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EVIL DEAD (2013) Production Notes - Visual Hollywood

EVIL DEAD (2013) Production Notes - Visual Hollywood


EVIL DEAD (2013)PRODUCTION NOTESfor Army of Darkness at the 1992 Fantasporto Festival in Portugal; the Golden Raven, also for"Army of Darkness," at the 1992 Brussels International Festival; and a Grand Prize nominationfor the same title at the Avoriaz Fantastic Film Festival in France. Raimi himself has also wonthe Saturn Award twice (Spider-Man 2, along with a George Pal Memorial Award) from theAcademy of Science Fiction, Horror and Fantasy.BRUCE CAMPBELL (Producer) is an icon of cult cinema and a comic leading man of the firstorder. He co-stars on USA Network's hit series "Burn Notice" as ex-SEAL Sam Axe. His recentcredits include the fun-filled Disney film Sky High, thriller The Woods and A&E's "Touch the Topof the World," an inspiring true story about the first blind person to climb Mt. Everest. In 2011Campbell voiced the role of Rod "Torque" Redline in Cars 2, the sequel to the animated hit.Next he will join his filmmaking pal Sam Raimi on Oz: The Great and Powerful, starring JamesFranco and Michelle Williams.Campbell's story begins in 1979 when, together with his childhood friends Sam Raimi and RobTapert, he helped to raise $350,000 for a low-budget film called The Evil Dead. Campbell bothco-produced and starred in the film. Completed piecemeal over four years, The Evil Dead firstgained notoriety in England when it became the bestselling video of 1983, beating out TheShining.After its appearance at Cannes, where Stephen King dubbed it "the most ferociously originalhorror film of the year," New Line Cinema stepped forward to release The Evil Dead in the U.S.It swiftly became seen as a horror classic.After co-producing Crimewave, a cross-genre comedy written by Raimi and collaborators Joeland Ethan Coen, Campbell moved to Los Angeles. He gained a foothold producing or starring ingenre films such as the Maniac Cop series, Lunatics: A Love Story and Moontrap. OnMindwarp, described as a post-apocalyptic Jeremiah Johnson, Campbell met his wife-to-be,filmmaker Ida Gearon.Next Campbell co-produced and starred in Evil Dead II and Army of Darkness, completing 12years of work on the cult favorite. His experience in the rough-and-tumble role of Ash was aplus when Campbell made his first foray into television, starring in the action-oriented series"The Adventures of Brisco County Jr." (1993) on Fox and recurring on "Lois & Clark: The NewAdventures of Superman" for ABC.Campbell easily made the transition to director, helming numerous episodes and recurring asthe King of Thieves on the hit syndicated series "Hercules: The Legendary Journeys," and itsfollow-up phenomenon, "Xena: Warrior Princess." Campbell also directed and starred as himselfin My Name is Bruce, a spoof of his B-movie career. Most recently, he starred in and executive-producedthe television movie "Burn Notice: The Fall of Sam Axe," which gave fans insighton how their beloved "Burn Notice" character came to be.Campbell expanded his range as an actor with appearances in Disney's TV movies "Gold Rush"and "The Love Bug." He teamed up with Fox again for the hit TV film "Tornado!" and starred inNBC's top-rated "In the Line of Duty: Blaze of Glory" before venturing into the sitcom worldwith a recurring role on ABC's Emmy® ® -nominated "Ellen," participating in one of the three"Out" episodes. Following decidedly dramatic turns on the acclaimed series "Homicide: Life onthe Street" and "The X-Files," Campbell enjoyed a recurring role on Showtime's edgy TVindustrycomedy "Beggars and Choosers."Never abandoning his film roots, during this time Campbell appeared in the Michael Crichtonadaptation Congo, John Carpenter's Escape from L.A., the award-winning crime drama RunningTime, romantic comedy Serving Sara, Jim Carrey's The Majestic and Sam Raimi's blockbusterSpider-Man series.© 2013 TriStar Pictures20

