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Tuesday OCTOBER 14MEET-THE-EXPERT-DISCUSSION7:00am – 8:00amX4003 Communicating Vaccine Science tothe PublicCCRepeats from X3005Convention Center, 33Paul Offit, MD, FAAPX4004 A Down Syndrome UpdateConvention Center, 30 DEDown syndrome remains the most common cause ofintellectual disability, but can you manage all the healthneeds of a child with Down syndrome? Come hear thelatest advances, and understand the developmentaland neurologic issues central to Down syndrome.Keith Vaux, MDX4005 How Wii Can Kinect With Kids toBattle Pediatric Obesity: Is Exergamingthe Answer?Convention Center, 29 CDThis session will present information on videogames that require active movement by the playerto control the game to guide participants in how tointegrate such programs into their physical activityprescription for obese children. The presentationwill focus on information on how current active videogaming systems and games are controlled by theplayer’s own movements; current research on theeffect of active video games on physical activity,physical fitness, and weight control; and recommendationson utilizing exergaming as a methodto increase physical activity in obese children.Blaise Nemeth, MD, MS, FAAPX4006 Meet Your Radiology Expert: A“Glowing” ExperienceCCRepeats from X3011Convention Center, 29 ABDonald Frush, MD, FAAPX4007 T Bone Health in Children: Whento Worry and What to Do?Convention Center, 32Illustrative case studies will provide the springboardfor discussion on the systematic initial approach tothe clinical, biochemical, and radiologic evaluationof children with suspected metabolic bonedisease. The session will provide a perspectiveon when and for whom to order dual-energy x-rayabsorptiometry (DXA) scanning and discussthe appropriate interpretation of the results.Laura Bachrach, MD, FAAPX4008 Sleep-Disordered BreathingProblems of ChildrenCCRepeats from X2009Convention Center, 31 ABLeila Kheirandish-Gozal, MDX4009 The Business of Immunization:Protecting Kids and Your PracticeConvention Center, 28 CDProviding immunization services has the potentialto bankrupt practices if not managed properly.This session will provide attendees with practicalways to buy, deliver, and track vaccines so thatthey can be profitable for your practice.Herschel Lessin, MD, FAAPX4010 T What Can I Take, Doc? Updateon Performance Enhancement andNutritional Supplements in AthletesCCRepeats from X3012Convention Center, 30 ABCTracy Zaslow, MD, FAAPCOURSE7:30am – 12:00pmC4013 Course on Neonatal andPediatricTCritical Care Transport Medicine:Day 2Grooming the Next Generation of TransportLeadersHilton Bayfront, Indigo Ballroom CG7:30am8:00am8:15am9:15am10:45am11:00am12:00pmContinental BreakfastAnnouncements and Information on2016 CourseHoward Heiman, MD, FAAP, 2016 Course DirectorPlenary: The Latest in Goal-DirectedIdentification and Management of SepsisJoseph Carcillo, MDBreakoutsClinical (45 minute sessions repeated once)Toxicology and Poisonings for theTransport ProviderShan Yin, MD, MPH, FAAPLessons Learned from Difficult TransportsHoward Heiman, MD, FAAP; NicholasTsarouhas, MD, FAAPLeadership (45 minute sessions repeatedonce)What Is Strategic Planning and Why Is ItImportant for Transport?Sara SmithEnsuring the Clinical Competency of YourTeamAnne Ades, MD, FAAPPractical (90-minute session)The Difficult Airway in Transport: A Hands-On WorkshopElizabeth Berg, BSN; Jamie Schwartz, MD, FAAPMorning BreakPlenary: Difficult Conversations:Addressing Performance Issues in Friendsand ColleaguesSara SmithClosing Remarks and Adjourn➤➤See also H2087 & C3017SELECTED SHORT SUBJECT8:30am – 9:15amF4016 A Abdominal Pain: Diagnoses Notto MissCCRepeats from F3153Convention Center, 30 DETimothy Fairbanks, MDF4017 Below the Curve: DiagnosingMalnutrition in Your OfficeCCRepeats from F2128Convention Center, 27Mark Corkins, MD, FAAPF4018 Management of Animal and HumanBitesCCRepeats from F3089Convention Center, 28 CDJeffrey Starke, MD, FAAPPOINT-COUNTERPOINT8:30am – 9:30amD4037 Is There Any Indication for Use ofMedical Marijuana Products Outside ofClinical Trials in Children with Epilepsy?Convention Center, 30 ABCThe news has been filled with stories about the useof medical marijuana products in children. Parentswant to explore this medicinal option for their childrenwith seizures. Interestingly, this is one of therare times when the White House was petitionedto change the DEA schedule of a substance so itcan be used in clinical trials, a move supportedby physician groups. So what’s the big deal?The question is not quite as simple as it seemsbecause of the clinical context in which it is used.PRO: Colin Roberts, MDCON: Maria Roberta Cilio, MDAUDIENCE RESPONSE CASE DISCUSSION8:30am – 10:00amA4022 Common Problems in the NewbornNurseryCCRepeats from A3094Convention Center, 25 ABGilbert Martin, MD, FAAP; Warren Rosenfeld, MD, FAAPA4023 Genetic and Metabolic Unknowns:How Many Do You Recognize?CCRepeats from A3045Convention Center, 31 ABChristopher Cunniff, MD, FAAP; Shawn McCandless, MD78 AAP National Conference & Exhibition • October 11–14, 2014 •$$ Tickets Required

