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Community Stakeholder Interviews - Grande Ronde Hospital

Community Stakeholder Interviews - Grande Ronde Hospital

A few commented on the

A few commented on the ER, saying it is too slow, and there is one ER physician that isnot liked in the community. One stated that if the said physician is on duty, they wouldgo to the ER in Baker.A few commented that the community is not happy with Critical Access status of GrandeRonde hospital. They feel like the CAH status is holding the hospital back from beingwhat the community needs.A few commented on the Rural Health Clinics in the outlying communities, saying thatthe quality is good and the providers spend more time with you during appointments.A few said they see Grande Ronde hospital as a monopoly, buying up medical practices.They feel there is not enough competition in the community.One commented that since the hospital in Baker is part of St Alphonsus health system inBoise, some people consider it of higher quality then Grande Ronde.How are these providers accessible to you and your family?Most people felt, for them personally, providers were accessible or very accessible.Some commented that access is good if you have insurance. A few commented that theaddition of the walk‐in clinic has greatly increased their access.Some commented that their PCPs are accessible but specialists aren’t as accessible,often having long wait times to get an appointment. A few stated that physicians can bedifficult to access, but nurse practitioners and physician assistants are much easier toget appointments with.A few commented that the alternative providers in the community are very accessible.A few commented that mental health providers are difficult to access.

How are these providers communicating with you about your care?The overwhelming majority of responses were in regard to how the providers are atcommunicating, not how are they communicating.Many of the interviewees said that the providers do a good job of communicating withthem about their care. A few commented that their providers are quick to call withresults.A few commented that the providers are not good at communicating with them. Sayingit’s sometimes hard to get results, and they are unable to speak to their provider overthe phone.A few commented they receive reminder calls or cards when it’s time to have somethingdone. One commented that the hospital sends out a newsletter.6. Are there specific populations that have more than usual challenges in accessinghealth care services as well as preventative services in your community?The vast majority of the interviewees stated that poor/low income individuals andfamilies face many challenges accessing health care and preventative services. Mostcommented that this group can’t afford to get the services.

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