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EVIL DEAD (2013) Production Notes - Visual Hollywood

EVIL DEAD (2013) Production Notes - Visual Hollywood


EVIL DEAD (2013)PRODUCTION NOTES"I remember a headline in the Christian Science Monitor: Exactly The Kind Of Movie We Do NotNeed," he adds, referring to the original film. "We hope this movie hits the audience just ashard. This movie will deliver what my son wants to see in a horror movie and he's seen prettymuch everything. For those that want to go on this ride, we're going to provide everything thatthey hoped for.""Evil Dead is the ultimate experience in terror," says Young. "It is a ticket to the outrageous.Today's audience has seen a lot, so we've had to push the limits even further. We tried ourbest to deliver something that will stand on its own legs. The original will always be there, itwas born of a special time and place with some really innovative creators. We wanted to respectthat and create something that is wholly new for the audience."Raimi guarantees there will also be a lot of surprises in the new film "It's got a whole newstoryline," he says. "The situation's similar, but the ways in which the kids are possessed andtheir interactions are all different. It delivers great new visuals and scares for the audience."Campbell describes the new film with one simple word. "Relentless. Fede has done everythinghe could story-wise to slowly suck you into a vortex that you just can't get out of. It grips youand it doesn't let you go."This isn't a jokey little horror movie," he warns. "This is a full-on, strap-yourself-in sort ofride. It gets more and more outrageous as it goes. It's high-octane fun. And kids: if you find abook in a cabin in the woods, just turn around and drive away."Adds Raimi, "It's the ultimate experience in grueling terror. And I dare you to see it."LIFE AFTER ASHBruce Campbell had just one piece of advice when it came time to cast Evil Dead. "I said, thistime we've got to get better actors," he recalls. "When we made the first movie, we were completelyinexperienced. I would now call the dialogue poor, but back then, we didn't know thedifference. We just said it with great earnestness and audiences loved it."Finding a talented young cast wasn't difficult given the reputation the film had built over theyears. "So many actors wanted to work with us," says Tapert. "With many horror films, youdon't get the cream of the crop coming in. We got to cherry pick some of the best young actorsHollywood has to offer."Acting talent wasn't the sole criteria during casting, though. The production was shaping up tobe especially demanding. "In addition to the prosthetics and makeup, I wanted to scare themfor real and get that on the screen," says Alvarez. "And without exception, our cast went to itwith no reservations. No one ever said, I would prefer not to do this or that, and I am reallygrateful to them for that."No one knows the challenges better than Jane Levy, who plays Mia. "We all had this mentalimage of Mia," says Tapert. "Jane was not in that mold, but she gave a dynamic audition. Sam,Bruce and I agreed pretty much instantly that she was the one—and she proved herself to beup to the challenge. It is a really demanding part, but she's feisty and I think she's brought ahuge amount of energy and commitment to it. She actually enjoyed being a monster, which ishelpful if you're in a horror movie like this one.""Jane was a godsend," agrees Young. "She is such an exciting actress to watch. Mia goesthrough extraordinary punishment and Jane jumped in feet first. Whether it was a vulnerabledramatic scene or an outrageous horror scene, she was unafraid."© 2013 TriStar Pictures6

EVIL DEAD (2013)PRODUCTION NOTESPlaying a demonically possessed junkie was a welcome change of pace for Levy, who stars inthe ABC sitcom, "Suburgatory." "She's a great sport who never said no to anything," Alvarezsays. "In fact, she was always asking for more. Whatever happened to the character, she wasready to do another take. She is also the sweetest girl, which is crucial for the story. You seeher vulnerability and you root for her right away. But when she turns mean, she's the scariestperson ever."Following up her television show with a hardcore horror film offered the actress just the kind ofchallenge she was looking for. "I was able to try so many different things in this role," shesays. "I'm a recovering drug addict and I'm possessed. It gave me the opportunity to gosomewhere new. Plus, the people behind this are extremely talented, which made me eager todo it. I also thought going to New Zealand to work sounded romantic. Little did I know..."Levy's character is the youngest of the group. "She is David's little sister and almost like a littlesister to Eric and Olivia," the actress says. "They grew up together and Mia's always neededa little bit of parenting. David wasn't really good at being that person. She's trying to fix what'sbroken in their relationship, as well as in herself. Until she goes out in the woods and sees thatominous figure, she's trying to keep it together. She's 100-percent committed to goingthrough the physical pain and paranoia of withdrawal. But when she sees the figure, she realizesthis place isn't safe, only no one listens to her."The demands of the part tested the actress' discipline. Hours in the makeup chair before andafter shooting added to an already stressful day on the set. "I went to bed at 8:30 everynight," she says. "I ate only vegetables and fruit, stayed in on the weekends. I did yoga andbreath work, so that I was able to give as much as I could. Otherwise I don't think I wouldhave been able to do this job."But surprisingly, it was playing Mia at the beginning of the movie, before she is possessed,that was in some ways the most difficult part of the job. "That was actually more painful," Levysays. "As a demon, I could be whatever I wanted. It's very animalistic and I was given a lot offreedom to explore. I was destroying people, torturing people. In a weird way, it was fun to beable to do that."Although she calls herself "a huge scaredy cat," Levy has become intrigued by the horror genreafter this experience. "It's rich as hell, because it's based on primal fear. This film is a supernaturalmovie, with lots of character development and great story telling. The horror startsright away and it doesn't let go. It's extreme. When I was reading the script, I thought ‘Oh myGod, blood rain?' And then I thought, yeah, cool, bring it on!"Mia's brother and their friends are still living in the "real" world when her transformation takesplace. David is simply unable to believe what is happening, even though Mia tries to tell him."None of us would be able to," says Alvarez. "The scene between the two of them sums up thewhole premise of the movie in a way."Shiloh Fernandez plays David, a role he almost declined to audition for—but not because hedidn't want it. "I was scheduled to audition when my agent forwarded me these emails betweenFede and his agent," says the actor. "They said we want to hire Shiloh Fernandez, but Ihadn't yet auditioned. And I said, I'm not going to go to this audition. There's nothing I coulddo except blow my chances."But Fernandez' agent convinced him to keep his appointment and he was quickly cast as David,the survivor of a difficult childhood. "Their mom was mentally ill," says Fernandez. "Heprotected his little sister as best he could until he turned 18 and then he left. He couldn't bepart of it any longer."© 2013 TriStar Pictures7

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