EVIL DEAD (2013)PRODUCTION NOTESAfter a return to episodic television in the swashbuckling series "Jack of All Trades," Campbelltook the title role in Don COscar®elli's cult sleeper Bubba Ho-tep, opposite Ossie Davis. Hisdirectorial debut, "Man with the Screaming Brain" premiered on SyFy and Dark Horse Comicspublished an adaptation.An accomplished voice actor, Campbell has played characters in video games for Activision,THQ and Nova Logic. Other voice credits include the "Tarzan" animated TV series and featuresThe Ant Bully and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.Campbell is an author with back-to-back New York Times bestsellers: a memoir entitledIfChins Could Kill: Confessions of a B Movie Actor and his first novel, Make Love the BruceCampbell Way. He continues to share his filmmaking experience, lecturing at universities suchas Northwestern, Carnegie Mellon and Stanford.Campbell currently resides in Oregon with his wife, Ida Gearon.JOE DRAKE (Executive Producer) is Co-founder of Good Universe, an independent fullservicemotion picture financing, production and global sales company. Drake formed the companyin May 2012 with former Mandate Pictures partner Nathan Kahane. The company wasformed with the capital to fully finance films, a development slate of over 15 feature films, andthe continuity of an executive team that have launched 70 films and generated over $4.5 billionin worldwide box office. Within the company's first month of business, Good Universe financedits first two motion pictures — Oldboy, directed by Spike Lee starring Josh Brolin, ElizabethOlsen and Sharlto Copley to be released by FilmDistrict in October 2013; and the comedyLast Vegas with partner CBS Films to be released in November 2013 featuring an AcademyAward ® -winning cast including Michael Douglas, Robert De Niro, Morgan Freeman, Kevin Klineand Mary Steenburgen.Drake and Kahane formed Good Universe with a two pronged feature film strategy. A franchise-buildingstrategy Drake pioneered as President of the Lionsgate Motion Picture Groupwhich resulted in the global box office hit The Expendables and global juggernaut The HungerGames franchise. In addition to franchises, Good Universe will continue to focus on the kindsof niche movies that brought acclaim and significant profitability for its predecessor companyMandate Pictures such as the highly profitable global box office success Juno, which garnered ahost of accolades including an Academy Award ® for Best Original Screenplay and three additionalAcademy Award ® nominations, and the Harold & Kumar franchise; as well as picturesunder the successful horror brand Ghost House Pictures which has enjoyed six #1 hits sinceThe Grudge in 2004 and most recently The Possession in 2012.Drake founded Mandate Pictures in 2005, following a management buyout of Senator Internationalwhich he launched in 2001. In 2002, Drake and Kahane formed a separate joint venturewith Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert, Ghost House Pictures, which continues to be a leader in thehorror genre. In 2007, the partners sold Mandate Pictures to Lionsgate. Following the acquisitionof Mandate, Drake transitioned into his role as the president of the Lionsgate Motion PictureGroup and co-chief operating officer of Lionsgate, while maintaining his role as CEO ofMandate Pictures. Drake continued to operate Mandate as an autonomous brand moving thecompany forward with hits including Hope Springs starring Meryl Streep, the Golden Globe ® -nominated 50/50, the upcoming Seth Rogen/Jonah Hill comedy This Is The End and GhostHouse Picture's much anticipated Evil Dead remake to be released by Sony Pictures in 2013. Athis post at Lionsgate, Drake ran all areas of Lionsgate's theatrical production, distribution,marketing, acquisition and international operations. Under Drake's tenure, the Motion PictureGroup doubled its average box office revenue generating more than $3 billion in global box office,earned 23 Academy Award ® nominations and four Academy Award ® wins, and experiencedthe most profitable period in the company's history adding over $600 million in value toLionsgate's Motion Picture Group.© 2013 TriStar Pictures21

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