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Metacam® 5 mg/mL Solution for Injection - Boehringer Ingelheim ...

Metacam® 5 mg/mL Solution for Injection - Boehringer Ingelheim ...

Metacam® (Meloxicam) 5

Metacam® (Meloxicam) 5 mg/mL Solution forInjectionFebruary 4, 201311 TOXICOLOGICAL INFORMATIONSpecified SubstancesAcute ToxicityChemical NameEthanolMeloxicamTest ResultsEye Irritation (rabbit): 500 mg/24 H – Moderate irritationOral LD50 (rat) : 7060 mg/kgOral LD50 (mouse) : 3450 mg/kgInhalation LC50 (rat): 5900 mg/m 3 /4HOral LD50 (rat): 84 mg/kgOral LD50 (mouse): 470 mg/kgOral LD50 (rabbit): 320 mg/kgChronic Health Effects: Possible hypersensitization (development of abnormal sensitivity).Listed Carcinogens:Chemical Name IARC NTP OSHA ACGIHEthanol in alcoholic Group 1 – NTP Known ---- ----beveragesCarcinogenic tohumanscarcinogenEthanol ---- ---- ---- A3 – Confirmedanimal carcinogenwith unknownrelevance tohumans12 ECOLOGICAL INFORMATIONEcotoxicity: No data availablePersistence and degradability: No data availableMobility in soil: No data availableOther adverse effects: No data availableGermany WGK: Ethanol: ID 96: WGK 1 (slightly water-endangering); Meloxicam: ID 7588:WGK 2 (water-endangering); Glycine: ID 6704: WGK 1 (slightly water-endangering); SodiumChloride: ID 270: WGK 1(slightly water-endangering)13 DISPOSAL CONSIDERATIONSGeneral Information: Dispose of in accordance with local, state, federal, national orinternational regulations.6/10

Metacam® (Meloxicam) 5 mg/mL Solution forInjectionFebruary 4, 2013Disposal Methods: Incinerate the material under controlled conditions in an approvedincinerator. Do not empty into drains. Dispose of this material and its container in a safe way. Donot contaminate water, food, or feed by disposal. If discarded, this product is considered a RCRAignitable waste.RCRA Information: D001: Waste flammable material with a flashpoint

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