marriott Hall 6Moderators: Joseph O’Neil, MD, MPH, FAAP; BenjaminHoffman, MD, FAAP8:00am We Are What We See: Violence in theMedia, and What We Can Do About ItPanelists: COL Jeffrey Hutchinson, MD,FAAP; Tessa Jolls; Donald Shifrin, MD, FAAPModerator: Benjamin Hoffman, MD, FAAP10:00am Break10:15am Abstract Session I: Top Abstracts10:45am Council Business Meeting and FellowAchievement Award PresentationAward Recipient: M. Denise Dowd, MD,MPH, FAAP11:15am Scientific Abstract Session II andPoster Presentations12:00pm Poster Viewing Session8:00am – 3:15pmH3031 Section on Breastfeeding ProgramUpdate on Selected Topics in BreastfeedingMarriott Marquis, Marriott Hall 18:00am Welcome/Introductions/BusinessMeetingModerator: Natasha Sriraman, MD, MPH,FAAP8:15am What’s HOT in Breastfeeding! Articles,Social Media & More!Richard Schanler, MD, FAAP9:15am Uninterrupted Skin-to-Skin (S2S): The4th StepRaylene Phillips, MD, FAAP10:00am Break10:15am Safety Concerns DuringImplementation of the Ten Steps: FirstDo No HarmLori Feldman-Winter, MD, MPH, FAAP11:00am Abstract Podium PresentationsModerator: Natasha Sriraman, MD, MPH,FAAP12:00pm Section Abstract Awards12:15pm Break for Lunch12:30pm Section Luncheon & Keynote Speakers:Legislative Update on CaliforniaBreastfeeding LawKaren Farley, RD, IBCLC, California WICAssociation1:30pm Neonatal Abstinence SyndromeMark Hudak, MD, FAAP2:15pm Breastfeeding Support: The Insurer’sResponsibilityTodd Wolynn, MD, MMM, FAAP3:15pm AdjournSELECTED SHORT SUBJECT8:30am – 9:15amF3037 T Amplified Musculoskeletal Pain:Diagnosis, Approach, and ManagementCCRepeats from F2071Convention Center, 28 ABCara Hoffart, DO, FAAPF3038 Noisy Breathing in Infants andChildren: How Worried Should You Be?Convention Center, 30 ABCThis session will provide attendees with a comprehensivecase-based approach to infants andchildren presenting with noisy breathing.Matthew Brigger, MD, MPHF3039 Appropriate Recognition andManagement of Anaphylaxis➤➤Repeats as F3117Convention Center, 26This session will review the proper recognitionand management of anaphylactic reactionsthat may present to a pediatrician’s office.Mitchell Lester, MD, FAAPF3040 Shall We Dance? Practical Strategiesfor Comanaging Emotional/BehavioralProblems with Mental Health (Providers)Convention Center, 9This session will present resources for comanagementand web-based resources to identifydevelopmental-behavioral subspecialists and reviewexamples of successful comanagement strategiesfor youth with developmental-behavioral disorders.Cases will be presented that differentiate betweenchildren who can be managed without subspecialtyreferral; children who can be managed with phoneconsultation from a subspecialist; children whorequire an initial diagnostic assessment with asubspecialist, but who can then be managed by theprimary pediatric health care provider (with subspecialtyre-consultation as needed); and children whoshould be primarily managed by the subspecialist.Rebecca Baum, MD, FAAPF3041 I’ve Got Your Back: Sacral Dimples,Tufts, and Other Spine ProblemsConvention Center, 10Identifying a dimple, tuft, or other lesion on aninfant or child’s back can lead to anxiety andlots of tests. Come hear our expert discussthese issues so you can appropriately counselfamilies and order tests, if indicated.Michael Partington, MD, FAAP68 AAP National Conference & Exhibition • October 11–14, 2014 •$$ Tickets Required

OCTOBER 13 MondayF3042 T The Great Outdoors for Kids:Outdoor Life SportsConvention Center, 8This interactive session will combine a didacticpresentation of common issues in outdoor lifesports with a Q&A section. It will include a reviewof surfing, mountain biking, kayaking, rock climbing,and SCUBA diving. Appropriate injury preventionrecommendations will be reviewed with an opportunityfor audience discussion. At the conclusionof this session, the participants should feel morecomfortable in providing comprehensive care(evaluation, treatment, and prevention) for commoninjuries encountered in specific outdoor sports.Andrew Gregory, MD, FACSM, FAAPAUDIENCE RESPONSE CASE DISCUSSION8:30am – 10:00amA3045 Genetic and Metabolic Unknowns:How Many Do You Recognize?➤➤Repeats as A4023Convention Center, 31This interactive session will focus on the cardinalfindings and medical history for which pediatriciansshould consider a variety of genetic and metabolicdiagnoses with an emphasis on those conditionsthat are now known to be relatively common.Christopher Cunniff, MD, FAAP; Shawn McCandless, MDA3046 T Staying Out of Trouble withFractures and Sprains: What Can I Do inMy Office?