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January 31, 2009 - Garth's Auctions, Inc.

January 31, 2009 - Garth's Auctions, Inc.


152-155152THREE CARVINGS.Asian, 20th century. Two women with flowering branches carvedfrom tiger eye. Women with flowering branches (pictured). 7”h.including wooden bases. And a green stone incense burner,possibly serpentine. Damaged lid. 10 1/2”h. including marble base.$250-$500153CARVED SOAPSTONE JAR.China, early 20th century. Large jar with foo lions and elephanthandles. One ring on handle glued. 12 3/4”h.$300-$500154PAINTED MARBLE PANEL.China, late 19th-early 20th century. White marble panel paintedwith a mountain landscape scene and inscription. PossiblyQianjiang piece. Stamped marks on the back. 16”h. 11 3/4”w.$300-$600155CARVED SOAPSTONE LADY WITH FAN.China, early 20th century. Finely carved of a robed lady holding afan and standing on a pedestal. Minor imperfections. 15”h.$300-$60042 | GARTH’S JANUARY 31, 2009

156PAIR OF RETICULATED HATSTANDS.Reputedly from Schuezan in China, 19th century, porcelain.Hexaonal stands with lobed cutouts. Hand decorated with variousfigures. Orange peel glaze. Marked in red on the base. 10 1/2”h.$400-$700157TWO CARVED STONE FIGURES AND A SCREEN.Asian, 20th century. Carved wooden screen with translucentcarved stone inserts. Minor edge damage. 15”h. 19 3/4”w.; palegreen birds, possibly serpentine, 7 3/4”h. and a reclining womanwith grapes carved from an agate type stone. 9”l.$200-$300158WALL POCKET.China, late 19th-early 20th century, porcelain. Appears to beQianjiang decoration with multiple inscriptions surroundinglandscapes. Gilt accents and orange peel glaze. Minor hairline.$500-$800159COVERED BOX.Asian, late 19th century, porcelain. Round box with a handdecorated image of a woman on the lid. Inscription on the basebut otherwise unmarked. 2 1/2”h. 4 3/4”d.$200-$300156-159160LILY PAD BRUSH REST.Asian, late 19th-early 20th century, lacquered wood. Lily pad witha gilt brush rest and seated frog, held up by vining water lily stems.Some edge loss. 3”h. 9 1/2” x 12 1/2”.$200-$400161ASIAN BRONZE.China/Tibet, late 18th-early 19th century. God of Prosperity seatedon a dragon (two pieces). Painted details are later addition. 8”h.$1,000-$2,000162TWO PIECES OF CLOISONNE.Asian, 20th century, enamel and metal. Pictured is a Japanese treebark vase over porcelain. Flowers and bird in red and earth tones.Crow’s feet. 9 3/4”h. And a covered container on high legs. Floralpanels on blue ground. Foo lion finial. 9”l. 13”h.$250-$500160-162| 43

46 | GARTH'S JANUARY 31, 2009
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