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Annual Report 2011 - Follow The Money

Annual Report 2011 - Follow The Money

Spanning the

Spanning the NationTransparency 2011:Springboard to Action. TheInstitute’s board of directors, staff, andnational advisors gathered in Montana totackle the opportunities and ramificationsof best practices in campaign transparency,Citizens United v. FEC, and strategies forpromoting more comprehensive reporting Summary ofProceedings encapsulates those dynamicpresentations from civic engagementand advocacy groups that have used theInstitute’s objective information to createpolicy wins in state legislatures, as wellas the discussions among the Institute’spartners in investigative journalism andcommunity news reporting.Cooperation. Collaborations.The Institute makes its political contributionsdata available to other nonprofits. Mashupsand powerful tools illuminate trails ofspecial-interest influence and/or inspirevoter uses our data in fivestates for government transparency and civicengagement. They soon will use our lobbyistexpense records on this new one-stopshopfor information. This nonpartisan,joint project of the Participatory PoliticsFoundation and the Sunlight Foundationis independent from any governmententity, candidate for office, or politicalparty. The National Institute on Money inState Politics is a proud data source for initiative.9The Institute examined ALEC memberinformation recently posted at by the Center for Media and Democracy.Our researchers cross-checked ALECmembernames against state-level donorinformation to see how much the ALECmembers contributed and received instate-level political campaigns, and detailedthe compelling findings in a report, BeyondDinner and a Movie: ALEC Actively CourtsState Lawmakers.The Justice Policy Institute issued a report,Gaming the System: How the PoliticalStrategies of Private Prison CompaniesPromote Ineffective Incarceration Policies,that extensively cites our data and contributions given over five election cyclesby three private-prison companies.The Campaign Finance Institute relied ondata from to createBe A Citizen Policy Analyst. Players can findout if their state’s politics are dominated bypolitical parties and special interest groups,or if citizens are running the show.Alliance for a Just Society sent a researchassociate to us to dive into our data, identifywhich of our online tools could best serveAJS, investigate the role of corporate moneyin state elections, and disperse widget codescustomized for numerous AJS state affiliates.The Institute co-authored New Politics ofJudicial Elections, 2000-2009 with BrennanCenter for Justice and Justice at StakeCampaign, which attracted multiple newscites, including two in The New York Times.The U.S. Supreme Court has cited Instituteresearch in three decisions:Citizens United v. Federal ElectionCommission in 2010 Caperton v. Massey Coal in 2009 Federal Election Commission v.Wisconsin Right to Life Justice at Stake Campaign, Brennan Centerfor Justice, and the American JudicatureSociety rely on the Institute’s comprehensivedatabase of judicial election politicalcontributions, and our diversity studiesthat assess how fundraising and electionoutcomes correlate with the racial minorityand ethnic status of judicial candidates.Information. On Demand.The Institute plays a center-stage role inthe field of transparency and accountability.Advocates, legal scholars, government-watchorganizations, policymakers, and disclosureofficials use the site regularly to www.FollowThe

their work. Students from middle school topostgraduate programs use our resourcesin their studies of law, journalism, politicalscience, computer science, civics education,and corporate accountability.Each day, the Institute responds to multiple the public. We are conducting a vigorouscampaign to reach new user networks—particularly media and policy advocates—targeting organizations focused on fairelections, civic engagement, corporateaccountability, government transparency,and investigative journalism.CNN used our APIs to supply graphsand content for its coverage of 2010 Researchers added tutorials to severalreports to inform readers how to use theInstitute¹s vast databases to identify and linkimportant information. and organizations, including 3,811 news for accounts at myFollowTheMoney.The site is regularly used by advocacygroups, government watch organizations,policymakers, disclosure and electionofficials, academic scholars, and studentsfrom middle school to postgraduateprograms in law, journalism, politicalscience, computer science, government andcorporate accountability.(continued)Inundated by Numbers525.621.1912,9413.84.440.32.9246.51433,8113,35613,066,5544,875,308,08926,576,859The Institute’s database: 1989–June 30, 2011servers required tohold the databasemillion contribution recordsbillion dollars in contributionsexpenditure recordsbillion dollars of expendituresbillion dollars in gubernatorialraces, 50 statesmillion dollars in appealscourt races, 50 statesbillion dollars contributedby party committeesmillion dollars, the most ever spenton a gubernatorial race (California 2010)foundations supporting the Institutetimes cited in U.S. SupremeCourt casesreporters in our databaseorganizations in contactwith the InstituteAPI calls since 2006dollars, highest total contributions,all state races: Californiadollars, lowest total contributions,all state races: WyomingLeft to right: Scott Wahl–Information SystemsSpecialist; Robin Larson–Administrative Assistant;Denise Roth Barber–Managing Director;Edwin Bender–Executive Director;Barbara Bonifas–Development Director.Not pictured: Ken Feaster–Information SystemsDirector; Linda King–Human Resources www.FollowTheMoney.org10

electoral competition and low contribution limits - Follow The Money
electoral competition and low contribution limits - Follow The Money
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