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Lesson14 Band Model.pdf

Lesson14 Band Model.pdf

Transmission in

Transmission in spectrally complex media• Consider a single line with a Lorentz line shape.• As u gets larger the absorptance gets larger. However asu increases the center of the line absorbs all of theradiation, while the wings absorb b only some of theradiation.• At tthis spoint tonly ythe ewings absorb.b.• We can write the band transmittance as;T1 Su Ld exp 2 (( 0)L)

Non-overlapping overlapping linesThe mean spectral beam transmittance and absorptance of an isolated line is:T b 1 exp[ m( % )u] d % % % b 1 1 exp[ m( %)u] d % % %If n lines within %contribute to the absorption at a particular wavenumber: m( %) nj mj 1( %)If there is no overlap, total absorptance isW nnW j 1 exp[ j m( %)u]j 1 j 1 % d %n

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