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bekido rate, chokko rate

bekido rate, chokko rate

JT E K TCorporation1-2)

JT E K TCorporation1-2) Financial data 24(billions of yen)F Y 1 st halfthru 9/08F Y 1 st halfthru 9/09ComparisonF Y ended3/09Inventory assets 135.6 119.4 (93.6%) 127.7Interest-bearingdebt 184.9 255.5 (118.2%) 216.2Capitalexpenditures 24.3 14.8 (61.2%) 51.1Depreciation 26.6 24.4 (91.6%) 55.8

1-3) Sales by product type5※Parentheses show comparisons with previous FY1Q 2Q 3Q 4Q0 200 400 600 800(billions of yen)M e c h a n i c a lc o m p o n e n t1st half479.6FY thru 3/09239.6240.0208.8141.9830.3FY thru 3/10132.5164.8297.3(62.0%)M a c h i n et o o l s , e t c1st half101.7FY thru 3/0942.459.346.938.1186.7FY thru 3/1021.820.742.5(41.8%)0 200 400 600 800JT E K TCorporation

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