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bekido rate, chokko rate

bekido rate, chokko rate

2-1) Strengthen

2-1) Strengthen operations in emerging markets241 Construct steering supply structureJSA IHaryana,IndiaJA BRParana,Brazil5 plants inChina(Changchun, Tianjin,Amoi, Xinxiang,Guangzhou)JIDOverseas affiliates, regions Products AimsBekasi,IndonesiaCompletion: Feb 2008SOP: Feb 2010 (planned)Completion: May 2009SOP: Sept 2009Establishment: Operations fromJune 1996 (Photo: Amoi JSSX)Reconstruction: Mar 2010SOP: Oct 2010 (planned)C-EPSHydraulic PS,hydraulic PSpartsHydraulic PS,C-EPSC-EPS,MS gears・ Meet increasing EPS demand⇒ EPS for small cars expanding・Supply high-quality EPS・Handle increasing HPS demand⇒ Add HPS line, expand in-house machiningIncrease mfg capacity 1.5-fold by new bldg・Prepare for future EPS local mfg・Meet increasing EPS demand in China・Expand sales to local brands・Construct supply structureutilizing ASE A N bases・Prepare for growing Indonesian marketJT E K TCorporation

JT E K TCorporation2-2) Strengthen operations in industrial machinery markets1 Bearing business strategyWindmill powergeneratorsTargets: Chinese, Indian,Korean makersWindmill power generator bearing sales targets(sales growth using 2008 results as 100)25A reas of focus:Generators, speedincreasing gearsSteel millsHigh-performanceproducts (ceramicball bearings)Targets:◇ Steel makers in China,Korea, Taiwan, Brazil◇ Plant makers inEurope, ChinaFY 2008 FY 2011 FY 2013Steel mill bearing sales targets (sales growthusing 2008 results as 100)Achieve long life by newmaterials, heat treatmenttechnologyFY 2008 FY 2011 FY 2013

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