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BONUS highlights18 October 2012–31 December 2013:October 2012The implementation agreement between the EuropeanCommission and BONUS EEIG was signed on 18 October2012, marking the official start of the implementationof BONUS.November 2012The BONUS call 2012, including both research (Viableecosystem) and Innovation parts, was opened for competitiveproposals on 12 November 2012, with a totalfunding available up to EUR 33 million.February 2013Eighty-seven proposals requesting a total of EUR 294million were submitted to the BONUS call 2012: Viableecosystem by the deadline of 14 February 2013.March 2013BONUS continued to promote an interactive sciencepolicyinterface and broad participation of stakeholdersfrom relevant sectors by organising the third BONUSForum jointly with HELCOM-BONUS stakeholderconference that explored future research needs of theBaltic Sea region.• The BONUS Forum convenes once a year and actsas the programme’s key platform for consultationsfrom the decision-making perspective in the processof developing and updating the policy-drivenand relevant research agenda. It forms the mostimportant end-user group of the bespoke knowledgegenerated within the BONUS programme.The BONUS Publication No.13 ‘Policyframework analysis in the fields relevantto the BONUS programme’ saw the daylight.Thirty-three proposals requesting a totalof EUR 15 million were submitted to theBONUS call 2012: Innovation by thedeadline of 12 March 2013.April and May 2013Research and innovation proposals’ evaluations werecompleted in separate Viable ecosystem and Innovationcall panels formed by international and independentevaluators. The BONUS Steering Committee confirmedfor funding seven successful research projectsworth EUR 26 million. From the Innovation part of thecall, arranged in collaboration with the EU Strategy forthe Baltic Sea Region flagship project BSR Stars, a totalof 13 projects were invited for negotiations worth a totalof EUR 7 million; these negotiation are envisaged tobe completed in early 2014.Policy framework analysis in the fieldsrelevant to the BonUs ProgrammeBonUs PUBlication no. 13march 2013“Ecosystem approach to themanagement of human activitiesmanifested by the HEL-COM Baltic Sea Action Planand advocating knowledgebasedmanagement providesa strong connecting point toHELCOM and BONUS.”Executive Secretary, Ms. Monika Stankiewicz, HELCOM,at the joint BONUS-HELCOM stakeholder conference,Helsinki, 4 March 2013The panel discussion at the HELCOM-BONUS stakeholder conference,4 March 2013. From l. to r. Arnoldas Milukas, Fredrik Wulff, JesperAndersen, Raine Hermans, Anna-Stiina Heiskanen, Andrzei Cieslak,Boris Chubarenko.Bonus6| BONUS review 2012–2013

August 2013BONUS co-organised the 9 th Baltic Sea Science Congressheld in Klaipeda, Lithuania and sponsored apopular public engagement themed afternoon markingthe fourth meeting of the BONUS Young Scientist Clubsince its inception in 2009. The afternoon includeda lecture by the European Commission on the topicof science communication and an interactive publicengagement workshop facilitated by a professionalresearcher trainer. Feedback from the 50 participantsattending the workshop was overwhelmingly positivedemonstrating a clear demand for researcher skills’training amongst the young scientists in the Baltic Searegion.• The ambition of the BONUS sponsored YoungScientist Club is to promote the creation of networksof tomorrow’s leading Baltic Sea scientists in theearly stages of their careers.September 2013The final contributions to the update of the BONUSstrategic research agenda were made at the strategicorientation workshop held in Tallinn, Estonia. In attendancewere drafting team members of the agendaand other key stakeholder representatives from the scientificcommunity, policy makers and funders.From l. to r. José Palma Andrés, Carla Montesi, Minister Dainius Pavalkis,Kurt Vandenberghe, Marianne Wenning in the European Parliament.“The action of BONUS is quite unique: it iscreating an ecosystem among all Baltic Seastates, including Russia, and their researchers,innovators and businesses in order to havean integrated ecosystems-based approachto tackling significant challenges such as theBaltic Sea’s eutrophication. BONUS is cuttingacross scientific disciplines, economic sectors, policy agendas andnational borders to keep the Baltic Sea alive.”Director of the Environment Directorate, Mr. Kurt Vandenberghe,DG Research and Innovation, European Commission at the BONUSEuropean Parliamentary event, Brussels, 26 November 2013BonusNovember 2013The first full year of implementation of the BONUSprogramme was celebrated in a high profile eventorganised in the European Parliament in Brussels.Hosted by three European Parliament groups, the programmewas laden with prestigious speakers, includingthe Lithuanian Minister of Education and Science, twoMembers of the European Parliament and four Directorsfrom the European Commission, i.e. from the DGResearch and Innovation, DG Environment, DG RegionalPolicy and DG Maritime Affairs and Fisheries.The seven projects selected from the BONUS call 2012:Viable ecosystem to receive BONUS funding were announcedofficially during the European Parliamentaryevent (i.e. projects BAMBI, BIO-C3, BLUEPRINT,CHANGE, COCOA, INSPIRE and SOILS2SEA).Viktorija Vaitkeviciene“It made me realise that I have done public engagementalready before and won’t be afraid oftrying again!” “Useful activities, interesting topic,public engagement is something I like and wouldlike to be better in ...”Participant comments of the ‘Engaging researcher’workshop, Klaipeda, 29 August 2013Participants of the ‘Engaging researcher’ workshopengrossed in group activities.BONUS review 2012–2013 | 7

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