OCTOBER 14 TuesdayA4024 Visual Diagnosis: In the Clinic, theHospital, and the Emergency RoomCCRepeats from A3047Convention Center, 33Michael Cabana, MD, FAAP; Joseph Zenel, MD, FAAPINTERACTIVE GROUP FORUM8:30am – 10:00amI4027 Intrauterine Drug Exposure: What’s aPediatrician to Do?CCRepeats from I3049Convention Center, 21Karen Buchi, MD, FAAP; Robert Ward, MD, FCP, FAAPI4028 Special Diets and Supplements: AreThey Safe in Children?Convention Center, 31 CThis session will provide active participation,with attendees using case studies to discussthe importance of assessing vegetarian andvegan diets to ensure that a patient is receivingadequate nutrition. Case studies will demonstratecalculations of calories, protein, and othernutrients. Case studies will also demonstratecommon supplement usage by adolescents andcommon pros and cons of these products.Sanghamitra Misra, MD, FAAP; Ana Maria Verissimo, MD,MA, FAAPI4029 You, Too, Can Be a BreastfeedingGuru! Advanced Breastfeeding ClinicalSkillsConvention Center, 25 CThis interactive, case-based session will focuson breastfeeding in special situations, such aspremature infants, infants with oral/facial defects,or infants with genetic conditions, using actualbreastfeeding mothers and their babies/childrento facilitate the discussion. Clinical cases will bediscussed to illustrate specific points, and mother/baby dyads will participate as teaching assistants.Clinicians will learn how to function as the teamleader in coordinating care for the breastfeedinginfant with special needs. Problem solving willbe accomplished by audience participation withfaculty facilitation. Appropriate use of breastfeedingtechnology will be discussed and demonstrated.Michelle Brenner, MD, IBCLC, FAAP; Joan Meek, MD,MS, FAAPSEMINAR8:30am – 10:00amS4031 Antibiotic Update for thePediatricianCCRepeats from S3103Convention Center, 24John Bradley, MD, FAAPS4032 Intoeing and Outtoeing, Bowing andKnock Knees: Evaluation of RotationalLower Extremity Deformities in Children—Who Needs a Referral?CCRepeats from S3145Convention Center, 26John Anderson, MD, FAAP; Kathryn Keeler, MDS4033 I’ve Been Sued!! Now What Do I Do?Convention Center, 28 EThis session will review the many aspects andimplications of being named as a defendant in amedical liability law suit. Faculty will cover eachstep from the request for medical records, thecomplaint, the formation of the defense “team,”the discovery (depositions, etc), the trial (if thereis one), the result of the trial, the responses tothe result, the National Practitioner Data Bank, thesupport one can receive from colleagues, and thestress syndrome associated with all of the above,including recognition and management. Role play willbe used to show good and bad responses during adeposition. Time will be devoted to discussing andsharing experiences with the malpractice system.Jon Fanaroff, MD, JD, FAAP; William McDonnell, MD,JD, FAAPS4034 Precocious Sexual Development:When Should I Be Concerned?Convention Center, 28 ABThis session will review the recent publicationfrom the primary care network (PROS) andprovide a discussion from the perspective of anexpert in the field. Using illustrative cases, theparticipant will learn a systematic approach tothe patient with precocious sexual maturation.Karen Oerter Klein, MDS4035 T Return to Play: Strategiesfor Returning to the Classroom After aConcussionCCRepeats from S3055Convention Center, 29 CDMark Halstead, MD, FAAP; Kelsey Logan, MD, MPH, FAAPS4036 Complementary and AlternativeMedicine: Here to Stay, What to Do?Convention Center, 32This session will use a case-based format todescribe the current status of complementaryand alternative medical therapies in the pediatricpopulation, the scientific basis behind certainalternative medicine practices, such as acupuncture,homeopathy, chiropractic manipulation, anddietary supplements, and the ethical issues thatarise when working with families who wish to usecomplementary and alternative medicine eitheralone or in conjunction with conventional medicaltherapies in both the hospital and outpatientsettings. An ethical framework will be presentedto assist pediatricians in developing strategies tonegotiate a balance that protects the interests oftheir patients, while also preserving the family’s trustand demonstrating respect for the family’s values.Douglas Diekema, MD, MPH, FAAP; Paul Offit, MD, FAAPSELECTED SHORT SUBJECT9:30am – 10:15amF4038 Atopic Dermatitis UpdateCCRepeats from F3067Convention Center, 27Sheila Friedlander, MD, FAAPF4039 T Gym Shorts, Bullies, Time, andSweat: Why Aren’t Our Kids Active?CCRepeats from F3087Convention Center, 28 CDStephen Daniels, MD, PhD, FAAPF4040 Pediatric Hearing Loss: State ofthe Art Diagnosis and TreatmentConvention Center, 29 ABKnowledge about pediatric hearing loss is explodingand with this knowledge has come new algorithmsfor the approach to diagnosis and treatment.Daniela Carvalho, MD, FAAPPLENARIESTuesday Plenary Sessions10:30am – 12:15pmConvention Center, Ballroom 20Moderator:Jennifer Shu, MD, FAAP2015 Chair, National Conference & ExhibitionPlanning Group10:30am – 10:50amP4043 Hot Topic in Pediatrics10:50am – 11:10amP4044 Autism Spectrum Disorder: DSM-5and Diagnosis in 2014Susan Hyman, MD, FAAP11:10am – 11:30amP4045 Healthcare Texting: Right Formatfor Today’s FamiliesColleen Kraft, MD, FAAP11:30am – 11:50amP4046 Ethical Issues in Brain Death:Lessons Learned from High-ProfileRecent CasesAlexander Kon, MD, FCCM, FAAP11:50am – 12:10pmP4047 Health System Transformation:The Future of Payment and Implicationsfor PediatriciansPatrick Conway, MD, MSc, FAAPDAILY SCHEDULE TUES$$ Sports Tickets in the Required World of PediatricsSpanish/English Interpretation AAP National Conference & Exhibition • October 11–14, 2014 • 79

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