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bekido rate, chokko rate

bekido rate, chokko rate

JT E K TCorporation2-2)

JT E K TCorporation2-2) Strengthen operations in industrial machinery markets4 Introduction of JT F◇ JT E K T Technical Fair 2009Dates: November 4~5Place: JT E K T Customer Center (K ariya, Aichi Prefecture)Concept: “Seeing the Future of Monozukuri”Display mainly of new machine tool andmechatronics products of JT E K T G roup companies~First display of 13 new machines~28

JT E K TCorporation2-3) Strengthen ability to develop technology/productsmatching demand trends1 Steering strategies by region, product29Pioneer new customers by implementing region- and product-specific strategiesProductstrategiesA/B/C-segment vehiclesD/E/F-segment vehiclesImprove C-EPS product strengthPromote products by region, customer (DP-EPS, RD-EPS, H-EPS)ValueC-EPS(brushless)DP-EPSRD-EPSH-EPSMarket introduction of new-product DP-EPS~Achieves both high output and packaging flexibility~Motor E C UC-EPS(brush)ReducerSteeringshaftA B C D ESegment

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