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Community Stakeholder Interviews - Grande Ronde Hospital

Community Stakeholder Interviews - Grande Ronde Hospital

Several people thought

Several people thought that both minorities and the elderly have more than the usualchallenges accessing health care. The elderly often have an issue with transportation aswell as needing services that aren’t provided locally. Minorities face challenges with thelanguage barrier and not understanding the complex system.A few stated that youth, those with mental illness, and those that live in more ruralareas have additional challenges accessing health and preventative care.Do you have any recommendations on how to address these challenges? If not, howwould you recommend reaching out to these community residents to betterunderstand these challenges?This question prompted a variety of different ideas, but there was no area that receivedmore than thirteen replies. Some think education and outreach is the key to addressingmany of the challenges facing Union County. Of those who replied education, themajority felt the key areas are nutrition and healthy living. For outreach, it is felt peopleneed to be made aware of what services are available and how to access them. A fewsuggested holding events where people can come learn about the different services.One suggested creating a health resource inventory of what’s available and make itavailable both in a printed and online version.A few thought that transportation services to seniors and the outlying areas needs tobe improved. A few felt that mobile clinics would help relieve the transportation issueby bringing the services to the people.A few people felt that employers need to help with the migrant farm workers. They(employers) could arrange for services to be provided on‐site for these people. A fewothers felt there needs to be more Spanish speakers employed at health care facilities,or at least more available people to assist with translation services.Other ideas were: Increase the school nurse program, focus on provider retention,tougher law enforcement, provide financial assistance for medications, create amentorship program, and increase the use of the Tooth Taxi.

7. Is there anyone else in the community you feel would be helpful to us in this process?Mary Cooke of CoveDoug & Mary LewisBruce Weimer‐ Fire ChiefGary BruchBrian HarveyJohn GermaineWalt BrookshireChristine CruzKim NortonGreg MusgroveKrista TurnerSuzi HarnsGerda BrowntonBeth StewartByron WhippleVicki BrushoteeTressa SeydelSomeone from the women’s shelterMargaret DavidsonKelly SkovinKevin MarchDave EbelRon BabcockElisa Hamilton‐ Teen MomChelsea Moody‐ Was a teen momElgin community centerSandra PatersonFood BankMethodist ChurchSeniorsYoung PeopleDon KellogeSteve LyonChurch leadersSue BriggsKenny & Shirley KirkSchool NurseEmpiro VelozaHead StartJolene PeasleyCindy WilliamsHolly GoebelMike BarryLow Income individualsVerla & Steve KirkebyDan StarkZee KozaWendy RobertsDr LimBob MasonDon Robinson‐ rancherShawn MangumSteve McClureLisa LadendorffSpanish populationTeresa‐ case managerFrank ThomasNancy FinholdConsumers

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