➤➤Repeats as A3134Convention Center, 33This is a discussion of multiple cases that illustratecommon fractures seen in children of various ages.The faculty will alternate presenting cases to theaudience with Q&A interaction for each case presented.Short didactic teaching points will be includedin the summary of each case. Pearls and pitfalls toremember will be emphasized, along with a reviewof the treatment of simple fractures in the primarycare setting. There will be time at the end of thesession for general questions about fracture care.Henry Chambers, MD, FAAP; Ellen Raney, MD, FAAPA3047 Visual Diagnosis: In the Clinic, theHospital, and the Emergency Room➤➤Repeats as A4024Convention Center, 25Compare skills with fellow clinicians while exploringreal case presentations of common and uncommondiseases in infants, children, and adolescentsseen in the clinic, the hospital, and the emergencyroom. Digitized video, graphic, and audio recordingswill augment case presentations. This sessionwill reaffirm the clinician’s role as diagnostician.Michael Cabana, MD, FAAP; Joseph Zenel, MD, FAAPINTERACTIVE GROUP FORUM8:30am – 10:00amI3049 Intrauterine Drug Exposure: What’s aPediatrician to Do?➤➤Repeats as I4027Convention Center, 7 BThis session will review neonatal complications thatcan occur following in utero exposure to prescriptionand illegal drugs. There will be a focus on recognizingthe drugs that can affect the fetus, including maternalantidepressants. Discussion will center on identifyingsigns of neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS),developing treatment protocols, and addressing thesocial and legal issues involved with babies bornto mothers using opiates during their pregnancy.Karen Buchi, MD, FAAP; Robert Ward, MD, FCP, FAAPI3050 Providing Oral Health Services in theMedical HomeCCRepeats from I2049Convention Center, 7 AMelinda Clark, MD, FAAP; Martha Ann Keels, DDS, PhDSEMINARS8:30am – 10:00amS3052 Behavioral Screening andManagement in Primary CareCCRepeats from S1145Convention Center, 28 ENathan Blum, MD, FAAP; Catherine Riley, MDS3053 T Obesity Complications in thePediatric Office: It’s Not Just for InternistsAnymore!➤➤Repeats as S4094Convention Center, 29 ABThis session will review the screening and trackingof cardiometabolic comorbidities (hypertension,dyslipidemia, prediabetes, nonalcoholic fatty liverdisease [NAFLD]), mental health conditions, andorthopedic and respiratory conditions. Faculty willalso address thresholds for referral, identifying andconsidering drug therapy choices, and indicationsfor referral to bariatric surgery. Postsurgical andlong-term complications will also be addressed.Thomas Inge, MD, PhD, FAAP; Jeffrey Schwimmer, MDS3054 A Prediabetes or Type 2: How toDetermine What to DoConvention Center, 30 DEThis session will familiarize the pediatrician with themanagement of newly diagnosed type 2 diabetesmellitus (T2DM) and review the guidelines forscreening and diagnosis of prediabetes and T2DM.Using illustrative cases, the audience will learnhow to distinguish T2DM from impaired glucosetolerance or impaired fasting blood sugar or stresshyperglycemia; determine the seriousness, acuity,and urgency of each case; and take the appropriatesteps for referral and office management.Jane Kim, MDS3055 T Return to Play: Strategiesfor Returning to the Classroom after aConcussion➤➤Repeats as S4035Convention Center, 29 CDRecent emphasis has been made on the appropriateways for a student to return to sports after a concussion.Focus will be on appropriate strategies to makeacademic accommodations for the student with aconcussion and the neuropsychological effects of aconcussion. Discussion will also involve recognizingbarriers and comorbidities that may become prominentduring the student’s return to cognitive activity.Mark Halstead, MD, FAAP; Kelsey Logan, MD, MPH, FAAPS3056 The Child with Recurrent Infections:When to Worry and What to DoCCRepeats from S2114Convention Center, 32Stuart Abramson, MD, PhD, FAAP; Margaret Fisher, MD,FAAPS3057 What’s New in AdolescentReproductive Health: Long-Acting ReversibleContraception and Pap Smear GuidelinesCCRepeats from S2150Convention Center, 28 CDPaula Hillard, MDS3058 T What to Do With the LimpingChild: Orthopaedic and RheumatologicPerspectivesCCRepeats from S2116Convention Center, 27Michael Henrickson, MD, MPH, FAAP; Kit Song, MD, FAAOSWORKSHOP8:30am – 10:00amW3061 T TCasting and SplintingWorkshop➤➤Repeats as W3112Convention Center, 11 BCommon fractures and injuries that can be initiallystabilized or treated definitively in a generalpediatric practice will be presented. Specific splintsand casts, immobilization devices, slings, andbraces will be demonstrated by a variety of faculty.Hands-on application by each participant, with facultysupervision and feedback, of upper extremity splintsand casts as well as lower extremity splints will becovered. Sufficient Q&A time will be provided.Anthony Riccio, MD, FAAP; Richard Schwend, MD, FAAPDAILY SCHEDULE MON$$ Sports Tickets in the Required World of PediatricsSpanish/English Interpretation AAP National Conference & Exhibition • October 11–14, 2014 • 69

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