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January 31, 2009 - Garth's Auctions, Inc.

January 31, 2009 - Garth's Auctions, Inc.


91PAIR OF FIGURAL CANDLESTICKS.European, 19th century, hardwood. Angels with a cornucopiapricket candlesticks. Worn gilt and original paint. One shown.Minor repairs. 27”h.$200-$40092SANTOS.Latin America, 19th century, wood. Carved image of a womanwith applied ivory face. Most likely the Virgin Mary depicted asthe Queen of Heaven standing on a stylized cloud decorated witha cherub. Two holes in the cloud would allow for an inset crescentmoon. Layers of polychrome paint exhibit wear with loss. 13”h.$500-$80093ICON.Russia, early 19th century. Painting on wooden panel of the VirginMary and Child, covered in a repousse brass riza. The wood panelis covered in faded purple cloth. 12 1/4”h. 10 1/2”w.$400-$60089-9189CLASSICAL-STYLE TABLE OR DESK.Maitland-Smith, American, 1979-2000, mahogany. Large leathertopped table with two drawers and two faux drawers. Silver coloreddolphin legs and paw feet. 29 3/4”h. 59 1/2”w. 30”d.$600-$1,00090PAIR OF CANDLELABRA.Possibly France, late 19th century, gilt brass and glass. Seven candlecups surrounded by milkglass flowers, wheat stocks, bunches ofgrapes and leaves, all supported on openwork tripod bases. Minorimperfections.36”h.$250-$450725092-9328 | GARTH’S JANUARY 31, 2009

94RELIEF SCULPTURE.European, sandstone. Early fragment of a larger work depicting threepeople in medieval dress bearing offerings. Has museum number onbase. Damage. 14”h. 12 1/2”w.$300-$60095ALABASTER SCULPTURE WITH PUTTI BY ADA CIPRIANI(ITALY, LATE 19TH-EARLY 20TH CENTURY).Signed on the base. A lively bacchanalian scene with putti and agoat. Losses. 20”l.$300-$50096TWO PICTORIAL NEEDLEWORKS.American or English, early 19th century, silk, chenille, ink andpaint on silk and paper. The robed figures’ heads and limbs arecarefully drawn and painted paper cutouts. Depicts an event inearly Roman Britain history. Entitled “Cartesmandua DeliveringCaractacus to Ostorius Scapula” on the eglomise mat. Pieces of a1827 Massachusetts newpaper glued to frame backing. Good colors.Minor imperfections. In old frame. 24”h. 30”w.And the second embroidery is probably English, early 19th century,silk, wool, chenille, ink and paint on silk. Biblical scene of angelwaking a man sleeping beneath a tree. Painted faces and limbs. Splitsin silk background. In period frame. 18”h. 21 1/4”w.$200-$40094-9597RELIGIOUS NEEDLEWORK.Probably Continental, 19th century, silk and metallic thread,paint, paper on silk ground. Possibly a depiction of the Shroud ofTurin. Three religious officials standing under an elaborate tentviewing the outlined image of the crucified Christ. Glued on pasteboard backing. Minor imperfections. Unframed. 10”h. 14”w.$250-$4509697| 29

46 | GARTH'S JANUARY 31, 2009
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