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2390 20th Century - Skinner

2390 20th Century - Skinner

122.Webb Cameo Glass

122.Webb Cameo Glass Exhibition PieceThree-color decorated vaseStourbridge, EnglandWhite cameo-cut to red on yellow body, decorated band onfunnel neck, bulbous body decorated with intricately cut andshaded poppies, leaves, and buds, the opposite side with twomoths, marked on base Tiffany & Co./Paris Exhibition1889/Thomas Webb & Sons/Gem Cameo, ht. 11 5/16 in.Provenance: Mary Morgan collection, daughter of industrialistJ.P. Morgan.$7,000-9,000123.Webb Gem Cameo GlassHeat reactive floral and insect decorated vaseEngland, c. 1888Raised floral rim and elongated bulbed neck on bulbous body ofdeep rose shaded to honey amber cased with opal layered inwhite, cameo-cut and carved in delicate apple blossom motif withthree insects in flight, a central paneled frieze incorporates thestippled and carved background, stamped Thomas Webb &Sons/Gem Cameo, ht. 9 1/4 in.Provenance: Beatrice Alice Woodall collection.Literature: Grover, C223 for actual vase.$4,000-6,000126 (2)124.Webb Cameo GlassThree-color decorated bowlEnglandInverted rim on citron yellow body white cameo-cut with morningglory blossoms and vines, impressed Thomas Webb and SonsGem Cameo, ht. 4 1/16, dia. 8 1/4 in.Provenance: Beatrice Alice Woodall collection.$3,000-4,000125.Webb Cameo Glass Exhibition PieceOpen-petaled rose decorated bowlDesigned by George Woodall, Stourbridge, EnglandWhite cameo-cut to purple on robin’s egg blue body, decoratedwith wild roses, buds, and leaves, white band at top, stampedTiffany & Co., Paris exhibition, 1889, Thomas Webb & Sons, GemCameo, ht. 2 1/2 in.Provenance: Webb Museum, Stourbridge collection.Literature: English Cameo Glass, Ray and Lee Grover, p. 368.$4,500-6,500126.Webb Blue Cameo GlassDecorated bowlEnglandBright cobalt blue sphere layered in shades of blue and white,deeply cut and stippled overall in stylized floral repeating tapestrymotif with six medallion elements, carved base stamped withcircular Webb Gem Cameo mark, ht. 3 3/4, dia. 5 in.Literature: Ray and Lee Grover, English Cameo Glass, plate 147,C151, shows this actual bowl.$8,000-10,000

127127.Webb Gem Cameo GlassFour-layer decorated vaseStourbridge, EnglandElongated bottle form of colorless crystal cased to bright red andlayered with yellow over white cameo-cut and meticulouslycarved overall in repeating Asian influenced pattern of stylizedscrolling geometric and floral devices, stamped Thomas Webb &Sons Gem Cameo, ht. 7 1/8 in.$10,000-15,00029

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