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bekido rate, chokko rate

bekido rate, chokko rate

JT E K TCorporation3-1)

JT E K TCorporation3-1) Outline of NRB business acquisition 232Aims of NRB business acquisition◇ Enhance global development/mfg network◇ Expand customer base◇ Obtain superior mfg technology capability◇ Strengthen drivetrain areaSecure world’s no.1position inautomotive bearingsOutline of Timken’s NRB businessProduction bases: 12 (USA 4, Europe 6, China 1)R & D bases: 3 (USA 1, Europe 2)Sales: US$621 million (2008)Future plan◇ Planned start of business operations: January 1, 2010◇ Establishment of new NRB Business Office→ Preparation of two-company joint action plan following the three stepsseparation, independence, and merger

JT E K TCorporation4. Summary33Toward stronggrowth in thenew eraImplementation of business strategiesfor future growthEmergingnationmarketsIndustrialmachinerymarketsLow-cost,compact,lightweighttechnologydevelopmentStrengtheningof in-G roupcooperationCompletion ofmeasures to achieveprofitabilityFurther strengthening ofprofitability

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