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Internet Banking – User Manual - BG

Internet Banking – User Manual - BG

Система за

Система за интернет банкиране – Изисквания2.2. Establishing a new password1. The user enters a username and password2. the server sees that this is the first time this user enters and gives a specific mistake3. in the page log in there is logic, when it sees this mistake it is being dded to the fields of the log inpage and the fields for new password4. the user enters the new password (twice)5. the server sees that this is the first log in of the user and uses the new password in order to changethe old one.2.3. Changing a userThis function allows you to change your existing username with another one , if the newusername is not already in use by another user.2.4. Changing a passwordThis function allows you to change your password, as it is necessary for you to know yourcurrent password. If you do not remember your current password, turn for help towardsyour system administrator.

Система за интернет банкиране – Изисквания

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