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World Religions Test Review

World Religions Test Review

Know the dates of the

Know the dates of the three monotheistic religions originated andfounder:Judaism:_______B.C. Christianity__________A.D. Islam________A.D.__________________ ____________________ _________________Match the correct religion to the statement:A) Judaism B) Christianity C) Islam D) All Three1.) Stood apart from the polytheistic culture due to their belief in onegod_______.2.) Celebrate The Exodus as a time they were freed by their god fromEgypt_________.3.) Belief in the covenant and Ten Commandments_____________.4.) Scared place in Israel is known as the Wailing Wall/WesternWall__________.5.) Scared place in Israel is known as the Dome of the Rock___________.6.) The Torah is the holy book for this religion______________.7.) These followers wear a Kippah to remind them that they are alwaysduty bound to follow gods laws_______________.8.) These followers believe that a messiah would come to restore a Hebrewmonarchy and cause peace in Israel.9.) Belief in a Judgment, Heaven and Hell______________.10.)Claim Abraham as the origin of ancestry_____________.11.)Belief in the Trinity________________.12.)Founder was crucified for claiming to be a god and defying theauthority of Rome______________.13.)The Bible is the scared text for this religion____________.14.)Developed on the Arabian Peninsula and unified the tribe people underone religion_____________.15.)Followers are known as Muslims________________.16.)Followers are known as Christians_______________.17.)Followers are known as Jews_______________.18.)Practice the Five Pillars to live according to this religion___________.19.)The Qur’an is the holy book for this religion___________.20.)When the founder of this died, he chose the “Rightly Guided” Caliphsto lead the people______________.

21.)When this religious founder died, his apostle continued to teach othersabout his religion_____________.Short Answer:1.) In Ancient Israel/Judea there was a time of peace where the Hebrewscould reign peacefully and build their temple. Name the three kings thatrules during this time:_______________,________________,____________2.) Who led the Hebrews out of slavery in Egypt?______________3.) Israel would be declared an independent state in _____________.4.) Who was the Roman Emperor that stopped persecutions of Christiansand began a Christian himself?_______________________5.) Once Muhammad made his trip from Medina back to Mecca, hereclaimed what as a holy shrine?________________Charts:The Muslim population divided over issues dealing with leadership of theIslamic Nations. What three groups rose up and what did they represent?Make sure to write the name of the group and describe their position.Muslims split intothree groupsWhat does “Anno Domini” mean?

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