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Monday OCTOBER 13W3062

Monday OCTOBER 13W3062 Spirometry Workshop: When andHow to Use and How to InterpretCCRepeats from W1063Convention Center, 11 AJohn Kelso, MD, FAAPSECTION/COUNCIL PROGRAMS8:30am – 12:00pmH3025 Provisional Section on Lesbian,Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Healthand Wellness ProgramChildren and Gender Variance:Supporting Families Through UncertaintyHilton Bayfront, Sapphire Ballroom P8:30am WelcomeLynn Hunt, MD, FAAP, Chair of PSOLGBTHW8:40am The Presentation and Challenges ofGender Variance in Young ChildrenIlana Sherer, MD, FAAP9:25am Addressing Clinical and Social Needs ofAdolescents With Gender DysphoriaHenry Ng, MD, MPH, FAAP10:05am Break10:20am Helping Families Support GenderVariant Children: Ideas for Home andSchoolEdgardo Menvielle, MD11:05am Panel Discussion: Successful Strategiesfor Working With Schools and theMedical HomeModerator: Lynn Hunt, MD, FAAPParticipants: Edgardo Menvielle, MD;Henry Ng, MD, MPH, FAAP; Ilana Sherer,MD, FAAP, and local parents11:45am Section Business Meeting12:00pm Adjourn8:30am – 12:00pmH3033 Joint Program: Section on CriticalCare and Section on Hospital MedicinePost-Intensive Care Syndrome (PICS): AreThey Really OK When They Leave the ICU?Hilton Bayfront, Sapphire Ballroom KLModerator: Laura Ibsen, MD, FAAP8:30am PICS: What Is It and Why Should WeCare?John Straumanis, MD, FAAP9:20am The Effect of PICS on Families: Can WeImprove the Family’s Experience?Roger Nicome, MD, FAAP10:10am Break10:30am The Economic Cost of PICS: Can WeAfford to Not Pay Attention?Carly Riley, MD, MPP, FAAP11:20pm Panel Discussion and Wrap-up8:30am – 3:45pmH3034 Council on Foster Care, Adoptionand Kinship Care ProgramMarriott Marquis, Marriott Hall 28:30am8:40am9:30am9:40am10:30am10:40am10:50am11:40am11:50am12:00pm1:30pm2:00pm2:50pm3:00pm3:20pm3:45pmWelcome/AnnouncementsSection Chair: Moira Szilagyi, MD, PhD,FAAPModerator: Lisa Nalven, MD, MA, FAAPHelping Families Discuss DifficultHistories in AdoptionSarah Springer, MD, FAAPQuestion & Answer SessionStrategies for Caretakers of ChildrenWho Have Been Exposed to ToxicStressHeather Forkey, MD, FAAPQuestion & Answer SessionBreakDiagnosis and Treatment of UnusualMedical and Developmental Issues inFoster Care and AdoptionElaine Schulte, MD, MPH, FAAPQuestion & Answer SessionBreakBusiness Lunch and ChapterPresentations/DiscussionPresentation of the COFCAKC Awardfor Lifetime Advocacy on Behalf ofVulnerable ChildrenRecipient: Thomas Tonniges, MD, FAAP“Models in Foster Care Clinics: GettingStarted.”Moira Szilagyi, MD, PhD, FAAP; LindaSagor, MD, MPH, FAAPQuestion & Answer SessionAbstract PresentationsModerator: Linda Sagor, MD, MPH, FAAPA Foster Care Medical Home Model forChildren in out of Home CareLisa Zetley, MDHealth of Children Adopted from HaitiJudith Eckerle, MDAdjourn9:00am – 12:00pmH3064 Council on Environmental HealthProgramImportant Topics in Environmental HealthMarriott Marquis, Delmar9:00am Welcome9:05am Sustainable Pediatric EnvironmentsAparna Bole, MD, FAAP10:00am Low Level Lead: Handling a MovingTargetHelen Binns, MD, MPH, FAAP11:00am Annual Business Meeting9:00am – 5:00pmH3065 Council on Quality Improvementand Patient Safety ProgramMarriott Marquis, Marina Ballroom Salon FModerators: Laura Ferguson, MD, FAAP; GregRandolph, MD, MPH, FAAP9:00am Scientific Abstract SessionModerator: Laura Ferguson, MD, FAAP9:15am Abstracts10:30am Break10:45am Abstracts Continued12:00pm Poster Viewing Reception &Networking Session1:00pm Business Meeting & Presentationof Best Overall Abstract Award1:50pm Break2:00pm The Future of Pediatrics2:00pm Part 1: Future Direction of Qualityand Patient Safety: The Profession ofPediatrics and the Academy’s RoleThomas McInerny, MD, FAAP2:45pm Part 2: Payment, Reimbursement,and Beyond!Patrick Conway, MD, MSc, FAAP3:30pm Break3:45pm Part 3: New Challenges: AmbulatoryPatient SafetyGreg Randolph, MD, MPH, FAAP;Hsiang Yin, MD, FAAP5:00pm AdjournSELECTED SHORT SUBJECT9:30am – 10:15amF3067 Atopic Dermatitis Update➤➤Repeats as F4038Convention Center, 30 ABCParticipants will understand how to formulate anappropriate treatment plan for atopic dermatitisand when to refer. Participants will have an understandingof the Food and Drug Administration(FDA) labeling of the topical immunomodulators.Attendees will learn about new therapies as wellas ways in which to avoid allergic triggers.Sheila Friedlander, MD, FAAPF3068 Bleeding Disorders in Adolescentswith Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding:Whom to Study and What to Order?CCRepeats from F2099Convention Center, 26Guy Young, MD, FAAP70 AAP National Conference & Exhibition • October 11–14, 2014 •$$ Tickets Required

