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Printer Friendly Page - Apogee Photo

Printer Friendly Page - Apogee Photo


APOGEE PHOTO MAGAZINE: Travel Adventures-Part 4: Moscow by Noella Ballenger 2 of 65/8/2009site. The complex containsnumerous churches that arereally beautiful.woman spinning yarn toeventually make into herbeautiful scarves.There were many places thatyou could sit in the SergeivPosad Monastery stary. Justwatching the people … fromyoung children to elders …created wonderful memoriesfor me.Copyright © Noella BallengerIn the meantime, Anne and Sunny were having an adventure of their own.They visited the Pushkin Museum and decided to stay in town and shop ratherthan returning to the ship for lunch. They wanted to see and do even more.They would catch up with the afternoon tour in a couple of hours. On theadvice of our tour guide, they visited the fabulous Cathedral of Christ theSavior and later, map in hand, walked along the streets for another brief visitto Red Square. On the way to the Tretyakov Gallery, and looking a bitconfused, they stopped a lady to ask directions. It turned out that she was ateacher and wanted to practice her English, so she walked along with them.This is certainly a more common occurrence in foreign countries than it is athome.The afternoon's visit to the Tretyakov Gallery featured an interesting lecture onthe development of Russian painting. By the time we gathered again forevening cocktails and dinner, we had much to share.There were just too many wonderful photos to share with you, but here aresome of our favorites......

APOGEE PHOTO MAGAZINE: Travel Adventures-Part 4: Moscow by Noella Ballenger 3 of 65/8/2009Copyright © Sunny AschThe escalator was verysteep, very fast and verydeep. It was really able tomove people along to thedeep station below.Copyright © Stan WestfallWe went by subway to another part ofMoscow. This station was beautiful with astunning mural at one end. The station, thesubway cars and all parts of the system thatwe saw were immaculate and inviting.Copyright © Anne & Stan WestfallThis was a part of a lovely trail offountains depicting story bookcharacters and fables. It waslocated near the Kremlin andTomb of the Unknown Soldier(WWII).Copyright © Noella BallengerInside of the Kremlin walls aresomething like seven churches.They were built at a varioustimes and under a variety ofcircumstances during Russianhistory. Each of these churchesplayed a vital role in the historyof the Orthodox Church and ofthe Russian state itself.

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