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Changing Rooms

Changing Rooms

Summary• Four

Summary• Four significant differences found between old NWH• NICU and the new ACH NICU• Encouraging signs that additional space and attention to roomconfiguration were key in influencing other positive changes• Impacts of the physical environment on intangible complex aspectswere harder to prove• Overall the design changes improved the parents view of the NICUrooms• Redesign a one off opportunity to make a change for the better inthe physical environment that we provide for infants, parents andstaff• Further research is needed within NICU redesign projects tocontribute to knowledge-based design

Implications• Added space and attention to room configurationappear important qualities in designing a supportive cot- side forparents in NICU• Neonatal services with one to two bedded designs need to provideother opportunities for parent-to parent contact• Uninterrupted times for parents with infants need to be protected• Provision of privacy screens remains important• Greater scrutiny of children visiting infant rooms

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