OCTOBER 13 MondayF3069 Pediatricians and Early Intervention:Practical, Collaborative IdeasConvention Center, 9Evidence shows value in supporting and coaching,focusing on functional opportunities for developmentin natural learning environments, and providing directmedical model treatment to a child and its role inservices delivered. Case-based didactic material andrelated discussion will show practical examples ofimplementation strategies. Systems from differentstates and geographical regions will be describedas examples to prompt discussion of strengthsand challenges in the participants’ service areas.Richard Adams, MD, FAAPF3070 Who Smokes Cigarettes in 2014:Populations at High Risk for Tobacco Useand What You Can Do to Help ThemConvention Center, 28 ABThe epidemiology of tobacco smoking and secondhandsmoke (SHS) exposure among the high-riskpopulations will be discussed, along with the theoreticalrationale for the high smoking rates in thesegroups. These include individuals with mental healthproblems; individuals who use substances such asmethadone; Native Americans and Alaskans; andlesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning(LGBTQ) adolescents and young adults. Industrypromotion to these groups will be explicitly discussedin the session. Using cases, the faculty will illustrateculturally aware methods to screen for tobacco useand SHS exposure, and form an effective tobaccotreatment plan for members of each of these groups.Rachel Grana, PhD, MPHF3071 Human Trafficking: HealthcareNeeds of Child VictimsConvention Center, 10The presentation will begin by defining importantterms related to commercial sexual exploitation, thendescribe the epidemiology and risk factors of childsex trafficking. Faculty will then focus on the healthcareneeds of victims, using information gleaned fromexisting medical research and acknowledging thelimitations of the research. The discussion will coverthe unique challenges associated with recognizingvictims, obtaining a comprehensive, relevant medicalhistory, and assessing and treating the myriad needsof victims. Recommendations for talking with children,completing comprehensive medical evaluations, andmaking appropriate referrals will be discussed.Jordan Greenbaum, MD10:00am – 2:00pmExhibit Hall OpenDon’t miss all the great attractions in the ExhibitHall including the AAP Resource Center authorsignings, product theater presentations, andhundreds of exhibitors.PLENARIESMonday Plenary Sessions10:30am – 12:15pmConvention Center, Ballroom 20Moderator:Barbara Cromer, MD, FAAPNational Conference & Exhibition Planning Group Member10:30am – 10:50amP3074 Christopherson Lecture: ChildDeaths and Money—Uneven DistributionsHans Rosling, MD, PhD10:50am – 11:10amP3075 Addiction and the Brain: What YouNeed to KnowNora Volkow, MD11:10am – 11:30amP3076 Where There Is No Psychiatrist:A Method for Addressing the Needsof Underserved Communities UsingTelebehavioral HealthJane Oski, MD, MPH, FAAP11:30am – 11:50amP3077 Safely Doing Less: A Solution tothe Epidemic of Overuse in HealthcareConvention Center, Ballroom 20Alan Schroeder, MD, FAAP11:50am – 12:10pmP3078 Economics of Poverty in ChildrenConvention Center, Ballroom 20Janet Currie, PhDSpecial Event (Not Designated for CME Credit)T12:30pm – 1:30pmAnnual Business LuncheonMarriott Marquis, San Diego BallroomThe Annual Business meeting of the AmericanAcademy of Pediatrics (AAP) will be chaired byPresident James M. Perrin, MD, FAAP. Attendeeswill hear Executive Director/CEO Errol R. Alden,MD, FAAP report on the state of the AAP.SECTION/COUNCIL PROGRAMS12:00pm – 2:00pmH3082 Section on Advances inTherapeutics and Technology ProgramResearch Abstract Program and Awardfor InnovationHilton Bayfront, 202 AModerator: Charles Thompson, MD, FAAP; Paul Wang,MD, FAAP12:00pm Welcome12:05pm Top Three Research PaperPresentations (podium)12:40pm Section Award Presentation1:00pm Research Poster Question & AnswerSession and Reception2:00pm Adjourn1:00pm – 5:00pmH3083 Joint Program: Section onBioethics and Section on InternationalChild HealthEthics and International Child Health:Altruism or Self-Interest? Striking a BalanceHilton Bayfront, 204 BModerators: Susan Townsend, MD, FAAP, ProgramChair, Section on Bioethics; Linda Arnold, MD, FAAP,Chair, Section on International Child Health1:00pm William G. Bartholome Award forEthical Excellence: Award Presentation& LectureDouglas Diekema, MD, MPH, FAAP1:30pm Why It Can Be Ethical to Do Researchin Other Countries Even Though theSame Research Could Not Be DoneEthically in the United StatesLainie Ross, MD, PhD, FAAP2:20pm Ethics and Provision of Clinical Care inthe Developing World: How to Do theRight Thing?Tracy Rabin, MD, FAAP3:10pm Break3:30pm Global Health Research withAdolescents at Risk of HIV Infection:Balancing Inclusion and Protection inLongitudinal Studies in Sub-SaharanAfricaJohn Santelli, MD, MPH, FAAP4:20pm Panel Discussion: Ethics and GlobalHealth: Striking a BalanceTracy Rabin, MD, FAAP; Lainie Ross, MD,PhD, FAAP; John Santelli, MD, MPH, FAAPDAILY SCHEDULE MON$$ Sports Tickets in the Required World of PediatricsSpanish/English Interpretation AAP National Conference & Exhibition • October 11–14, 2014 • 71

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