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EVIL DEAD (2013) Production Notes - Visual Hollywood

EVIL DEAD (2013) Production Notes - Visual Hollywood


EVIL DEAD (2013)PRODUCTION NOTESduring daytime that are even scarier, because you can actually see what's out there in thewoods."Director of photography Aaron Morton describes the film's overall look as "raw." "Fede wanteda timeless quality that would lull people into a false sense of security at the opening of thefilm," he says. "We use the whole gamut of classic horror tools to make the audience careabout the characters, so that when they're in trouble, we get the strongest possible reaction."Morton says the most challenging aspect of the production for him was finding the right balanceof darkness and light. "Even when it's dark, it's got to have shape," he says. "The girlshave got to look beautiful and the guys have to look tough. We're using the brand new SonyF65, which is a fantastic camera. Coupled with our Arri Master Prime Lens, it delivers a veryorganic, film-like look. Part of it is the mechanical shutter the camera has, which emulates thefilm look we're all used to. It is at the cutting edge of digital technology at the moment."The cinematography pays tribute to the first film with a moment that depicts the Evil Forcechasing Mia through the woods. "That shot is a motif from the original films," says Morton."Back in the day, they literally attached a camera to a plank of wood and had a guy on eachside running with it. We wanted to put a little spin on that, so we've got a hand-held cable rig.When the Evil Force is chasing Mia, that's basically me flying straight at her on a zip line. It isa pretty visceral."Editing also played a crucial role in creating the intensity and velocity with which the story istold. "The original had a sort of punk edge," says editor Bryan Shaw. "It was very much of thatera, the early ‘80s, and we tried to recapture that. Fede had already written it into the script.Sometimes I read a script and hope they lose three or four scenes. But this was tight. Heknows how to build to a scare and how long he can suspend the moment."As different as the two experiences were for the filmmakers, the intense collaboration requiredto create Evil Dead reminded Tapert of the profound journey making the first film set in motionfor him and his partners. "The original Evil Dead was physically hard and demanding, butin hindsight it was a great experience for Sam, Bruce and me," he says. "We have been lifelongfriends as a result of it. This has been much less physically demanding, because moneyheals some of those issues. It was great to work with Sam and Bruce on something thatbrought us together again."Fede was a pleasure to work with," he continues. "He has the all qualities I look for in a director.Even though this is his first full-length movie, he has years of experience of working on setand having an artistic vision and chasing that vision. Working with someone like that was, forme, the best part of the process. I'm looking forward to seeing what he does next."Campbell is enthusiastic in his praise of the finished film: "Not only is the acting in this moviebetter, so are the special effects and the cinematography. You're not going to see the greengarden hose spewing the blood. This time we took modern-day technology and a decent budgetand had it again. I hope that one day, there will be some wicked double bills of both EvilDeads. I want to introduce it at the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin. I think it would be a very solidinterlocking double bill."© 2013 TriStar Pictures14

EVIL DEAD (2013)PRODUCTION NOTESABOUT THE CASTJANE LEVY (Mia) has quickly emerged as one of the most promising young actresses. At only21 years old, she nabbed the lead character Tessa Altman of ABC's new hit series"Suburgatory," which will be returning for its sophomore season this fall.In October 2012 she was seen starring alongside Victoria Justice and Chelsea Handler in thefeature Fun Size, directed by Josh Schwartz for Paramount. Jane recently appeared in her firstfeature, Nobody Walks (written and directed by the team behind Tiny Furniture) which premieredat The 2012 Sundance Film Festival.Levy grew up in Northern California. Though the acting bug bit her early on (she starred incommunity theater productions of ANNIE and THE WIZARD OF OZ,) in high school she was thecaptain of the varsity soccer team and on the hip hop dance team. She also excelled in chemistry.After a semester in the liberal arts program at Baltimore's Goucher College, Jane movedto New York to pursue acting at the Stella Adler Conservatory. Two years later, she moved toLos Angeles and in a few weeks, booked a five episode arc as a trampy teen vixen in the JohnWells Showtime series "Shameless" (with W.H. Macy.)Jane resides in Los Angeles.SHILOH FERNANDEZ (David) stars in the forthcoming dramedy Syrup, alongside BrittanySnow, Amber Heard and Kellan Lutz. Most recently, he was seen in Catherine Hardwicke's RedRiding Hood, starring opposite Amanda Seyfried and Gary Oldman. He was also seen in AnthonyBurns' indie Skateland (2010) with Ashley Greene, which premiered in dramatic competitionat Sundance and SXSW.Fernandez grew up in the small Northern California town of Ukiah. At the age of 19 he movedto Los Angeles to pursue acting. His performance in the feature Crossroads: A Story of Forgivenessgarnered critical praise. He was next seen in the indie thriller Interstate and the dramaGardens of the Night, alongside John Malkovich, Jeremy Sisto and Gillian Jacobs.Fernandez then shot a recurring role on the CBS drama "Jericho," playing Sean Hawthorne, ateenager with a mean streak. This led to roles in the underrated horror film Deadgirl, oppositeNoah Segan, and supernatural thriller From Within, alongside Thomas Dekker and Rumer Willis.He then co-starred with Brian Cox in the acclaimed thriller Red, which premiered at theSundance Film Festival. Based on a Jack Ketchum novel, Red tells the story of a man seekingjustice from three teenagers who kill his dog for no apparent reason.Fernandez was recently seen in Cadillac Records, a period piece dealing with the rise and fall ofChess Records, the influential R&B label. He played Phil Chess opposite Adrian Brody, BeyonceKnowles, Jeffrey Wright and Gabrielle Union.Additional television credits include Showtime's "The United States of Tara," opposite Toni Colletteand Brie Larsen, and CW's "Gossip Girl," with Brittany Snow, Kristen Bell and Blake Lively.LOU TAYLOR PUCCI (Eric) established himself among the most promising actors of his generationwhen Mike Mills' Thumbsucker premiered at the 2005 Sundance Film Festival. For hisperformance as Justin Cobb, a compulsive 17-year-old, Pucci received both a Sundance SpecialJury Prize for acting and the Best Actor Award at the Berlin Film Festival.Pucci most recently starred in the drama The Music Never Stopped, playing a young man withdevastating amnesia who uses music to reconnect with his memories and his family. He alsorecently filmed the lead in Alonso Mayo's dramedy The Story of Luke, opposite Cary Elwes and© 2013 TriStar Pictures15

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