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Looking after yourself and others during hot weather - NHS Choices

Looking after yourself and others during hot weather - NHS Choices

6heatwaveIf you are

6heatwaveIf you are worried about security, at least openwindows on the first floor and above.• Indoor and outdoor plants will help keep yourhome cool due to evaporation and the shadingfrom trees and bushes.• Take cool showers or baths.Drink regularly• Drink regularly even if you do not feel thirsty –water or fruit juice are best.• Have plenty of cold drinks, avoid excess alcohol,caffeine and hot drinks• Eat light meals with a higher proportion ofvegetables. Try to eat more cold food, particularlysalads and fruit, which contain water.Seek advice if you have any concerns• Contact your doctor, a pharmacist or NHS Directif you are worried about your health during aheatwave, especially if you are taking medication,if you feel unwell or have any unusual symptoms.• Watch for cramp in your arms, legs or stomach,feelings of mild confusion, weakness orproblems sleeping.• If you have these symptoms, rest for several hours,keep cool and drink water or fruit juice. Seekmedical advice if they get worse or don’t go away.

LOOKING AFTER YOURSELF AND OTHERSDURING HOT WEATHER7Remember, heatstroke can kill. It can develop verysuddenly, and rapidly lead to unconsciousness. If yoususpect someone has heatstroke, call 999 immediately.Helping others• If anyone you know is likely to be at risk during aheatwave (see the list on page 4), help them getthe advice and support they need. Older peopleliving on their own should be visited daily to checkthey are OK.While waiting for the ambulance• If possible, move the person somewhere cooler.• Increase ventilation by opening windows or usinga fan.• Cool them down as quickly as possibly byloosening their clothes, sprinkling them with coldwater or wrapping them in a damp sheet.• If they are conscious, give them water or fruit juiceto drink.• Do not give them aspirin or paracetamol.If you want more information about hot weather andyour health please visit If you are concernedabout your health or somebody you care for, pleasecontact NHS Direct on 0845 46 47, www.nhsdirect.nhs.ukor your local pharmacist or GP.

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