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love of quilting - Sinnissippi Quilters, Inc.

love of quilting - Sinnissippi Quilters, Inc.

Quilt Show News.Quilt

Quilt Show News.Quilt Show Chair Marge Sment H 815-877-2494 Ltehaus12@comcast.netCo-Chair Coleen O’Kane C 847-721-2473 coleen.okane@gmail.comTreasurer Barb Clucas H 815-874-1607 clucasb@comcast.netRegistration Gail Quast H 815-398-8785 gqquilter@yahoo.comProgram Susan Halvorsen C 815-979-7892 shalvorsen@andpkg.comPublicity Elizabeth Franck C 815-975-1347 Elizasea7@cs.comCommunity Affairs Rose Rienstra H 815-645-8152 rlsrienstra@aol.comSetupDonna Langford H 815-965-3761 donnasquilts@comcast.netDee Pitthan H 815-877-3162 bukiquilter@comcast.netJudging Becky Harvey C 815-742-7013 rnsgnr@comcast.netVendors Mary Fryer C 815-235-3292 Mary_Fry3486@hotmail.comQuilt Racks Becky Parrish C 815-871-5299Appraisals Kathy O’Brien H 815-226-0191 quiltbee@rkfd.comBed Turning Susan Williams H 815-962-8480Volunteers Colleen Magee H 815-394-1521 Cmagee1925@sbcglobal.netSpecial Events Pam Collings H 815-654-2120 pam422@comcast.netRibbon Nora Hamidi C 815-979-3022 norahamidi@comcast.netSilent Auction Cecilia Mann H 815-397-5981 Cecilia-Sews@comcast.netBoutique Georgy Homuth C 815-298-5821 ghomuth@swedishamerican.orgDoor Prizes Judy Sus H 815-544-7695 ajjsus@aol.comAs most of you already know, the Guild will be sellingrecycled water bottles containing four fat quarters.This year will be the trial to see how well the “Sewda”bottles will sell. Thank you to all of those whohave saved your bottles. At the present there areapproximately 36 bottles. If any of you have a sparefat quarter or two that you would like to donate, itwould be greatly appreciated. Give them to AnneBiedowicz at the meeting. Or call her at (815) 218-7612.Some members have already brought items for theBoutique. Mel (Georgy’s husband) will bring thetruck to Bethesda for member donations for the afternoonmeeting from 12:30pm-1:15pm and in the eveningfrom 6:45-7:15 for the February and Marchmeetings. If you have measured your fabric donations,please mark the yardage on the piece. It willsave the committee time. No donations will be acceptedafter the March meeting, as we need thattime to measure, sort and price items. Keep cleaningout those sewing rooms! GeorgyMaroon tshirts with the show logo are available insizes S, M, L, XL, XXL and XXXL. $12.00 with XXLand XXXL at $13.00. Contact Elizabeth Franck.If you have Yard Signs left over from the last quiltshow, please contact Marge Sment. The signs haveto be updated for the dates. She will be happy topick them up from you or please bring them to themeeting.Look for the volunteer signup for the Quilt Showstarting with the January meeting. Setup day needsmany hands. Some folks will be needed to climb onladders and assemble the racks, so if you have a significantother that can be loaned out for this, pleasesign him or her up. While Set Up can take up to 6hours, Take Down goes amazingly fast—usually onlya couple of hours at the end of the show. Some jobsare simply pinning something to something else. Oraccepting quilts on the set up day morning or givingthem back out at the end of the show. Something assimple as putting sleeves on poles or spreading outquilts and sliding a hanging bar into the hanger onthe back of the quilt or folding quilts to give back. Beinga Quilt Angel for a couple of hours during theshow. Helping with the Bed Turning demonstration.Start thinking about how you want to spend your timebetween May 13, 14 and 15 to make this as successfula show as we can.Silent Auction items are small quilts or wall hangings,extra-special quilt supplies, a basket filled withfabric, something you may want to regift, and so on.These items will need to be turned in to Cecilia Mannin April so that the display can be prepared. Moreinfo will come in the next newsletter. Start thinking(or finishing) items you will be donating.12


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