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Internet Banking – User Manual - BG

Internet Banking – User Manual - BG

Система за

Система за интернет банкиране – Изисквания2. Select tab Content, and press the button Certificates.

Система за интернет банкиране – Изисквания3. A window Certificates opens. Make sure, that on the list Personal certificatesyou see your own first and last name given by RBCA (Bank Allianz). It is possibleto use a personal certificate projected by a firm called Supplier of CertifiedServices, as Info Notary for example. In that case, you must recognize yourcertificate based on its publisher.4. If such certificate is not imported in Your browser and you do not have a copy ofit in a file, you will not have the possibility to sign payment orders. For moredetails turn to Internet Banking Help Line at the numbers listed on the login page.If you have in disposal a copy of Your personal certificate for signature (in theform of a file) and you wish to use it in electronic signing of payment orders anddeclarations in Your work with the new Internet Banking system, import thiscertificate according the instructions below.

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