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• So he called in each

• So he called in each one of hismaster’s debtors. He asked the first,‘How much do you owe my master?’“ ‘Eight hundred gallons of olive oil,’he replied. “The manager told him,‘Take your bill, sit down quickly, andmake it four hundred.’ “Then heasked the second, ‘And how much doyou owe?’ “ ‘A thousand bushels ofwheat,’ he replied. “He told him, ‘Takeyour bill and make it eight hundred.’“The master commended thedishonest manager because he hadacted shrewdly. For the people of thisworld are more shrewd in dealing withtheir own kind than are the people ofthe light.

• I tell you, use worldly wealth togain friends for yourselves, sothat when it is gone, you will bewelcomed into eternaldwellings. “Whoever can betrusted with very little can alsobe trusted with much, andwhoever is dishonest with verylittle will also be dishonest withmuch. So if you have not beentrustworthy in handling worldlywealth, who will trust you withtrue riches? And if you havenot been trustworthy withsomeone else’s property, whowill give you property of yourown?